Chapter 42: Baylin

My hands went to my stomach on instinct. I knew I had ‘deer in headlight’ look on my face, and so did Rain. Her face had gotten paler as I spoke, if that were even possible from not being outside in so long. The most sun she got was when someone opened the blinds, and it was never for long because it just added to her headache.

“Tayden!” she croaked, and I was frozen. I just looked down at my wet pants, then behind me to Tayden who was still talking angrily to the doctor. Then I said his name, louder than Rain had and his head and the doctor’s jerked towards me. Tayden’s eyes trailed down my frame before matching mine. His jaw opened and the doctor walked in the room hurriedly as I grabbed my stomach, getting the first glimpse of what child birth would feel like.

“Ma’am, are you okay? When’s your due date?” he asked and I looked up at him.

“Um, um…” my mind went blank and Tayden walked up, sliding his hand into mine.

“In six days.” He breathed out, his other hand coming to rub my stomach. “Are you okay?” I nodded and the doctor pressed the call button next to Rain’s bed in case she had an emergency.

“Rain? Doll, what’s wrong?” the nurse spoke, waiting for a reply and knowing full well that they might not have one with Rain’s condition.

“It’s Dr. Rassin. Send a wheelchair, we’ve got a pregnant lady going into labor.” He spoke and there was a quick reply before the door burst in with a nurse, obviously coming to check on Rain anyways. “Wheelchair.” He said, motioning to me. She nodded before walking right out the room.

“Oh shit.” Rain said, trying to sit up. Tayden left my hand go to talk to Rain, and when I was being seated in the wheelchair I faintly heard him laugh.

“You’ll get to hold her Rain, don’t worry.” He said, then got up to follow me as they rolled me down the hall. When we turned a corner the nurse nearly ran over Patrick getting out of the elevators. He followed us instead of heading towards Rain’s room.

“Is she in labor?” he asked, and I nodded breathing heavily as another contraction hit.

“I’m really going to be a father Pat, it’s time.” I turned and saw Tayden’s face, a smile present across his it. Patrick’s face went into a grin as well.

“Does Rain know?” he asked.

“Yeah, we were in her room when it happened. Go make sure she’s okay. I know she’s probably freaking out wishing she was with us. Shit I got to call my parents. Can you call Rain’s?” I didn’t see Patrick nod, but I assumed he did because when I looked back the next time he was walking in the opposite direction. We came to another elevator and we all got in, Tayden pulled out his phone typing away on it.

“Can you call my parents too?” I breathed out, and he nodded before leaning down to kiss me gently on the lips.

“I love you.” He said, and when the elevator opened a nurse pulled him in a different direction for our information. I was placed in a room, and they prepped me for labor. My clothes were changed, and I suddenly felt so much better once I was settled in a bed.

After what felt like forever the door opened and Tayden walked in, a giant smile on his face. My mother followed after. “Bay! This is so exciting.” I’d asked for her to be in here with me since Rain obviously couldn’t. I nodded and made small talk with her until it was time for my epidural to be done. When they walked in, asking if I was ready for it I was suddenly so scared of the needle. But I agreed to it, and they positioned me how I was supposed to be before doing what was necessary. I gritted my teeth, holding Tayden’s hand so hard he made a face as well.

After it was done I laid back on my bed, and closed my eyes. I felt Tayden wipe some hair from my face, but my mind wondered to Rain. To what she’d do if she were healthy and here with me. Would she be as happy for us as she was since she was dying? Dying. My best friend was dying. And if I’d heard the doctor right she really didn’t have much time left. I wanted to cry. Why was she being taken from me? Why couldn’t she enjoy Tayden and I’s bundle of joy with us?

The door opening and closing made me jerk my eyes open, wishing for the millionth time that she would have a miracle and be able to be here with me. But I didn’t see who it was, then I noticed my mother was missing. “She was going call your brother.” I nodded and he gave me a soft smile, and I could tell he was happy yet sad at the same time. And I knew exactly what was making him sad.

“We haven’t quite picked a name yet.” He trailed off. “I think it’s time.” I laughed and he ran his thumb up and down my hand, before I nodded.

“I’ve got a few ideas now.”


“Okay, are you ready to push?” the doctor asked and I nodded before doing what I was told. My hands shook, I was told it was because of the epidural, and I was thankful for medicine at the moment. I knew my mother had done it natural, and she’d wanted me to do it but I was a wimp with pain and I didn’t think I had it in me.

Groaning I gave them another push when they told me to, and soon Tayden was looking down there. I kept a fierce grip on his hand, not letting go even as he pulled my arm a bit to look at our baby coming out. “I see hair!” he grinned, and my mother rolled her eyes, wiping sweaty hair off my face as I gave another push.

“Shut up, and help me breath!” I growled, anger suddenly taking over me because he could see those things and I couldn’t. He wasn’t at all how I’d expected he’d be in the hospital. I thought he wouldn’t want to be in the room, yet now he was as excited as a kid in a candy store.

“I love you.” He didn’t even flinch, just bent down to kiss my forehead before whispering it softer. “I love you so much.” I squeezed his hand tighter as I pushed again. I’d been cooped up in this room for hours not being able to see Rain. My mother had come and gone frequently, my brother came in to talk to me, my aunt, my father, Rain’s parents, Tayden’s parents. And all I’d wanted was Rain, the one person they wouldn’t let see me. And from what Patrick had told Tayden, she sure wanted to.

A few minutes later we heard a cry, and I dropped back, my chest rising and falling as I fought to catch my breath. Tayden squeezed my hand tighter, looking at what they were doing to our little girl. And faster than I knew it a tiny screaming baby was placed on my stomach after I asked more times than I could remember to hold her.

“Oh my God.” Tayden said, his hand coming out to grip hers between his fingers. “She’s so soft.” Was what he said first, and I laughed, looking up into her father’s eyes, then back down at our child. Her hair was the same color as mine was when I was born, jet black. I hoped it wouldn’t stay that color, and change into something lighter like mine had.

“She’s beautiful.” My mother said from the other side of me, and I nodded with her.

“Hi.” I breathed out, not quite believing I had my child in my hands. It felt like just yesterday I’d been at that party, and now I had a family because of it. “Hi little girl, you’re so pretty.”

“Just like your mom.” Tayden said, kissing my cheek, and sliding a hand behind my shoulder. The smile on his face was one I hadn’t seen in so long, and one I hoped I’d see a lot more often now that our daughter was in this world.

“I love you.” I said to him first this time, then looked down at our little girl, “And I love you too.”

The door to our room opened and a nurse walked in with a small smile on her face, “You have a…Rain O’Connel getting quite antsy to meet her niece.” She said, laughing as Tayden closed his eyes and laugh.

“Can you tell her we’ll get to her as soon as we can?” he said and the nurse nodded then went to leave. She stopped and turned back.

“I’ll just bring you now.” She said, smiling softly before walking and unhooking things until I could be rolled in my bed. She walked behind me and started pushing. “She’s precious.” She said about the little girl in my hands and I nodded, agreeing with her. Her eyes fluttered open softly and closed back and I smiled at Tayden.

“I think she has your eyes.” I said and he grinned back, following the nurse down the hall until we were in an elevator once again.

“She’s going to break hearts one day.” My mother spoke, and I laughed, hoping not as many hearts as her father had. He was leaning down towards her, playing with her fingers and toes, making funny noises. She nuzzled her face into my chest and I held her closer to me. When the elevator dinged we turned right, heading straight for Rain’s room.

Tayden went ahead to open her door, and as he did he knocked before flinging it open. “Rain O’Connel, we’ve got a delivery for you.” He sang, and the nurse pushed me in. Rain’s eyes lit up, and she pushed the button on her bed to sit her upwards. She looked worse than she had the last time I’d saw her, but I wouldn’t dare tell her that and ruin this moment for her. Patrick was smiling wide as well, slapping Tayden on the back, congratulating him on a job well done. But I kept my eyes trained to Rain as the nurse placed a pillow on Rain’s lap and then placed our little girl on top of it softly. Rain wrapped her fragile arms around it, closing her eyes briefly as pain crossed them, before opening her eyes and smiling as best as she could.

“She looks just like you Bay.” She spoke softly.

“Born at 7:49 PM. Six pounds, seven ounces. Eighteen inches long.” The nurse spoke, reading off my clipboard that had been at the foot of my bed.

“What’s her name?” Rain said, her eyes drifting from her niece and to meet mine.

“Well that’s the thing…”Tayden started, then looked at me waiting for me to continue.

“We picked one.” I laughed, and Rain did too, before glancing down at her again, running a finger over her cheek, before letting her small fingers wrap around it.

“What’d you two finally decide on?” she asked, looking up to smile at Tayden, then back down at our child.

“We decided to name her Rain Marie O’Connel.”
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