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Student, Teacher Conference

Day Two

(Mr Jackman's P.O.V)

My higher class made their way into the lab and I smiled at them and greeted them as they walked in. A few grinned back at me and greeted me, others just grunted and moved to get some seats. Once everyone had their seats I cleared my throat and stood at the front of the class.

"Hello, I'm Mr Jackman, I'm the new teahcer that's taking over for Mrs Walker. I was an Assistant here when some of you were in first year" I smiled.

"Now, I'd like to start off the class by-"

Someone knocked the door and it opened and in walked a young girl. I was taken back by her appearance, she was very good looking for her age, which I'm guessing was about seventeen or eighteen which wasn't much younger than me. Damn, I shouldn't think like that about a pupil. I shook my head.

"Hello, I'm Mr Jackman and you are?" I asked her.

The girl blushed and I remembered her from first year.

"I'm so sorry I'm late I was helping a first year to find their class. I'm Melissa Butler, sorry" She appologised and took a seat in the very front row.

I waited for her to be settled then I clapped my hands,getting the attention of the pupils and hoping it would also help me focus on the lesson ahead.

"Alright class, now...when I call your name from the register please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about yourself"

At the break between the double periods I jumped out of the classroom and went into the teachers lounge to pick up some models to show the class. I stopped and leaned over the sink and thought about having a quick cup of tea. I shook my head and just had a quick drink of water then grabbed the models and headed back to class. Watching them I could easily pick out the cliques and who spoke to who, especially since they where sitting next to their friends. Samantha and Melissa were best friends and they sometimes sppke to Mickey, and Zoe if she was willing to join in. They all sat in the front row. Behind them was a row of boys, Ross, Victor and Dean, they joked and teased the girls a lot and in flirting ways. The girls behind them were loud and obnoxious but good hearted, I winced when they would raise their voices and I'd have to silence them. We got on with the lesson and I set them a task. Leaving them to it I looked over some of the letters left by Mrs Walker. Something caught my eye;

Melissa Butler is somewhat my star pupil, not meaning to show favouritism but she is set on becoming a Biologist and I intend to help her achieve that. If you are willing to help her as well, she would normally come to my classroom two lunch times a week and three times after school along with supported study which is held on a Wednesday after school. Thank you.

My heart beat actually quickened and I glanced over at Melissa and watched the way her hair fell down around her face the closer she got to the table; focussing so hard on her work. I was like that when studying Biology at school, it made me smile. My heart leapt ten feet in the air when I noticed she looked up and caught my eye. I smiled at her nervously and walked over to her.

"Miss Butler, I just found a note left by Mrs Walker saying that she used to tutor you at luch times and after school along with Supported Study?"

"Yeah she did. I'm not sure if you'd be willing to help me with my studies?" She asked.

I knew I shouldn't say yes, especially since I found myself getting more and more interested in her, but I couldn't say no to her...not when it was her future I was helping her with and she was a pupil asking for help.

"I'm not bad at Biology, as much as I sound big headed but I just want to make sure I get top grades"

"I understand, well, if you wait after class we can discuss times" I smiled.

Melissa smiled back and agreed. I got on with the lesson. Melissa wouldn't really answer out in class but when she did she was right. Mrs Walker must have helped her a great deal and she must really love her Biology. I felt proud to have the privalage to teach someone so dedicated to Biology. Was that the real reason I was so interested in her? Because she liked Biology as much as me? It felt rather childish thinking about it like that...but why else would I be taking such a big interest in her? She's a pupil and I'm a teacher; this is my first job, I can't have something like this pop up, I'll get fired! Perhaps this was something all teachers went through when they first start? They pick a pupil that shows interest in their subject and they get over-excited about it...that had to be it.

The bell went and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Everyone had gotten up without being dimissd, but I didn't mind. Melissa and Samantha got their stuff then came over to the desk. I smiled at them both and got out my register, it was my week planner, well more than a week. I opened it and looked at next week.

"Well, I'm busy next Monday at lunch and after school. Most meetings are then" I started off.

"Mrs Walker done Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Friday's after school and Thursday and Wednesday lunch times" Melissa smiled.

I looked that over in my planner...that could work. I nodded and her and agreed. Melissa thanked me and her and Sam left for interval. I sat in my chair and marked in the times and dates for the next few weeks. I'd remember and wouldn't need to write it in once i got into it as a routine. The bell went soon and I sighed and thought about the third years I had next.