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You Still Have All My Heart

Zack Merrick ~ Cassandra Knowles ~ Jordan Marie Carter ~ Ana Reynolds ~ Jason Carson ~ All Time Low

Please read the prequel before reading this as it will help you with understanding this story. Thank you

Six years has passed (making it 2012) and Zack and Cassandra are still going strong. They moved in together a couple of months after graduation and couldn’t have been happier about making that decision. Zack and his band got signed senior year and play all over the world so he isn’t home much. Cassandra got into to NYU and majored in photography and minored in education and she graduated with honors and has become a professional photographer. Zack proposed for real about a year ago but they haven’t gotten the chance to start planning for the wedding because of both of their busy schedules. Zack’s going to be getting home in a couple months and they both can’t wait to relax for bit and plan the best day of both of their lives together, but things don’t usually go according to plan do they? What happens when the past catches up with them and forces them apart?

Disclaimer: I do not own All Time Low, sadly, or any of the other bands that may be mentioned in here. However, I do own my original characters like Cassandra, Kelsey, her sister, her parents, Viktor and Felicia, Danielle, and Jason, but I don’t own Jordan Marie since she is indeed her own person. : ) I do own plot and I would really like it if you didn’t steal it you better not steal it or else bad things will happen, bad, bad things.

Rating: PG-13 Changed from Rated R because there isn't going to be that bad of stuff in it.

Title Credit: All My Heart by Sleeping With Sirens