Chapter 29 : Rain

It's been five months and chemotherapy is kicking my ass. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do this. I don't want to puke all the time or sleep twenty four seven. I want to be able to go to the beach. I want to be able to run around. Run, not walk, run. It's making me so weak. Baylin and Tayden told their parents about the baby. Tayden's seemed to be pretty okay with it. But Baylin's, not so much. Her younger brother was pretty much the only one to be excited for them. Her parents were a bit concerned. Her brother is looking forward to being an uncle. But her parents aren't ready to be grandparents and they're all, "Babies, then marriage."

Baylin's tummy is getting big, it's cute. She couldn't fit into any of her old clothes so we went shopping. I bought her fat pants the other day. She flipped me off, but whatever. She secretly loves wearing her fat pants. The diner she works at is pretty accepting of her being pregnant and all. They just want her to take a week off before the baby is born. She's 20 weeks in and is going to find out the sex of the baby later today. She asked for me to go with her, but I felt like Tayden and Baylin should do it. After I said that though, she insisted on us both going.

As of right now though, we're eating breakfast. Well, Baylin is eating everyone's breakfast. Tayden's nervous and I just didn't feel well. We had to leave in two hours to go find out. Baylin's off the walls excited and hyper. They haven't even picked out names yet. Baylin's kind of lazy lately though. If it's not a girl, she's not going to bother with looking at boy names and vice versa.

We all got ready and hopped into my car. Baylin was in the passenger seat and I was in the back. Why do I have to be in the back if it's my car, right? Because I felt absolutely horrible today. I would love to be there when her and Tayden find out the gender of the baby. But I also would love just to curl up next to Copper and sleep. I could sleep all day..

I think afterwards, I'm going to see if Patrick wants to come over... " Rain! I've been saying you're name for the past five minutes. Are you okay?" Baylin was snapping her fingers at my face. Apparently, I was too zoned out to even notice she was talking to me. Tayden was glancing at me through the review mirror and narrowing his eyes at me. "What? Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just really tired is all."

Baylin frowned and faced forward, "You're always tired." I was a bit taken back, but I knew she didn't mean it, I don't think. She's just moody and stuff because of the baby. She's excited and was looking forward to this day for a couple weeks. And here I am, just bumming her out and being tired and blah.


Baylin lied on the table...chair...thing as the nurse put jelly on her stomach. She squeaked, "Holy mother of God that's cold. Don't you people ever heat this shit up? Seriously, who likes when people just splat cold gel on someone's skin? Unless you'e going to the beach of course, but what the hell, lady?!" I laughed really loud and Tayden covered his mouth. The nurse obviously dealt with plenty of women like her a day. So she just continued to do her job and looked at the screen.

"There's your baby. " She smiled, she obviously loved her job. "Are you ready to find out the sex of your baby?" Baylin squeezed Tayden's hand and she looked up at him a smiled. It was like one of those moments that you only see in movies. Those moments where you can tell that one person truly cares about the other person.

It's not awkward for me anymore. Thinking of them being together. They'd make great parents. Even if they're not together as a couple. I wish they were though. Tayden's a good guy and Baylin's an amazing girl.

"It's a girl." The nurse smiled, " Congrats!" Baylin smiled wide and Tayden did too. I knew Tayden was hoping for a boy. Just so he could teach him to fish, go dirtbiking, take him to baseball games--father and son stuff. Now, with a girl, he'd have to worry about periods, boys, and heartbreak.


Baylin wanted to have the baby shower as soon as possible. So she started planning as her, Tayden, and I watched a home movie. In the movie, Tayden was in fifth grade, wearing a little, cheap tux. Baylin and I walked around the corner with our hair curled wearing pink and yellow, glittery dresses. We were in second grade. There was a dance going on at the elementary school and the entire elementary was invited.

We linked arms with Tayden like we always did and smiled. He tried to act cool, "I don't need a date. Dates are for lame-o's." Baylin's mom had the camera. I knew what was going to happen next, so I clinged to the pillow that I had. Baylin and Tayden stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to the television. Tayden was looking through a magazine and Baylin was writing things down about the baby shower.

"And who are you?" Baylin's mom asked. Baylin was getting ansty, "Mommy," she whined," I wanna go to the dance." I stepped in front of them both and shot my hand into the air. "We're the famous, bestest, coolest trio ever!" My chest felt tight. I remember that. Our parents always called us the famous trio. I wish we could make more of these. I wish I was going to be there to watch videos of that little baby girl grow up.

I wiped the single tear that escaped and turned towards Tayden and Baylin. Their eyes were planted on the screen. That's when I knew that they were thinking the same thing too.

That's when I had a brilliant idea. I was going to make videos now. I had a camcorder still somewhere... I jumped up from the couch, about fell over from dizzziness, and walked to my room. Tayden and Baylin gave me a weird look and tilted their heads to the side as I did this. " Are you okay?" Was all I heard before I trashed the shit out of my room. I threw boxes, papers, and tubs everywhere. That's when I found it. I turned it on, thank goodness it still worked. I then walked into the livingroom where Baylin and Tayden still sat.

"Hi, little baby girl who doesn't have a name yet. My name is Rain. I'm your aunty. The coolest aunty you'll ever have. " I turned it towards me and waved. Tayden put the magazine over his face and Baylin started laughing. "Hear that? That's your mommy's laugh." I walked towards Baylin and she waved at the camera then got up. "Where are you going? I'm not done yet!"

"I'm going to the bathroom for the millionth time." Baylin shouted as she walked towards the bathroom. "See, you're not even here yet and you're a trouble maker. You better cut that out and be nice to your mommy and daddy, okay? Speaking of Daddy. Here he is!" I pointed the camera towards Tayden and then sat on him. I moved into the camera so it showed both of us. "How much do you love me?" He still covered his face with the magazine, "Not enoug hto show my face." I pouted, "Come on, Tayden. Not just for me, but for your baby girl watching this!" He put the magazine down and made a goofy smile. "Hi, beautiful, beautiful girl. "

I smiled, "One more thing you have to see before I turn this off." I called Copper and heard his nails on the hardwood floor. "This, is Copper. He's old, but he's such a sweetheart. Aren't you? " I scratched his belly, "Yes, you are. Yes, you are!" Tayden laughed in the background and just as he did, the camcorder died.

"Awe, shit. I need more batteries." I whined as I put the camera on the end table next to the couch and continued to sscratch Copper's belly.
"I just got a brilliant idea!" Baylin was coming back from going to the bathroom, "It's for the baby shower."

Tayden laughed, "And you thought about this while you were on the toilet?" Baylin crossed her arms over her oversized belly and scrunched up her nose. "Some of my best ideas come to mind while I'm on the toilet, thank you very much." I did a facepalm and laughed while getting up to hug my crazy best friend.

"We'll have the baby shower in two weeks, okay? We can get stuff planned and done and a place before then. Hell, we could even have it here at home. That's not a bad idea, right? Rain and I can go shopping and stuff." Tayden agreed. He wasn't much of a shopping person to begin with. I already knew what I was going to get her for the baby shower. But she couldn't be with me when I got it.

I kissed my best friend's forehead and walked to my room. I was tired and bored so I thought a little nap would suffice. Patrick would too, but I'm sure he's busy doing something. Okay, maybe not. I just don't feel like being completely gross around him all the time. I missed him though. I missed him a lot...

Before I fell asleep I heard Baylin yelled, "Ugh! This baby is a pain in the ass. I have to pee, again. For crying out loud this is ridiculous." I'm sure they could hear me laugh from my room. This baby is going to be a handful. But I have faith in them.