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Student, Teacher Conference

Frst Date

Mel's POV.

I stood outside the Odeon and took a deep breath. What was I doing?! I saw a few cars come in and pull up near me and I peered into the darkened windows nervously, but it was never him. I sighed and looked at my phone, he hadn't text since he told me he had just gotten in the car to leave. Was he really coming? Was this some sort of thing the teachers had going for some experiment? Hands grabbed my shoulders...


I didn't scream but I went up onto my toes and made a weird 'eep' noise. I could hear the familiar laugh and I turned round, my face hot with the blush.

"I'm going to get you back for that" I grinned.

He laughed and winked.

"How are you?" He asked.

"I'm fine thank you, yourself?"

It felt so weird...but at the same felt kind of natural. I had to keep reminding myself that teachers were people to, and he wasn't just any teacher either, he was young and good looking and seemed to have a lot in common with me. After we got some of the polite conversation out of the way he offered me his arm and then pointed to the door. I nodded, took his arm and we went in through the automatic doors. It was so warm inside compared to outside, so I let go of his arm and took off my hoodie. He looked me up and down quickly before looking at the board of movies and I felt myself blush again...I was dressing up for him, I shouldn't be embarrassed he was looking. I wore grey skinny jeans with a black belt that had a Batman symbol for a buckle and a spaghetti strap top that was low cut and pinched in the middle to make the design at the front look sort of like a bow. I felt a little self-concious about wearing this top when on a date with my teacher, but I had to stop thinking of him like that...for now...

"How about -"

"No, please, not a scary film. Anything but!" I begged.

He gave a nervous little chuckle, apologised and then picked a different movie. I was fine with it and he paid, but we used my Orange Wednesday code that got us two for one. We got a bag of sweets each and a bag of sweet popcorn to share. I offered to pay but he said no, so I bought us a drink in a different que. He rolled his eyes but smiled. I liked it, I liked being myself around him and I liked having such a laugh with him. Although when we got into the movie, we were unsure of each other.

I embarrassed myself by feeling him up when I was looking for his hand. I curled up as best I could away from him, completely embarrassed, but he leaned over kissed my cheek and took my hand, holding far away from his lower half. Our eyes met and we shared a small, quite laugh and enjoyed the rest of the movie. Afterwards he offered to take me to dinner at quite a fancy restaurant, I opted for a burger king. Of course he paid for his own meal and I attempted to pay for mine, but he got the man behind the counter to take his money instead of mine. We sat at a two seater booth and chatted lightly while we unwrapped and prepared to eat our dinner. I grew panicked as we ran out of things to think about talking mind was drawing a blank.

"So what do you think about us?" He asked.

I almost choked on my chip.

"Sorry? What do you mean?" I asked, coughing a little.

"I mean, it was one thing to talk about going on a date, we've been on one and in my opinions it's going great and I'd really like it to continue"

I smiled as he began to blush from being so bold and I agreed with him.

"I think it's going good too, I'd like to keep seeing you...if you want to of course. I'm still worried about if anyone finds out..." I changed to a wisper so the restaurant staff didn't over hear.

He went into thought. I grew slightly nervous.

"I think we're both very matue and capable of continuing this relationship without letting people who don't need to know, in on it" He said.

I nodded, but who would be allowed to know about it?

"I don't think your parents would be a good couple to tell...parents night would be awkward"

I laughed and shook my head.

"You're terrible"

He grinned and sighed, abandoning his food and taking my hand. His thumb rubbed across the back of my hand and it sent shivers throughout my body and my stomach to flutter. I looked at his masculine hands and then into his concerned eyes.

"Are you alright with this? Not telling anyone?"

"Yeah" I nodded.

"Well, Jo knows but she thinks you're a guy called Andrew" I shrugged.

He gave me a funny look. I rolled my eyes.

"I had to tell her something...she would of known there was a guy at some point anyway and well...I didn't know what to text you, I had to ask for help" I grinned back at him nervously.

He rolled his eyes playfully, took my hand to his lips and kissed it. I bit my lip to stop me smiling like an idiot.

"You're adorable" He said.

I then felt the blush climb my neck and I pulled a face at him, tightening my mouth and closing my eyes tightly. He laughed and let go of my hand, throwing a chip at me. I gasped and threw one back. We had a chip fight, stopping when one of the chips I threw hit his nose and he sneezed. We laughed, cleaned our mess, finished off the rest of our meal and then got in his car and drove off. It was going on eleven when we left town and headed home. I didn't want the night to end, I watched him as he spoke about his sister, I just realised how much I actually liked his voice. We stopped a few minutes away from my house, we could see it and we hoped we weren't in view of the living room, where my parents would be waiting up for me.

"I had a really great time tonight"

"Me too" He agreed.

I fumbled with my belt buckle and he smiled.

"Erm" He cleared his throat.

"I guess I'll see school?"

I nodded a little too enthusiastically, I still didn't want to leave.

"Everything ok?" He asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah" I nodded. I took off my seat belt and turned to face him.

"I was, uh, wondering if you..."

I couldn't help it. I wanted to spend more time with him, but I wanted us to be somewhere we could get to know each other in a really meaningful way...and I couldn't help but get the thought of kissing him and it leading onto other things out of my head...

I looked at him and he seemed to be waiting for me to say what I was going to say so eagerly, he was biting his bottom lip.

"Wanted to, do something at the weekend? Maybe-"

"Yeah" He answered with an exhale of breath.

I smiled at him shyly.

"I'm sorry I just...yes. I would really love to spend more time with you" He smiled.

I smiled too and gve a nervous laugh. I took a breath.

"Ok, well, good night!" I said and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Our lips met and I had to stop myself from making another weird noise. I couldn't help but grab onto the back of his head and pull him closer, he done the same to me. I reached down and undone his seat belt, we broke apart and joined together so quickly it was as if we were magnets. We broke again for air. We were slightly gasping.

"I...I'm sorry"

"No, no. I'm sorry"

"I " I sighed.

"I have to go"

We never once stopped staring into each other's eyes. I fixed my hair and he too fixed his. We said our proper goodbyes and then I got out of the car reluctantly. I watched him drive away, waved and then skipped down to the house, so giddy from what had just happened. I told my mum and dad I went with Jo and I told them about the movie, asked them about their day and rushed upstairs and into bed, I just wanted to keep re-living the whole night and fall asleep.
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