Chapter 19 : Rain

Baylin pissed me off, but I knew I couldn't stay mad at her for long. It was just shitty for her to blow up on me. And what is with her attitude lately? She used to be completely okay with Tayden being over all the time or hanging out with him. Tayden and I are just as joined at the hip as we are.

When we finally picked out a spot on the beach and set up the tents. I was still mad at Baylin, so I suggested sharing a tent with Patrick while Tayden and Baylin shared at tent. I kept giving Baylin the silent treatment, so middle school of me, but I wanted to let her know how mad I was at her, even if it was hard to be.

I walked off with Patrick when we finished setting up our tent. "Let's go swimming." Patrick grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the shore. I looked back to see Baylin looking at us. We were so far away that we probably looked like ants to her and Tayden. I took my shorts and shirt off, revealing my purple, floral bikini and stuck my toes in the water.

It felt so good. The sand between my toes, the wind in my face, and the water touching my feet and ankles, then flowing away from them. I was going to miss this kind of stuff. Patrick kicked water at me, hitting my thighs and knees. It was so cool compared to the summer heat. It was July, one of the hottest months, in my opinion, on Earth.

"Are you 'ight, Rai?" Patrick asked as he held my hand. Why's he being so affectionate? When we're clearly not together. I invited him because, yeah, I like him. Yeah, he's fun, charming, sweet, gorgeous. But Tayden can't just deal with girls the entire time we're here either. Especially with Miss Moody.

"Yeah, I'm good, just frustrated is all. Baylin and I are kind of fighting right now. I want to say I'm sorry for ignoring her and making the decision of having Tayden move in with us without consulting it with her first, but..., "I sighed," I don't know. I thought she'd be more understanding of the subject. And I thought she liked Tayden, you know? Since we've all been together for so long." My eyes started to water, but I refused to cry. I didn't want to be fighting with her, so tomorrow, I'd apologize, or maybe later tonight. Tomorrow is too far away.

A few hours had passed and it started getting dark out so Tayden and Patrick left to get firewood while Baylin and I sat on opposite sides of where the fire was going to be. As if she knew exactly what I was thinking, we both said "I'm sorry" in unison.

Baylin got up from the log that she was sitting on and walked towards mine. " I shouldn't have snapped at you, "she said as she hugged me. "And I shouldn't have ask Tayden to stay without talking it over with you first. But I really didn't think it was that big of a deal." I started to feel the tears sting on my eyes again. Baylins eyebrows went into a slant and she frowned. "I'm really sorry, it's really know big deal. He can stay. Better to have muscles than a weiner dog trying to protect us.

I nodded my head, agreeing with her while the boys came back with arms full of firewood. "This should last us through the night. " Tayden and Patrick both dropped the sticks and logs at the same time.

"Now, I know this is a bit cliche, but I brought a guitar," Tayden went to my car and grabbed a guitar from the trunk. Patrick stood up, "And I brought another thing to add to our cliche-ness." He walked towards my car too. Were there secret compartments in my car that I wasn't aware of?!

They both came back at the same time, Tayden holding a guitar, and Patrick holding a bag of marshmellows in one hand, a bo of graham crackers under his arm, and chocolate bars in the other hand. My God, this boy really know how to get to a woman's heart. Why wasn't I just dating him already? Oh, yeah, I'm dying.

Tayden's played guitar since he was younger, he even owned a ukele and loved to play the piano. He played music from Jack's Mannequin. He listened to just about everything, even a little rap. I remember when he was around fourteen, he went through this "thug" stage. I continuously pulled his pants up. I was only eleven at the time. He'd wear white tank tops and chains, it was rather humorous.

He started playing Taylor Swift and Patrick gave him a funny look. I didn't think it was that weird. I've known Tayden for so long and knew everything about him that nothing he did phased me. Nothing he could do could surprise me. The last song he sang was 'What Sarah Said ' by Death Cab For Cutie. That song made me cry every time I heard it. And hearing him sing it with his angelic voice, I almost lost it. The meaning behind the song is so powerful and true. "Love is watching someone die." And if you think about it, it is. You're growing old with someone, you're basically watching them die right in front of your eyes while you stay with them. It's sad...

All of us made at least three smores each and they were extremely delicious, if I do say so myself. Patrick looked at me and lightly chuckled. "What?" I said, smiling. He scooted closer to me on the log and took his thumb and gently rubbed chocolate off the corner of my mouth. My face flushed, God, I was such a messy eater. He licked his thumb and slightly smirked at me. Oh my, that was hot.

Tayden yawned and scretched. "I'm going to have to find a liqour store so we can have beer tomorrow, since we're staying another night. " Baylin looked at Tayden, "I don't think so. We're not going to have alcohol." My mouth opened slightly. Baylin, not wanting to drink? She was sick. Everyone looked at her, "Are you feeling okay, Bay?" As I said this, I laughed and leaned back against Patrick. I felt like I was leading him on, but I am really not meaning to. I just...craved for his touch, a lot.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why does everyone keep asking?" She started to rise her voice again and then lowered it as she noticed too. "I just think... that we can have a good time without alcohol. I like being able to remember things. I want to remember tonight. Because I had fun. I want to remember tomorrow and the next day. I don't want to wake up with a hang over. I just want to spend time with my friends. Aren't you guys having fun too? I'm having fun. No booze needed." Tayden nodded his head. "Deep, woman. " Bay glared at him then shoved him off the log. He landed on his back, knocking the wind clear out of him. I about fell off the log myself from laughing so hard. Apparently my laugh was contagious because I felt Patrick's chest vibrate against my back and heard the roar of his laughter.

Baylin tried to keep a straight face, and angry one at that. But we were laughing so hard that she couldn't. She laughed too as Tayden was still trying to catch his breath. Baylin was right, I wanted to remember this night too. I wanted to remember each other their smiles and laughs and take them with me to the grave. Not them personally, just all those amazing memories I've had with each and every one of them.

That night, I heard Baylin talking to Tayden about how she was sorry. I tried to figure out everything else she was saying, but I was too engrossed in Patrick. His fingers were running up and down my back as we were under the blanket. It was distracting. I was trying to eavesdrop, but I couldn't when his hands were on me.

I tried to stay focused on their conversation, but I was failing miserably. I rolled over onto my back and asked Patrick what he was doing. I could see him smile, even in the dark. "You're being distracting and eavesdropping," he whispered this right next to my ear and kissed it. "How am I being the distracting one, "I whispered back, "I'm trying to eavesdrop, but I can't when your hands are all over me. That, " I emphasied the 'that', "is rather distracting."

"I was just running my fingers up and down your back, " he started doing it to my arm as I was still trying to eavesdrop. "Is this distracting?" He ran his finger tips across my collar bones that jutted out of my chest. I gulped, hoping he didn't notice. "Not really." I was completely lying. Gosh, was he distracting.

I knew Patrick was smirking. And he knew that he was getting to me. I wasn't even eavesdropping anymore. I was just enjoying his cool, soft fingertips grazing across my skin. His touch was so soft that it felt like someone was lightly dragging a feather across my skin. If I were standing, I'd probably grow weak.

"How about this?" He traced circles on my sternum, then down between my breasts. I had goosebumps on my skin despite the blanket being on me and him. His fingers fell over one breast and down my ribcage. I was getting a litle nervous, but excited at the same time. "N-nope." Shit, I stuttered.

Patrick grabbed my face with the hand he was just tracing down my ribcage and kissed me. The kiss seemed a bit rough, but not to the point where it was a turn off. He was hunger, and I knew just how to cure his appetite.

I indulged myself with his kisses as his hands carassed every part of my body. His hand lingered to the pajama shorts that I was wearing. Pat hooked his finger in it and slid them down slowly. I pressed my body against his, wanting him to do more. And that's exactly what he did.


The second day wasn't as fun as the first. We all walked on the beach, took pictures, without the flash. We used a digital. Baylin was scared to use her film camera because of the flash and she didn't want me to have a seizure again. If only she knew how fine the camera would have been. If only she knew that the seizure wasn't caused by the flash...

We built sand castles, and at one point, we dug a holes and put Patrick and Tayden in them. We buried them in the sand and gave them lovely mounds of sands to act like breasts. They couldn't physically get up and move without being dug out at least a little bit. They were helpless. We took pictures of them, their expressions on their faces gave away everything. "I believe this picture screams, I'm angry, but I know I'd love to have a nice rack to play with." Baylin pointed to their faces on the digital camera.

I held Patrick's hand a lot throughout the entire time we were there. I felt comfortable with him. I didn't want these two days to end.

Baylin and I even walked around the beach by ourselves. We found sea glass and shells all over the place. "Rain, I can hear the ocean!" She stuck her ear to the shell. She knew that it was only the soundd of your blood or whatever, but she smiled anyway. "Let's keep them as souvieniers. " After I said that, she nodded her head in agreement.


We loaded everything into my car and drove back home. I fell asleep in the back with my best friend laying her head on top of my own. Before I fell asleep, I linked arms with her. I didn't want to let go.