Chapter 2 : Baylin

My head ached as I was finally able to slam the trunk of my car down. I whirled around to look into the eyes of my younger brother; it was like looking into a reflection of my own. His light blue-green eyes bore into mine. I knew he'd never admit he was sad I was leaving, but I also knew for a fact he was. Despite his teenage mind, and the way that he acted like he hated me, I knew there was more to it than that.

I ruffled his hair, making him scoff, as my mother came running down the front steps of our white two story house. I rolled my eyes at the tears in her eyes. I was moving a total distance of five minutes away from her; there was absolutely no need for the tears in her eyes. My brother laughed lightly and walked back towards our front door, muttering a soft, careless, “See you later” over his shoulder before he slammed the door behind him.

"I thought your father would be here..." my mom said wiping her eyes with a tissue she had brought with her. I hugged her small frame tight, not letting her onto the fact that I knew he wasn't going to the moment he said he was. My father was like that, saying he'd show up to something for our family, then suddenly he'd get a phone call that'd make him have to stay an extra hour or two.

He was the big boss at the biggest beach resort just 30 minutes away from our house. The money from his job kept my family well provided for, and during his years reining as the head of the resort, he'd put money aside little by little to be able to afford to buy a beach house a mere five minutes down the road from our humble home. It was directly on the beach, and in one of the main attraction districts of our town.

When I turned nineteen last month he'd surprised me and my best friend Rain O'Connel with the greatest birthday gift ever. He agreed to let us live in the beach house we owned. Our only costs we had to make were the rent. We agreed to the simple terms in a mere ten seconds flat.

I climbed into my car, and looked down the street before pulling out and putting the radio up a notch. My mother had insisted that she could come down with me and help me unpack my things, but I turned her down as politely as I could, this was the me and Rain time I'd been aching for. I jammed out to the radio and tapped my fingers on the steering wheel as I drove towards the beach house I spent many summers in. This summer would obviously be no different.

As I put on my blinker to turn into the driveway I felt my face get hot. At the sight of his pick-up truck I knew Rain was already inside, and I just couldn't wait to be unpacked and settled in. I got out my car and pulled a duffel bag with some of my belongings out the backseat before making my way up the steps.

I walked into the spacious welcoming area and had barely any time to drop my bag on the ground before I heard a familiar voice and was wrapped up in the owners embrace. "Hey, Stranger!"

I looked up into those beautiful blue eyes of his and suddenly my stomach was doing countless flips. I felt as if I could open my mouth and yellow butterflies would come flying out into the room. I'd never told Rain how much Tayden affected me like this. How much his simple touch could send my heart into mini panic modes. I truthfully had no idea how she'd react if I told her I was possibly smitten over her cousin.

"Hey, Baylin!" I heard in a cheery voice as I returned Tayden's embrace. I looked over at Rain to see her smiling at me, I noticed her smile didn't quite meet her eyes. As much as it pained me I let go of Tayden and pulled my best friend into a tight hug.

"You okay, Dollface?" she smiled again and nodded before pointing to her head.

"Just a headache, I took something that'll help it go away." I smiled at her and looped my arm through hers, before bringing her over to the couch. It was a big soft cushiony brown one. And as we fell back on it, laughing at the pure joy of the day I heard a few simple words escape Tayden's lips that made my day even brighter.

"Guys, you should throw a house warming party." I looked over at Rain and her eyes said everything.

That sounded like a perfectly good idea.