Sequel: Slip

What We Left Unsaid

This is not a story of two people.
This is not a story of fairytale romance or good-vs-evil.
This is a story of a not-so-average pack of werewolves...
of friendship, trust, and love... of hatred, betrayal, and revenge.
This is a story of actions that were taken and things that were spoken,
but this is also a story of everything that was left unsaid.
This is not a story of truth and clarity.
This is a story of lies.


Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional. I do not in any way, shape, or form hold any rights or claims over any Avenged Sevenfold - related items or references, including, but not limited to, the band members themselves, the logo, the music/songs/lyrics/chords, any related clothing/guitar lines (such as Syn’s clothing line), any crew members, or anything else I could possibly mention. I also do not own anything related to any other band or celebrity that I may mention. The only thing in this story that I own is the main character, other made-ups, and the plot-stuff itself. I do own the banner, but it was made by the lovely Sydee of

This story is rated R for strong adult language, strong but non-graphic violence, and non-explicit sexual material that may be unsuitable for some readers. Do not read if you are uncomfortable with any of these themes, or if you are looking for a happy-go-lucky story. This is a Zacky Vengeance story involving werewolves. If you do not like fantasy stories, you should not read this.

Also, a bit of advice: the narrator is mostly third person limited, but the point-of-view character switches from scene to scene. Keep in mind that anything the narrator shares in a given scene is only as accurate as that character knows it, and that even then the narrator might not share everything. Anything that seems like a contradiction should be viewed more closely for character bias. Just a word of warning.