Status: in progress

Little Things


Natalie pulled up at the Pinkberry’s parking lot. She parked right by her best friend’s car. She stepped out and watched the guys get out her car. She couldn’t help but laugh as she saw Toby’s head pop up from the floor. She locked her car after everybody got out. They six all walked into the shop.

“Hey love.” Natalie said as she walked towards her friend and pulled her in for a hug. “Did you wait long?” she asked as she grabbed her wallet.

“No, I just got here.” Her friend replied as she put her phone in her purse. “What time did you wake up this morning?”

“Like eleven and the drive from the airport to their condo was long.” Natalie sighed as she ran her hand through her hair. “Oh fuck, I forgot. This is Toby, Connor, and Riley McDonough. And that’s Braiden and Thomas.” Natalie introduced the guys. “This is my best friend Jas.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” Jas smiled. “Have you guys ever had Pinkberry before?” she asked.

“Yeah, like once.” Thomas chuckled.

The group walked over to the counters and all placed their orders. Connor was nice enough to pay for the gang. To Natalie’s surprise, she didn’t expect him to have that much money on him. They all sat down at a table and talked about their plans for the summer.

“So what are your plans, Jas?” Riley asked as he finished his frozen yogurt.

“I’m really not sure yet. I’m probably just going to hang out with friends and go to concerts, the usual.” She shrugged. “How long are you guys in town for?” she asked.

“A month or so. We’re not sure yet.” Riley answered.

“Oh, that’s cool. So your parents just let you two tag along with the McDonough’s?” She asked looking at Thomas and Braiden.

“Yeah,” Thomas smiled. “We sort of had to.”

“What do you mean we had to?” Natalie asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“We’re recording our new CD here in California. We would’ve gone to LA, but my mom insisted on finding a studio here so she could spend time with your mom.” Connor chuckled.

“CD?” Natalie asked again. “Is that why you guys had so much shit?”

The guys all chuckled and nodded their heads. “Yeah, we’re in a band. And we might do some shows here in California after we’re done recording.” Riley smiled as he looked over at Natalie.

“Are you in the band Toby?” Jas asked as she looked down at Toby who was sitting to her right.

“No, I wish.” He pouted. “Maybe if Connor breaks his leg or something I could take his spot in the band.”

Jas and Natalie laughed at the comment. Connor just rolled his eyes, but he had to admit it was pretty funny of Toby. The gang all finished their yogurts and decided to head out to the mall. The group decided to split into two – Riley, Braiden, and Toby went with Natalie and Connor and Thomas went with Jas. The girls weren’t sure how to spark a conversation with the guys.

As they reached their destination, they parked in the Macy’s parking lot and headed inside. The guys were amazed at how huge the mall was. The girls couldn’t help but laugh at their reactions. The girls led the guys to some stores they thought they might’ve enjoyed. As they trailed behind the guys, they noticed that a few teens were staring really hard at the guys. Their band must have been pretty big then.

After a few hours of shopping, they decided it was time to head back home. The girls dropped off the guys at the condo and decided to go in and say hi for a little. There was a note on the table that said both their parents went out for dinner and would be home late. The girls decided to stay longer; it was barely seven.

They put on Disney Channel and lounged around in the living room. To their surprise, High School Musical was on. Everybody ended up serenading to one another and burst into laughter as the song ended.

“Holy shit, that was amazing.” Connor laughed as he sat up and kicked his foot on the table. “The next song needs to come on.”

“Well you guys can sing by yourselves because I think I’m going to head out.” Jas said as she looked at the time on her phone. She got up and stretched her arms and legs.

“I love you.” Natalie said as she sat up and hugged Jas from the back. She pulled Jas down onto her lap and squeezed her tightly. “I’ll call you later when I get home.”

“Okay,” Jas laughed as she caressed Natalie’s face with her hand. “Are we going to hang out tomorrow?”

“Are you going to sleepover?” Natalie asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Jas replied. Natalie let go and Jas stood up. “It was nice meeting you guys.” She said to the guys.

“Wait,” Connor shouted as he pulled out his phone, “what’s your number so we could hang out with you guys too?” All the guys pulled out their phones and handed her their phones.

Jas put in her number in their phones and gave all of them a hug. She gave Natalie a hug and Natalie pecked her on the cheek as she began to head out. Now that she was gone, it was just Natalie and a group of guys who she barely knew. Not fucking awkward at all.