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Not So Monday Blues

Mel's P.O.V Monday Morning

I hadn’t heard from Alex all day Sunday. I was nervous about the double period this morning; however, I was excited about seeing him. I couldn’t stop fantasying about how intimate we had got after the date. Sam punched me in the arm. I turned and gave her a look that read ‘WTF’; she grinned and gave me a smile, shrugging her shoulders;

“You were spacing out” She gave me a grin.

“Sorry” I apologised.

We made our way to Biology as the bell for first period rang. I started to feel the butterflies erupt in my stomach. I hoped this wouldn’t be awkward. Sam kept speaking to me and I tried to concentre on what she way saying but my mind kept travelling back to the date. When we finally made it to the class, we had to queue up outside as it appeared Mr Jackman wasn’t in his class. I walked up to Ross and tapped his shoulder.

“Hey, where’s Mr Jackman?” I asked.

He gave me a shrug.

“Late I’m guessing”

I nodded and went back to Sam’s side and shrugged. We stood talking, well, Sam spoke, I listened and wondered what was keeping Alex late. I started to worry when ten minutes had passed, I grabbed my mobile and gave him a quick text. Just as I sent it, the double doors at the end of the hallway swung open and everyone turned to see a disturbed Mr Jackman making his way towards us.

“I am so sorry I’m late class” He said as he hurriedly pulled on his lab coat.

He turned his back on us as he pulled out his keys and tried to unlock the door, I took the time to relax and I noticed his hair was still wet at the back; he must of woken up late. We got into the classroom and settled quickly into the lesson. I was relieved he was OK but I felt a little upset he hadn’t given me any attention. I tried to keep an eye on him to catch his stare, but he avoided me and it made me feel a little down.

“Alright class, I’m going to have to leave the room for a few minutes, please continue with your work” He announced.

He left the classroom abruptly and almost slammed the door behind him. I sat a little bewildered and then felt my phone vibrate and I quickly pulled it out of my pocket and angled it away form Sam, so she couldn’t read the text.

Hey Mel, I’m really sorry I haven’t kept in touch, my sister was rushed into Hospital on Sunday, she took an allergic reaction to something and I had to watch her kids, they’re such a handful haha x

I hope everything’s OK x

Yeah, she came home this morning, that’s why I was late, driving the kids to school, getting her form the hospital and such x

I see, glad you’re OK :) Now get your ass back in here and teach us stuff :P x

Haha :P x

I smiled and got on with my work. Sam looked at me.

“Is that Andrew?” She grinned wriggling her eyebrows.

I grinned and nodded at her. A few minutes later after we had all finished, Alex staggered back into the classroom with a glass case. I eyed it up and froze; it had Tarantula in it. I looked at Alex and he gave me a playful glare. I shook my head at him and he grinned evilly.

“Class, this is a Red Kneed Tarantula from Mexico” He said.

“I’m watching it for my sister, so I’m keeping it here for you all to stare at and help me partially look after, just don’t tell Mrs Encilla” He warned.

He put the glass case at the back of the class and asked us to leave it alone until the break. After that I sent him a text;

You’re mean! X

Just helping out my sister ;) x

We continued with texting each other. I smiled to myself, happy that we were back to normal. It was after class Mr Jackman asked if I could stay behind. I said ‘yes’ and told Sam I’d get her downstairs. Mr Jackman closed the door and held his arms opened and I gave him a tight hug.

“I’ve been thinking about you all weekend” He said into my hair.

I smiled and squeezed him tighter.

“Me too”

We pulled away and kissed and smiled at each other, kissing again, this time for longer and more intimately. His right hand touched my face and I felt a jolt of excitement. He held face with his hand, his fingers twining with a few free whisps of my hair. He pulled me to him and I couldn’t help but get so excited, but then I remembered where we were. I pulled away.

“Alex!” I gasped.

“What?!” He panicked.

“We’re in school!” I exclaimed with a cheeky smile.

He grinned at me and pulled to him and caressed my face.

“It’s a little exciting isn’t it?” He asked.

I hit his chest playfully and rested my head on his shoulder, his hand was on my head, as he held me to him. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it opened straight away. We jumped away from each other and I stood with my legs together and my hands in front of me, clasped. I looked from the door to Alex and watched as he casually leaned against the desk, with a friendly grin on his face. Sam walked in.

“Sorry to disturb you, but we’ve been asked to go to Chemistry for period three, just for a few minutes” She said.

“Oh, sure no problem” I nodded.

“You coming?” She asked and looked over at Alex.

“Yeah, we’re finished aren’t we Sir?” I asked with a blush on my cheeks.

“Sure, sure!” He waved it off and turned to his computer.

I nodded and left with Sam, she seemed annoyed but was getting over it when we started to talk about our lives and TV programmes.

It was lunch time when I got a text from Alex and I grinned, Sam caught me grinning and snatched my phone form me.

“Who is it? Oh!” She gasped with a huge grin.

“It’s Andrew!” She sang.

“Lay off!” I said and snatched my phone back, grinning at her.

I was always nervous of her having my phone, in case she found out that ‘Andrew’ was actually Alexander Jackman.

“What’s Lover Boy saying?”

“He wants to go on a date” I smiled.

Hey so, I was wondering if you wanted to go Ice Skating tomorrow night? X

“When?” Sam asked.


“You can’t! You promised you’d come to mine and we’re hanging at Rosie’s on Wednesday” She said.

I nodded and replied.

Sorry, I’m busy tomorrow night, and apparently Wednesday too, what about Thursday? It’s late night shopping anyway x

It took a while but then I got a reply.

Thursday is great :) Shall I pick you up or get you there?

You should get me there :) Text me times and stuff soon yeah? X

I grinned, this would be our third date!