Chapter 31 : Rain

Baylin's grandmother is a firm believer of marriage before sex. Especially having a decent job and education to support the children.

She's also very old, so we're expecting she'll want the baby named after her. But to be honest, her name isn't exactly a name Baylin would pick. And it's not fair for her to make Baylin feel guilty just because she's getting old.

She's coming over today, that's what Baylin said anyway. She is off the walls nervous. I've never seen her pace back and forth so many times before. She got ready over two hours ago and her grandmother wasn't going to be here for another hour and a half or so. But who knows? Her grandma has shown up earlier for things. Tayden even got dressed early too. He even to tried avoid meeting her grandmother today. We all have met her, but meeting her under these circumstances was completely different.
Even though Tayden was nervous and on edge today, he was still there trying to calm Baylin down. They're so on edge that they freaked out when the mailman came. I swear the hair on the their body's stood up.

I was really tired and didn't want to deal with her grandma, but I knew I had to be there for her and Tayden. I stayed on the couch. Sleep is one of my secret lovers. As well as the toilet. I guess you could count Patrick in there too... Blankets, yeah, those too. Gee, I sound like a whore. I laughed to myself.

"How can you be laughing at a time like this?!" Baylin was still freaking out. Tayden put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her towards him. My smile soon faded as she had shouted. "I'm sorry, I was just thinking of funny things is all. I know this is a serious matter. Your grandmother and all." I wasn't trying to sound sarcastic. I was being completely sincere.

It was cold in the house to I wrapped a blanket around myself and walked towards Tayden and Baylin. I hugged Baylin's tummy and kissed it. My little neice was in there. I hope I get to see her. I bet she's going to be beautiful, just like her mommy and daddy.

The hat that was on my head was slipping off so Baylin grabbed it and adjusted it back on my head. "You can nap if you want to," Baylin knew I was always tired. It made me feel bad, really. I just wanted to spend time with them, but half the time, I could hardly get out of bed. It made me feel like I was missing so much. And I knew I wouldn't be able to make these things up ever again.

The door bell ran and I felt Baylin go stiff as well as Tayden. I got up slowly and started walking towards the door, dropping the warm secret lover of mine back on the couch, not bothering to fold it back up. We're just going to have lunch with her is all. Even though it was three in the afternoon. Baylin tried to tell her mother to tell her grandma that we were going to go out to eat and she could meet us at a food court or something. This would mean that her grandmother wouldn't be able to yell, bitch, groan, or degrade everything about her and what she had done. But, alas, her grandmother would not budge.

I opened the door and Aggie steppped in. Agatha, Aggie, Grandma Agatha. She was dressed in a white and blue floral blouse and white pants .Why a woman would wear white pants it beyond me. But I guess she didn't have to worry about that kind of thing anymore. Her hat was big and white as well and her purse was light blue. Every purse that that would owned was a different color. This woman has been around for a while. So, that is a lot of purses.

She took the hat and purse off at the door and handed them to me. Like I was this woman's bitch? Oh hell no. "Rain, sweet heart. How are you feeling?"

"I feel like proper shit, actually." I wasn't going to sugar coat it. This woman was rude. She wasn't one of those sweet grandmas that made cookies for you as a kid. Or spoiled you rotten. No, she despised that kind of thing. She was a lonely, old hag.

I put her hat and purse on the coat hanger that was right next to the door and quite visible for her eyes to see. Baylin made salad earlier and put it in the fridge. We were going to eat outside. Grill food, yum. Tayden grilled hamburgers and steamed vegetables. Baylin also made dessert. Which consisted of vanilla cookies and banana pudding.


The lunch was quiet until Aggie opened her mouth. "So what are you going to name this baby? My name, perhaps? Middle or first."

"We haven't decided on a name for her yet." Baylin stuttered that entire sentence out. She had barely touched her food, she just kept pushing it around with her fork, and brought it up to her mouth.

"You children haven't even touched your meals. Eat." She gave us all a stern look. Just as we all started eating, she opened her mouth again. "And what possesed you to do such a stupid thing. I am very disappointed, in you both." She gestered towards Tayden as well. "How are you going to support this baby? Working at the diner? And where do you even work, Tayden?" She started laughing. She was getting mean and mean quick.

Baylin swallowed, "We can handle it , Grandma." She laughed again.

"You really think you're fit to be parents? You two aren't even married." What the hell was her problem? Shit happens.

Tayden intersected into the conversation, " I work at a palce called Tony's Treasures. It pays pretty well and we don't go out that often so I know we'll have a lot of money saved up."

She laughed again and shook her head while taking a bite out of her burger.

" It's not like Baylin asked to be pregnant. And I know for a fact that Baylin and Tayden are going to be the best fucking parents that anyone has ever seen. And I will be dammed if anyone tries telling them differently. They're kind, fun, and amazing people. Now, if they don't have your blessing for a good life for this baby, then you can leave. " I wasn't done yet. " You can either be in their lives, or you can stay out of them. You have no right telling them what they can and cannot do."

"Rain..Cal-" I cut Tayden off. " That baby," I pointed to Baylin's overgrown belly, "is going to be one of the most spoiled, well behaved children you have ever laid your eyes on. We don't need your snotty remarks and I certainly don't need you treating my family like shit."

Grandma Agatha was so taken back. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open ajar. But I didn't care. I was angry. I was angry at her for judging my family. My cousin, my best friend. I was angry at her for coming over. I was angry at the cancer and I was angry that I wouldn't be able to be the one to spoil the little shit.

"Now, if you excuse me. I am going to my room. I have already had enough of you and you haven't even been here for more than fourty-five minutes. " I grabbed my plate and walked inside. We were all out on the deck, it was a nice day out. However, there was no way I was going to be able to enjoy it with that woman around.

An hour had passed and I was still in my room and Agatha was still here. I went through my things, photo albums and such. I got to thinking, "was this all I was going to leave behind?" I suddenly grew sad. It's not much. Clothes here, pictures there, books over here, random things that would soon be covered in dust. I felt like I would soon be forgotten after this was all over. I knew Baylin or Tayden wouldn't want to come in my room anymore. Maybe even Patrick wouldn't. He'd move on quickly though... I knew my door would forever stay shut unless they made it into the baby's room. Would I even be here when the baby would arrive?

"That girl has always had spunk. " I knew she was referring to me. "I'm sorry about Rain, Agatha. She's just dealing with a lot." Tayden's voice was low.

"No, I'm sorry, Tayden and Baylin. I guess things have changed since I was your age. If you're still having that babyshower, I will try my best to make it. That girl will need a great-grandma to spoil her as well as her grandma and grandpa. Take care of that little one. " I heard a big sigh and then the front door open. Seconds later, it shut. I heard Baylin and Tayden let out a even bigger sigh than the one earlier. It was as if they were holding their breath the entire time.

I heard Baylin say she was going to clean up and Tayden agree. He then opened my door and walked towards me. "You little devil you. I'm sure you about gave that old woman a heart attack." He laughed and shook his head and he sat on my bed with me. He hugged me tightly, I was sore, so it kind of hurt. But I didn't want to tell him to stop. Tayden is like my brother. I think everyone should hug their siblings every chance they get. Even their best friends. Because they never know when they're going to go. Someone could watch them gradually fade away like me, or they can be gone in a split second. Either way, once they're gone, they're gone. There is no bringing them back. If there is a way, someone should let me know, because I want to be one of the people on that list of "Who to Bring Back From the Dead." Would we come back as zombies? No, make sure we come back as our normal selves. I don't think anyone is going to be accepting of a zombie.

I hugged him tighter than he hugged me, it still hurt, but I wouldn't stop. He let go and kissed the top of my shiny, bald head. "I love you, Rai." I smiled meekly at him, " I love you too."

He left my room. I heard him in the kitchen, and then my hearing went out. I thought it was just because everything suddenly got quiet. I clapped my hands together. No, no, no. This can't be happening. I snapped my fingers by my ears, hardly anything. It was very faint. I got up and accidently knocked things off my end table. I barely heard the glass hit the floor. It was probably the picture of Baylin and I. We printed out a couple from the day at the beach.

I ran towards my door and opened it then ran to the kitchen. Tears started forming in my eyes and that's when it came back.

Tayden and Baylin stared at me, "You okay?" I looked up at them. I was confused, "Yeah, I just...I thought I couldn't hear."

"But you can hear now, right?" Baylin removed Tayden's hands from around her waist. He was behind her. His head was on her shoulder and his hands were on her tummy. She walked towards me. Soon, she'd be waddling. Like a little penguin. She held my head lightly and rubbed her thumbs on my earlobes. "You sure?" I nodded my head, hugged her, and sighed. I don't want to lose my hearing. I knew this one was a side effect, but I thought it'd be a bit rare.

"I'm going to call Patrick..." I sighed and turned on my heel and walked towards my room. Yeah, before I lose my hearing again and won't be able to hear his wonderful, angelic voice ever again...