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Set Fire to the Rain

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This story has scenes containing physical and verbal abuse, as well as sexual situations. If you have any problem with this or it makes you uncomfortable, please don't read my story. I will not have any ratings at the top of my chapters, so consider this your warning. If at any time you have any issues with anything, message me directly. Thanks again! Remember, comment, and subscribe!

Title Credit: Adele
  1. Scars
  2. Asshole Father
  3. Back To The Start
  4. The End of All We Know
  5. Revisiting The Past
  6. Broken
  7. The Beginning
  8. Happy Birthday To Me
    The MARS boys make their first official appearance here! ♥
  9. I Promise
  10. Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce Que C'est
  11. A Little Time
  12. Like a Kid Again
  13. You Could Be Hazardous To My Health
  14. A New Dawn, a New Day
  15. Damned Word Vomit
  16. Oh Brother!
  17. Big Purple Elephants! Oh My!
  18. What if I Fail?
  19. Freddy Who?!
  20. Pancake Breakfast With a Naked Man
  21. When Everything Feels Like the Movies
  22. Let's Get This Party Started!
  23. The Beating of My Heart
  24. Some Days it's Like Living in a Fishbowl
  25. Dance With The Dead
  26. Here Come's Trouble
  27. Truth and Lies
  28. Nightmare
  29. I Wanna Be Sedated
  30. If It's The Beaches
  31. If I Had You
  32. Partners In Crime
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  33. Once Upon a Time
    Not a new chapter. Broke up a the previous chapter because it was too long, lol...
  34. Making Me Wonder
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  35. Cut Me Open or Break Me Down...
    Re-wrote this chapter
  36. The Show Must Go On
  37. Pieces of Me
  38. Breathe You In
  39. Master of Puppets
  40. Skin and Bones
  41. Brothers
  42. Gathering Intel
  43. Music History 101
  44. Need You Now
  45. Sometimes We all Need a Little Hope
  46. Connections
  47. Life's a Party
  48. Falling Slowly
  49. You've Got to Have Friends
  50. Heaven In Your Arms
  51. Sunday
  52. New York
  53. There Shouldn't Be a Good In Goodbye
  54. Accidents Happen
  55. Die For You
  56. 4:00 am
  57. Everything I Am
  58. More Than Words
  59. You Can Leave Your Hat On
  60. The Best Part of Me
  61. Marry Me
  62. Tangled Up In You
  63. Show Me The Way
  64. 1000 Miles
  65. Imma Tie Her To The Bed and Set This House on Fire
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  66. All Your Hate
    Chapter in the correct order. Yay! :)
  67. All I Want Is You
  68. Blinded In Chains
  69. Wanted
    Shannon's P.O.V.
  70. Beast and The Harlot