Chapter 30 : Baylin

I laid on my bed, my feet bobbing off the end, as I had a notebook laying against my poking out belly, and the end of a pencil in my mouth. I was writing down a grocery list we’d need for my up and coming baby shower. And I was pretty sure I was doing a terrible job at it.

I couldn’t sleep, I’d had heartburn all night so I tossed and turned, probably only getting a total of three hours. But yet I was wide awake at eight AM, and I’d surely take a nap later.

The door to my bedroom opened and Tayden walked in, a goofy smile on his face. He walked over, climbing on the end of my bed over my legs and kissed my stomach, right below my belly button.

“Good morning my beautiful girls.” I picked up the notebook blushing. Wondering why he kept putting me through stuff like this.

I knew we didn’t have a relationship together, and I knew we might never have one. But down inside, I wished he felt the same way.

Tayden always did this, and in front of anyone too. Then after he'd walk away, I'd be the one getting the questions about our relationship status and how "cute you two look together". Their faces when I'd tell them that we weren't together was priceless.

"Do you need something?" I asked smiling at him brightly. He always seemed to have this way of making me happy even when I felt like crying.

"As a matter of fact I do." he crawled next to me and laid his head on my shoulder, looking at the list on my notebook. "You know what's not on that list?"

I glanced at him, "What?"

"Baby names."


Choosing a name for this baby would prove to be one of the hardest things to do with Tayden. We didn't agree on anything. I'd suggest Amelia. He'd say that was a big name to live up to. He'd suggest Emily. I'd explain to him how I hated a girl named Emily all through high school, so every time I think of the name hatred comes to mind. This happened with every name that came to mind.

Finally, we gave up. Him a bit pissed off at me. He'd slammed the door quite loudly as he left and now I was sitting on the couch eating out of a tub of ice cream, crying because of some love story on tv. As of that was what I needed to be watching right now.

Rain opened the door, Copper attached to the leash she held in her hand. Even if she'd been feeling horrible, her and Patrick would go take walks every now and then whenever she felt good enough. Which was starting to be not so often.

As of on cue, Patrick strolled through the door behind her and closed it. The way he looked at her got me jealous. Not in the way that I wished he would look at me like that. Just in the way that someone would look at me like that. Someone like Tayden.

I shook my head at the though. Tayden? Tayden would never like me like that. Not as much as I liked him at least.

"What's wrong?" Rain asked as she unclipped Copper from his leash. He trotted over to his water bowl and Rain came sit next to me.

"I got in a fight with Tayden. How do I do this Rain? I'm not with him, we don't agree on anything. If things keep up like this our child will be nameless!" I groaned in frustration and looked at her. "I'm sorry. You have enough on your plate as it is. The last thing you need is your best friend dumping more problems on you."

She looked at Patrick and he nodded. "I'll see you guys later okay? Nice seeing you again Baylin. I'll call you later Rain." he showed himself out and Rain looked away from the door and back to me.

"You are in no way or form a burden to me, Bay. You are my best friend. Your problems are mine. And I know mine are yours. You've made that clear."

I nodded. She hugged me as a tear fell. We jerked our heads to the door as it opened. Tayden stepped in slowly and stopped in his tracks when he saw us staring at him.

"Uh...hey guys."


"Hey..." I said slowly opening the front door. I was confused as to why my little brother was standing on my front door steps at 7 am.

"Hi!" he bounced in past me and pulled the backpack off his shoulder. He placed it on the couch and started ruffling through the contents.

"Danny what are you doing here so early?" I yawned. I'd been up because of heartburn again and the doorbell had suddenly rang.

I thought it had been Rain or Tayden coming back. They left for one of Rain's doctor appointments and might have locked themselves out or something. Instead it had been my little brother.

"Oh. I haven't slept yet. I figured while we both weren't sleeping I'd come visit you." he smiled at me. I almost dropped my jaw to the ground. Danny's smiles were rare. Extremely rare.

"how'd you know I was awake?" I asked curiously sitting on the couch next to his bag.

"You wrote on Facebook that you had heartburn again" I smiled to myself. Right.

I laughed. Danny sat next to me and handed me a book. I looked down at it and then back at him puzzled.

"What is it?" I asked. Not daring to open it.

"Its yours. Or well, your baby's. Open it." I flipped the first page of the book and smiled. It was a scrapbook. And as I flipped through it the more I smiled. Danny had really taken a lot of time. There were pictures of me when I was little with Rain. Or with Danny. Or with Tayden. Or with all of them. My parents were there. Vacations. Dances. Everything. He must have worked so hard.

"Why didn't you wait till my shower?" Rain had suggested we invite guys too. Since Tayden and I weren't together it'd be awkward to invite his friends to it. So he was going to be there.

Danny shrugged "I wanted you to see it. And be able to go through it without everyone else to bug you. Flip to the last page" I did as I was told and smiled.

It was a picture of me and Tayden when we had been at my parents house. I hadn't even seen Danny take it. But Tayden had, and he was smiling his beautiful smile at the camera.

The rest was blank. No doubt for me to fill up later. But it'd never be as good as what Danny had done. He'd obviously taken a lot of time and effort to do this for me. The thought made me tear up.

"Thank you so much. This means a lot" I reached over and hugged him tightly. Trying not to cry in his shoulder.

"No problem at all Bay. So I have news." I looked over at him and raised my eyebrow. "Grandma knows. And shes pissed."

I gulped. My grandma was no one to mess with.