Chapter 15 : Rain

I texted Tayden at the table as we were eating breakfast because I didn't know when I'd be able to speak with him again in private. Baylin was home and Patrick was over. I'm surprised his mouth didn't drop to the floor as he watched him come from my room.

His hair was a mess and he was wearing what he wore the night before. He didn't have any extra clothes here at the house.

I need to make a dr app for chemo. Will you take me?

He reached for his phone as it vibrated in his pocket mid-bite. He looked at the next and tried to avoid my eyes.

Ya. When?

Sometime this week.I have to go to work tmrrw tho.

His phone went off once more and he replied with an "OK". I hated when people replied like that or just the simple "K". It got on my nerves.

Tomorrow I was going to go to work, I needed the money, yes. But I wouldn't be able to work there with chemo and work with Baylin too. I know that she's going to find out sooner or later. She's going to wonder where all my hair went. But I had a good reason as to why I was keeping this secret from her.

Why not tell my best friend, right? Because I didn't want to see the look in my best friend's eyes everytime she looked at me. That look that said "I'm going to lose you." I didn't want her to treat me like I was handicapped and couldn't do anything. I just wanted to be normal with her. And that's why I didn't tell her when I first found out. I love her too much to do that to her. I rather lie and say I'm fine, than tell the truth and change her life forever.

I rubbed my foot against Patrick's from under the table and smiled at him, he smiled at me back. That was until Baylin jumped and her eyes got wide. "Who's playing footsie with me?!" She looked under the table and I busted out laughing. "I'm sorry, I thought that was Patrick. Tayden sent invisible daggers towards Patrick.

"Really? Footsie? Who does that anymore, Rain?" My face turned a shade of red and I laughed even more at the words that were coming out of Baylin's mouth. Patrick's nervous laughter turned up a notch.

"I really think I'm going to pee my pants," I got up from the table and ran to the bathroom.
After I did my business and washed my hands I went back to the table. "So, everyone, I've got an announcement to make." I smiled and Baylin's eyes got wide and shifted from me to Patrick. "Not that kind of announcement."

"I'm quitting my job at the diner." I sat back down and waited for a response.

"Why are you quitting your job!?" Baylin frowned and dropped her fork. "I really just want a different job. I don't want to be busting my ass on tables for the rest of my life. " Not that I have much left. "The only good things about it are you and the tips."

Baylin was getting upset, "How are you going to pay your part of the rent?" At that remark Tayden and Patrick grabbed their plates and left the dining room with them. I told her that I was going to get another job and I would try, just something small and enough to pay the rent.

She wasn't very happy with me, I get that. But I can't work with her while I'm going through chemo. My thoughts were so morbid. All I thought about anymore was dying. What I'm going to do afterwards, how she's going to react.

"I promise I'll get the rent paid on time, please don't be mad at me." Baylin's face softened and she got up and walked to the side of the table that I was and hugged my head and shoulders. "I know, I'm sorry. I'm just moody is all." I nodded and offered to help her with the dishes. She told me not to worry about it that she'd do as pay back for snapping at me about the rent.


I went to work with a job and left without one. I should be feeling something, but I honestly don't. I would look for another job soon, but first. I have to make that appointment.

After I got off the phone with the hospital they informed me that my appointment would be Wednesday at three in the afternoon. Today was Sunday. She told me that appointment would be to tell me everything that was going to happen or thinks that could happen. My stomach did cartwheels over and over again. To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

Tayden was home and Baylin went to work so I was stuck with Copper for the rest of the day until Baylin got home. I didn't feel like calling Partick over, I wasn't in the mood for him to be quite honest. I just wanted to spend time with my best friend.

Copper whined and scratched at the back door so I let him out. I was bored out of my mind so I decided to clean up the house a bit and watch a little bit of TV. There wasn't much on TV though. The only show that seemed at least a percent appealing was a show with extremely tan men and women that did a lot of dancing and drinking. It was an awful site to see. Drama, drama, drama. I turned the tv off just in time to hear Copper at the door.


"I have an idea." I told them as we sat at the table. Tayden was making us dinner since we weren't feeling well. It was later during the day and I had a migraine that wouldn't go away. He slid the pancakes off the pan and onto our plates. "How about we go on a camping trip? I looked at places that we could go on line earlier with Copper. " Tayden rolled his eyes as I mentioned Copper. Who was under Baylin's chair snoozing.

Baylin scrunched up her nose. "Camping? Where at?" I looked around the room and stared at Copper. I'd feel bad for leaving him at the house by himself for such a long period of time, so maybe we'll only stay for a day or two. "It's on another beach...two hour drive away." Tayden chuckled from the kitchen. "A two hour drive?! How will we entertain ourselves until then? We only have so many CDs." Baylin stabbed her pancake and asked for Tayden to bring in the syrup.

"That's what I was thinking and then I thought, hey, let's bring Tayden, Patrick, and Isaac. " As I mentioned Isaac's name he dropped the syrup on the table. It bounced off the table and landed on the floor next to Copper. Copper growled at the mischievous bottle of syrup and started sniffing it. "Fiesty fellow," Tayden said with a nervous laugh as he tried to get the bottle.

"And for Tayden's entertainment, Allie. Unless you just wanted it to be the three of us. Then that's fine with me! But we'd all have to sleep in the same tent. So if I bring Patrick, Tayden wouldn't feel like the third wheel. But I don't want you, " addressing Baylin, "to feel like the third wheel since you don't have the guy you like coming with. And we could wait a few days until you're feeling a bit better, Bay. I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday anyway. A check up and all that."

My best friend avoided my gaze, "I don't know, Rain. I haven't been feeling well and Isaac might be busy. Allie as well..." Her voice trailed off. "Come Bay, I won't be alive forever!" Tayden shot me a glare after tensing up.

I gave Baylin my best puppy pout and made little noises. "You're right. Let's do this." I squeaked and got up to hug my best friend. "But never, ever make that awful noise ever again."