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The Fisherman's Daughter


Her whole life, Thea Hansen had known nothing but the sea. The ebb and flow of the cerulean swells were of second nature to her. She knew that the grace of the glowing sun dancing on the water was something not to be taken advantage of. She also knew all too well the damage a strapping storm could do. The evidence shown in her weary eyes.

She lived a hard life; not to say she wasn’t grateful for it. The things she had gone through in her life had made her realize how truly precious life was. As she grew older, she knew she saw through different eyes than those around her. More than anything, she valued the little things in life. There was much to be found in a few moments with family or anything else that most don’t think much of.

After all, she was the daughter of a fisherman. In fact, she came from a long line of fisherman. But it was not fish they were after. No, it was crab. Where they found these notorious crustaceans was not just any old fishing hole. It was the Bering Sea; some of the toughest and coldest waters known to man. Because of the occupation and whereabouts, the entirety of the Hansen family had learned to be tough, as best as they could.

Death and loss was something you had to get used to with a family in this particular business. On the other hand, it could bring great fortune if the season went well. Thea’s father, Arttu, was a well-hardened captain on the fishing vessel, Sea Siren. He had earned his title after years upon years of vigorous deck work while his father owned the boat . He had always looked up to his father as his mentor. After all these years, it had proved him well. Eventually, when Thea’s grandfather retired, he passed the ship down to Arttu.

The salty ocean water was like the Hansen family’s blood; it coursed mightily through their veins. Nearly everyone from her father, grandfather, great-grandfather and so on, to cousins and uncles had ended up as fishermen. Whether they liked it or not. It seemed it was a career destined for the family. But because of this destiny, Thea had lost so much. She had lost a lot of family and family friends to the murky waters of the Bering Sea. She had also lost time with her family. For months at a time, various members of her family and friends would be away. Now her brother, Mathias, was coming of age and following in her father’s footsteps as well.

All Thea had left at home most of the time was her mother, Sonja, and 9-year-old brother, Emil. Though Thea was extremely proud of her heritage and the drive her family had to keep the career alive and well, she couldn’t help but to wish they had chosen a slightly safer passion.

Her sanity depended upon it.
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