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Alex's P.O.V

I got home and sighed, putting my bag on the couch and heading straight to the kitchen. I put the oven on, while I waited for it to pre-heat I got out two chiken breasts and got the tray wrapped in tin foil. I wondered what to have with my chicken...

My mobile went and I could feel my heart leap in my chest; Melissa?! I ran into the living room and dived on to the couch, I rummaged my bag for my stupid phone! Where was it hiding?! I felt something move and I grabbed it. It stopped vibrating but it was still beeping. I flipped it open and saw it wasn't Melissa. My heart sank and I rolled my eyes at my eagerness. I opened the text from Chad.

I put the TV on as I waited for my dinner to cook and I wondered what Mel was doing. She said her dad had gotten drunk, perhaps she wouldn't text me till later when she didn't have to look after her dad anymore? Perhaps she wouldn't text at all...Was this too much for her? What if I became a distraction to her work? What if she was only going along with it because she felt she had to? She is such a lovely girl...what if she was just too nice to say no? Panic started to fill my mind.

As I sat nervously picking at my dinner, now feeling to sick with worry to eat it, I then remembered something; she's kissed me! I didn't kiss her, she kissed me! My heart flipped a little and I felt a little bit better and started to eat...I just wish I took her number as well.

I looked down into the dinning area from the small window at the end of the science/art corridor. I was waiting to see if I could see Melissa or her dad...or the police. I could hardly sleep last night worrying about the whole situation. Melissa hadn't text me at all, I knew she wasn't really interested. Now my whole job was over! I took a few deep breaths and I walked back into my room and tried to calm down. I had a few papers leftto mark from last night; I was too distracted to get them done.

The first four periods dragged in and I hoped I would bump into Melissa before she went to Chemistry. I had to hear from her soon, it was driving me crazy. I couldn't help but groan. Perhaps she went home? I grabbed my bag and keys, locking the classroom door before making my way down the stairs and out the fire exit and into the car park. I was going to have to go to her house and talk with her about this. I just hoped her parents weren't home! I slammed my car door shut and sighed, I needed to be strong and get this done, get this mess sorted.I jumped when my phone vibrated violently against my leg. I hurriedly reached into my pocket as it stop vibrating and pulled it out, almost dropping it; my heart stilled.

Hey, it's Mel, I just wanted to say I was still up for that date we talked about lol. Also just to let you know I was having a half day in school, my dad felt sorry for interupting us hanging out yesterday haha x

I felt a huge sigh of relief build in my chest and I let itout and sort of deflated in my seat. She was just busy with work and her friends, that's all. She really did want to go out with me! Although she did say hanging out...what was that meant about? Did her dad know? My phone went again.

Oh, haha, my friend Jo says hi x

I felt a lump in my throat...she told her friend?! I slapped my forehead...this was a was going to spread around the school! Another text;

She doesn't know it's you as in Mr Jackman, she thinks you're a guy I've met called Andrew :$ x

I laughed slightly, that was fair. I guessed that was so she could talk to her firends about me and ask for advice as I'd heard many girls asking each other for in class when they should be working. This could be fun if Jordan had ever decided to ask Mel about 'Andrew' in the middle of class, I'd get to hear what she said! I had better reply.

That's ok haha, thought you weren't in school today, what time you wanting to meet tonight? X

I waited for my reply and put my radio on as I waited.

Half six at the Odeon? X

I smiled.

Sounds good, hope you're not making me see a chick flick :P x

Haha don't give me ideas ;) x

I laughed. It was quite nice to have a girlfriend again. The more I text her, the more I forgot she was a student, I just thought of her as another person, as someone I could talk to, who I liked.
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