Chapter 3 : Rain

A house warming party? Oh, boy. And no, that wasn't sarcasm. I happen to love parties. Sure, I'm not of age to drink yet, but who follows the rules anyway? Tayden's 22, and since he's going to be there, there's going to be booze. And with us, a party isn't just a couple friends and a few beers. There's a keg, or three, vodka, beerpong, dancing, a bonfire outside. You know, the works. Not to mention, boys. Tayden's friends? Gorgeous. I'd tap just about all of them. That thought made a smirk appear on my face.

"See, Rain thinks it's a brilliant idea! I'll call our friends, and you can call yours, Tayden!" Baylin clapped her hands together and got up, leaving the room for a minute then coming back with a wad of cash and a credit card. "You pick, Mr. Plastic, or George, Abraham, Alexander, Andrew, Grant,and Bennykins.

My eyes widened as she mentioned off all those names and went through the cash and I laughed. "If you don't take Mr. Plastic, Tayden, people are going to think you're a whore. Literally. Especially with all those men in your pocket." While I said this I winked at him and laughed even harder. Baylin covered her mouth, trying to hide that she was about to explode with laughter too.

Tayden rolled his eyes and held out his hand, "Surprise me." Baylin put the wad of cash into his hand and then marched off to her room. Probably putting her card away. Tayden stuffed the money into his pocket and ran his fingers through his hair. "You do know you can't have booze while taking pain medication, right?" I stared blankly at him, "And you know that you promised not to tell and Baylin's not going to let us throw a party without me drinking too." Tayden sighed and turned on his heel, shouting a loud 'Bye' and walking out the door, slightly slamming it behind him. He was frustrated, I get it, but I wanted to have fun. I'm one stubborn woman.


I sat on Baylin's bed as she threw her clothes about, trying to figure out what to wear. At one point, she threw a sundress at my face. "You throw one more item of clothing at me, I'm going to wet it down and whip it at you." I grumbled as she stop mid-throw. She laughed and dropped it on the floor, took her clothes off and put on a light blue, floral sundress. "Is this okay, Dollface?" She put her hands on her hips, twirled, then put her hands on her hips again.

"What bikini are you going to wear with it?" I asked as I kicked her clothes out of my way and walking towards the door of her room. I was not getting pelted with bikinis now. Plus, I haven't decided what I was going to wear yet. "Where do you think you're going?! You have to help me!" Baylin shouted as I sped-walked out of her room. "Rain! Come on!"

Unpacking my clothes and putting them in my dresser/closet, I picked out what I was going to wear. I slipped on some ratty, short jeans and a lose, but flattering white tank top. Beachy, but still cute. I wore a white bikini under it. Now, what to do with this messy hair. I tried putting it a few different ways, but couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I fish tail braided it and called it a day. I thought that since I was putting on a bikini, I might as well change my belly button ring to something a bit more cuter and flashy. While looking through all the navel rings that I had, I finally found the one that I like the most. It was a diamond encrusted , more than likely fake, anchor.

My stomach started growling as I finished changing the piercings. I walked to the fridge and searched for something to snack on. Nothing edible was in that fridge unless I wanted to make a ketchup and mustard sandwich. I gagged at the thought of it. I made toast. Strike that, I made hot, crusty bread. We didn't even have any peanut butter, jelly, or regular butter. "Bread, delicious." I mumbled to myself as I took a bite out of my freshly warm, and crusty bread.

After we both thought we looked pretty good, we cleaned up the house a bit. "Maybe we should get snacks, plastic cups, and cleaning supplies. " I muttered as I helped Baylin clean the kitchen. "That's probably a good idea. My car or yours?" I shrugged and grabbed my keys off the island. Tayden drove me here, yes, but my car was parked in front. We needed to use his truck to get some of the things at my parents' house. We climbed into my little Mazda and drove to the store. "Tony's Treasures" was the name of the store. It had just about everything in it. Food, supplies, trinkets, and swimming accessories. We grabbed cups, cleaning supplies, chips, a couple veggie and meat trays, and walked around the store just in case we needed anything else.

"So, do you plan on getting any tonight?" Baylin asked me as I looked at the little trinkets. I shrugged my shoulders. "Maybe, maybe not. Depends how drunk I am, I guess. How about you?" I asked as I fiddled with one of the trinkets. "Same," she shrugged her shoulders and moved on to the next isle towards the register. We got there and Tony gave us a nod while ringing up our items. I looked down at my sandals and waiting patiently. Despite where we live, Baylin is much more tanner than me. It irritated me more than ever. I huffed and heard Tony punch in numbers. "Your total is $46.17."

Baylin tried paying Tony, but I hated when she payed for so much. She's already paying for the booze. I'm not broke, I can pay for a couple things. I gave him a 50 and waited for my change. "Having a party, ladies?" Tony asked as he was counting my money out of the register. "Girl's Book Group tonight, Tony." Baylin answered quickly. Tony seemed unconvinced. "What book?" His eyes narrowed down at us. "Twilight!" Baylin smiled. I don't know how she did it and why the hell she picked Twilight, but Tony seemed overly convinced.

"Yeah, Baylin here is all for Jacob." Baylin pinched my buttas I said that. "Yeah, go Team Jacob! Grr!" Tony laughed and gave me my change and packed our groceries. "Well, you girls drive safely and enjoy reading."

We got to the car in one piece. "Twilight, really?" I started laughing. Baylin laughed just as hard. "Oh my God, stop laughing, I'm trying to drive!" Baylin stopped and took out her phone. "Who are you calling?" I asked as I glanced over at her. "Allie. She's got a mouth on her and will spread the word to all of our friends. Whilst keeping it on the DL." She was right Allie basically knew how to get things going when everyone else was too lazy to do it. I mean, we're not just going to post on Facebook about the house warming party that we're going to have for everyone to see it. "Wise choice, my lady, wise choice." I turned up the radio, Ke$ha. I changed the station over and over again, nothing was on. Either it was Tik Tok or silence.

I guess the DJ blew my speakers up and we fought until we saw the sunlight....All the way home.
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