Chapter 34 : Baylin

stared at the parents playing with their children. My hands were perched across my ginormous stomach. I wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but I was afraid. Extremely afraid.

And now that I’d gotten into a fight with everyone I loved, I was more afraid to be alone. Rain hadn’t been home in two days, Tayden had but hadn’t talked to me. Every time I’d walk into a room he’d quickly walk past me before I could say something, or slip out another exit if there was one. He wouldn’t give me the time of day to break his heart.

But I wasn’t going to. I was simply going to tell him I loved him too. But he wouldn’t let me. It was as if he knew I was going to say that, and he was afraid. Afraid that we’d be together? I was thoroughly confused to say the least.

I traced my hand over my stomach, drawing a heart around my belly button. I hoped my baby would be perfect. I wanted her to have a healthy, vibrant life.

I looked up to see the parents I had been watching grab their kids and leave. It was getting close to dark, an obvious time to take your kids home.

As soon as they had gotten into their parked car I noticed a figure walking towards the park from the direction of my house. It wasn’t Rain or Tayden. It was Patrick.

I stood up and as Tayden would say, waddled, towards him as quickly as I could. As soon as I was in ear shot I let out his name with a yell. He stopped in his tracks and his head quickly turned in my direction. He smiled at me slightly and walked towards me.

“Hey Baylin. What are you doing here so late?” he asked gesturing to the park. I shrugged.

“I had to get out of the house, it was extremely lonely. No one there is exactly talking to me anymore besides Copper, and Copper can’t talk so you can see how that conversation didn’t get far.” He laughed and shook his head slowly.

“Rain’s home now…I just dropped her off. I got to my parent’s house then decided it was a great time for a walk. I’m headed to a diner, you hungry?” I caught up with his long stride and nodded slightly.

“I need to talk to you…”

He smiled and glanced over at me. “About Rain or Tayden?” He must have realized he said it the wrong way because soon enough tears were falling down my face. “Wait, Baylin, I-I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”

I nodded, furiously wiping tears away from my face with the sleeve of my shirt. Patrick’s hand rested awkwardly on my shoulder, his attempt at comforting me. I started to laugh. “I’m just a mess, it’s not you.” I muttered between sniffles.

We started walking again. “Rain’s not gonna stay mad forever.” He looked distant as he said it, like what he had said had made him think of something he hadn’t want to think about. But then again it had made me think of something I didn’t want to think about either. Forever. And how Rain didn’t seem to have near enough time.

As we reached the diner we sat in a booth across from each other. “I know. I just…I don’t want her mad at Tayden. I’m the one that kept saying Rain shouldn’t know. And I know it’s wrong to keep stuff from my best friend, but you saw how Tayden reacted when he found out you slept with Rain. I didn’t know if Rain would be the same way…” I trailed off and twirled the water I had ordered.

“Rain’s not Tayden though Baylin. And Tayden’s short tempered, and a guy. Trust me when I say I know he’s short tempered, but they’re nowhere near the same person.” I nodded and took a sip of my drink before the waitress came back and took our orders.

It honestly felt weird to be eating with Patrick. My best friends boyfriend, and my baby daddy’s best friend. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little time getting to know him better. Especially since I knew he was a great guy, just from the way he was treating Rain.

“Patrick…I just wanted to say thanks. You know, for being there for Rain when Tayden and I weren’t…” He nodded and smiled sadly at me.

“I do…Love her I mean.” He said leaning closer to me across the table, as if he were afraid someone would overhear him say it and tell Rain. “A lot.”

I nodded, “It’s hard not to. But you should tell her. She’s already mad at me and Tayden for keeping secrets, she doesn’t need you keeping something from her either.”

“I think she might know, though. I’m afraid to say it out loud to her. To make it so real, what if she turns me down, or doesn’t say it back? I’d be a wreck, and she doesn’t need that. I wanted to today.” I had an urge to pat his hand to try and comfort him, but feeling how awkward it had felt to have his hand on my shoulder made me stop. It’d be awkward for both of us, we weren’t that close.

“You should have. Rain deserves someone like you. And you deserve someone like her.” He looked away out the window, nodding. I knew what he was thinking then. It was as if he read my thoughts because he spoke them aloud. “I just wish there was more time.”

Time. Fucking time. There was never enough in reality, and the fact that Rain’s was being cut short well before her time made me furious. She was nineteen. Nineteen. Still in her teenage years, and that blew my mind.

“We all do.” I said, my voice cracking.

The rest of the time together was spent with us each trying to keep each other’s minds off of the things we didn’t want to think about. I knew it’d be hard, but it was worth the try.

We each paid our respective meals and I got my drink in a to-go cup before we walked back towards the park. It was pitch black outside, and I felt myself walking quicker just because of that.

“I think I’ll walk you home. My father always told me never to let a lady walk home alone in the dark, and I think you count as two considering you’re carrying a little girl.” I rolled my eyes, becoming accustomed to his idiotic nonsense throughout the evening. I could see why Rain liked him so much. He really was a great guy.

The walk home felt short, but as he stopped at the end of my driveway he peered through the windows, the lights on in a few rooms. Tayden’s room in particular.

“You should tell him you love him too, Baylin. Before it’s too late.” He smiled and walked a few steps before turning around. “And tell Rain I said I miss her.” And with that he turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

I opened the front door and Tayden turned around and looked at me. “Where the hell were you? I’ve been calling you all afternoon and you wouldn’t pick up! I’ve been worried sick.” He sounded mad, extremely mad.

I dug around in my purse and looked at my phone, sure enough. I’d missed quite a few calls and texts from him. But none from Rain, she was obviously still pissed. I tried the volume button and noticed it was on silent.

“I’m sorry…I ran into Patrick and we were talking. I didn’t realize my phone was on silent, I wouldn’t deliberately miss your calls…”

I walked over to him and threw my arms around his shoulders as best as I could with the height difference and the extra tummy between us.

He kissed my forehead tenderly, “It’s okay Bay, I was just worried.” I looked up, my eyes meeting his for the first time since he’d told me those words.

“I love you too.” I forced myself to say, overcoming my fear. His face lit up and his lips crashed onto mine. He held onto me with such comfort I sighed. Why hadn’t I told him how I felt earlier? Oh right, I was an idiot.

He kissed me all over my face, then planted a loving kiss on my lips again before we broke away from each other, him a little more out of breath than I was. I hugged him tightly, my face fitting perfectly on his chest. I smiled and opened my eyes, only to see Rain standing in the hall way, her face unreadable.

She simply turned around and closed her door behind her.


I flipped through the magazines before groaning. Why is it that they always ran out of the one I wanted to read, before I got to buy it. I shoved the cart to the checkout line and paid for it.

As I walked to the car I dug my keys from the bottom of my purse and placed the groceries in the trunk. I sat in the driver’s seat and my stomach growled. Looking around I noticed a McDonald’s and drove in that direction. As I realized how long the drive-thru line was I parked in the parking lot and walked inside. I groaned as I went to the back of the line.

At the sound of me groaning the person in front of me turned around. It was none other than Emilia Burford; queen bitch of my high school. I groaned again and she looked at me with an attitude.

“What’s your problem?” Suddenly her eyes lit up. “Hey aren’t you that alien’s friend?”

I looked at her confused. “I’m sorry, what?” I asked, my hand placed on my hip.

“Your best friend, she shaved her head. She looks like a fucking alien.” She laughed and turned around.

My hands formed fists at my side, and I calmed myself long enough to tap her shoulder. She turned around and I spoke through gritted teeth. “She has cancer. She’s dying you asswipe.”

And then I punched her in the face.


“One call.” The lady said, gesturing to the phone. I stood up slowly, my hands still cuffed together. I contemplated on who to call. Slowly I punched in the familiar yet unfamiliar number and held the phone up to my ear, my hands shaking lightly.

After a few rings a groggy voice answered me. I knew exactly who it was, and I had never been happier to hear her voice.

“Rain. I need your help.” I said, slowly, hoping she wouldn’t hang up on me because then I’d be screwed.

“What Baylin, this better be good.” I could tell she was still angry, but how long could she stay this angry at me?

“I need you to wake up Tayden. I need him to come get me out of jail.”