Chapter 11 : Rain

Baylin gets more ass than I do. What's wrong with this? I'm the one dying, I should be screwing butt loads of people. Baylin and Isaac went to her room and shut the door. I really didn't want to think about what they were doing in there, but I knew Baylin wouldn't do anything unless someone was out or if everyone was asleep.

When the laundry was done, Tayden I walked back to the couch and popped in another movie. I rested my legs on him like I did earlier and started to doze. However, it was rather difficult with Tayden's bouncing foot. He was irritated. "What's on your mind?" I asked him as I turned my attention away from the movie. He was probably thinking the same thing I was about Baylin. But, alas, he wasn't.

"She shouldn't have brought a guy home. I mean, seriously? You just got home from the hospital and all she wants to do is screw some guy. That's probably all he wants from her anyway, an easy fuck. " Tayden crossed his arms over his chest, but kept his eyes on the movie, "She should be spending time with you. Not some guy."

I put my hand on his shoulder, "Easy there, Tiger. I told her I was fine. You can go out and meet some girl if you want, but I seriously don't mind. I'll be fine watching movies by myself. Maybe I'll text Patrick or something. Go hang out with Allie, I know she's got the hots for you." Tayden's expression changed from pissed off to normal.

I nudged him with my foot, " And plus, Baylin's not like that and you know it. She wouldn't sleep with someone while we're home. Well, maybe if she's turned on enough, you know ho-"

"Would you shut up, Rai? I don't want to here about her sex life." Tayden growled and rubbed his eyes. I moved my feet off him and backed off.

"Sorry, I'm just stressed out. With you and everything else." He kept his face in his hands, "I think I might go hang out with Allie or something though, maybe chill with the boys. Call me when you go to bed, okay?" As he said this, he ruffled my hair, which was already a mess to begin with, and got up from the couch. "I love you, kiddo."

"I love you too," I said as he shut the door. I was all alone. Baylin probably silently screwing a handsome boy and me, watching Knocked Up by myself.

That's when I remembered I got a text earlier when I was throwing clothes at Tayden.

Sry for the late reply. I was wrking & shit.Tayden tld me u were in the hospital, ya OK?

I smiled to myself, he actually cared to text me back from when I texted him back ages ago.

I'm OK. All alone tho. Come over? :[

I waited impatiently for him to reply. It actually took me a lot to ask him to come over. I was a bit nervous and I hated rejection. But a person only lives once. And in my case, not very long. Fifteen minutes passed and still no text message. Baylin was still in her room so I didn't feel like bothering her or walking in on a naked best friend and her one night stand.

Omw. Ill see you soon. Prbly an hr =)

Finally! However, I looked like utter poo and I probably smelled like it too. I ran to my room, took a quick shower, shaved my legs while cutting myself in the process, and got out of the shower in a mere ten minutes flat.

I put on the cutest undergarments I could find and put on yoga pants and a tank top. I looked at myself in the mirror. It's not my best, but it'll do. I blew-dried my hair with little time that I had left and put on mascara--lightly. I smelled my breath and scrunched up my nose, definately in some desperate need of brushing.

After I finished brushing my teeth, I heard light knocking on the door. I squeaked with excitement and walked smoothly to the livingroom to get the door. Standing there with a blanket and Chinese was Patrick. He really knew a girl well.

"I figured since you were in the hospital, they probably gave you cardboard and rubber to eat. So I bought you Chinese." He flashed me a million dollar smile and shook his tousled, blond hair.

"What's the blanket for?" I smiled and crossed my arms in a cool fashion. I had to be cool. I had to stay chill. Even though it was rather difficult since Patrick is at my house with Chinese food. I mean, seriously? How did he know that I absolutely love Chinese?

"We're going to eat outside on the beach." He smiled at me again. I could just melt right now. "Well, aren't you charming?" I said as I put my hands on my hips.

Patrick held out his hand, "I try. Now, may I escort you to the beach, m'lady?" I tried to hold back my smile, "You may." I took his hand and shut the door behind me.


"Your face looks better." I said as I was referring to when Tayden punched him in the face. Patrick laughed, "Yours isn't too bad either." My jaw dropped,exposing the noodles in my mouth. "Hey, I was just kidding. Your face is always...Nice. And no, I don't like seafood." I closed my mouth and swallowed, "Nice? That's all I get?" Obviously joking with him. "No, no, what I meant was. You have a gorgeous face." I'm glad the only light that we had was a lantern that he had brought with him. Otherwise, he'd see my face turning as red as a strawberry.

"Sorry," Pat laughed as he noticed I got shy. He lied on the blanket and rested his hands behind his head, " I could fall asleep out here just counting the stars."

I looked up at the sky and agreed with him. He closed his eyes and I looked down as him. I watched as his chest would raise and fall, I watched as a smile formed on his perfectly shaped lips. With hesitation, I leaned down, and as I leaned down, he parted his lips slightly. We both breathed each other's air and he opened his eyes. Pat moved my hair out of my face and held the back of my neck and gently pulled my down towards him.

Our lips touched lightly, our eyes still open, but barely... And with that, I closed mine and kissed him again. His lips were soft against mine and his body was warm to the touch. His hand traveled up my side and towards the middle of my back. He pulled me towards him closer as the kiss became more...passionate.

If I were to die right now, I'd die happy. And with that thought in my head, the only thing I was worried about wasn't death, but the sound of the ocean on the shore and Pat's body pressed against mine.
♠ ♠ ♠
In case some of you didn't get the seafood reference that was mentioned earlier when Rain opened her mouth, exposing noodles, then here it is:
When I was younger, we'd eat and kids would say "Do you like seafood?" If you said yes, then they'd open their mouths. "SEE- FOOD" Get it?'u'