Chapter 1 : Rain

"What am I forgetting?" I tapped my finger on my chin and rested my elbow into my hand. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I haven't exactly been keeping track of each list I had to continuously make after losing the first seven ones. The list consisted of all the things that I would pack today to bring to the house that my best friend and I were moving into. Of course, it's not exactly our own yet, but we still pay rent.

I packed the rest of my belongings as my cousin loaded up the heavy stuff into the back of his pick-up truck.

"Dresser, check. Clothes, check. Pain medication...?" I searched through my purse for that little bottle of orange pills. "Tayden, have you seen my-"

He cut me off by shaking the missing, orange bottle. “You dropped them when you were loading in your suitcase." He half smiled and tossed them at me.

Tayden sat in the truck as I finished grabbing the rest of my belongings that I wanted to bring today. As I walked back out of my parent's house he was tapping his fingers against the steering wheel and singing at loud, awful tones. “You might want to stop that." I told him as I hopped into the truck. He gave me a dirty and started the truck.

A few miles away laid the house in which my best friend and I would live in. But what normally would take 15 minutes, takes Tayden at least a half hour. He's a very careful and cautious driver, never speeding. I rubbed my temples and put on my sunglasses as I felt a migraine coming on. Tayden noticed this and turned down the music. I've been getting serious migraines for the past couple months and they get so bad to the point where I have to wear sunglasses inside and take medication for it.

I was getting tired and decided to rest my eyes and possibly take a power nap since Tayden drives like a grandpa. "You're always tired. Wake up, we'll be there soon." Tayden said as he nudged my small frame with his elbow.

"I'm so tired and my head hurts. Leave me alone," I whined as I put my face in my hand.
"Rain, you'll be fine." I scoffed and gave him the best glare I could with sunglasses on, "Easy for you to say."

We pulled up to the house which was located on the beach. I got out of the truck and walked towards the bed of it. "No, no, you get the little things, I'll get this." Tayden gently shoved me away.

"I'm not fragile, you know! I can do these things. I have muscles." I pathetically flexed my arms. This made Tayden laugh and shake his head at me.


I mumbled a fuck you here and a mother fucker there and grabbed my duffel bag, purse, and suitcase.

The house was big, but not that big. It was just the right size with a wooden porch looking right at the ocean. The wind kissed my cheeks and blew my long, brown hair around my face. I couldn't wait to get inside and climb into my bed. I unlocked the door, dragged my things to my mostly set up room, and climbed into bed. The house was cool and the bed was soft. I popped a pill and lied my head down.

I tried not to tear up as I felt the migraine get worse. Crying doesn't help, it just makes it worse. Tayden walked in and could tell I was getting upset.

"Are you okay?" I took my sunglasses off and gave him a ‘what-the-Hell-do-you-think’ look. He frowned and rubbed my back. "When will Baylin get here?" He asked as sat up from the bed.

I shrugged my shoulders and got up. "Don't tell her, okay? You have to promise that you won't tell her.” I stared at him with my hazel eyes begging him to keep that promise. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

"I promise." Just then, we heard the front door up. Tayden quickly adjusted himself and walked out of the room with a serious expression on his face. "Hey, Stranger!" I heard as I got up from the bed to walk in the same direction he went. There stood my best friend, engulfed in Tayden's embrace.

"Hey, Baylin!" I forced my best smile. Keeping this secret from her is going to rather difficult.

Oh, well. I like a challenge.

Bring it on.