Chapter 5 : Rain

I woke up to scurrying in the living room. I squinted as I tried to open my eyes as far as they would go, but the sunlight prevented me from doing that. It felt like someone was pounding my head with a jackhammer. I rolled over into the pillow on the other side of my bed.

However, this pillow wasn't as soft, smelled scrumptious, and had blond hair. I lifted up the blanket and smiled. Yep, I'm naked, success. I lifted up the blanket on his side. "Not too shabby," I mumbled under my breath. He was cute, real cute. I couldn't exactly put my finger on what his name was though.

He had long, blond lashes, a fit body, and the only thing preventing me from looking at the rest of him was a blanket only covering him from the waist down. What I would give to wake up like this with him more often. What was his name anyway? Peter? Peyton? Patrick? Patrick Somers! Mmm, Patrick. I remember now. And apparently, so does my body. I was quickly overwhelmed with nauseoua and rushed to the bathroom.

I'm never drinking again, I'm never drinking again, I'm never drinking again.

I quickly brushed my teeth, threw my hair up in a messy bun, and put on shorts and a tank top. I walked out of my bathroom admiring the clothes scattered on the floor and the cute, naked man sleeping in my bed. We did a good job. Not that I remember most of what happened last night, but that's okay, it led me here.

I don't regret any of it. Though, most one night stands are regretable. Not this one though, I've learned not to live with regrets anymore. We all just need to live our lives and take things as they come. I remember thinking about this a while back. We're all going to die someday. Why not make the most of it while we still can? So we can look back and say 'Yeah, my life was fucked up, but I had a great time.' With that, I opened my bedroom door and braced myself for the mess that I was going to find myself in.


Red solo cups strewn everywhere, broken glass, crumbs, a passed out woman here, a passed out, half naked man there, and a passed out naked man--face down. I passed them all up, none of them being Tayden, Allie, or Baylin. With that thought, I went to the kitchen. The counters were covered with empty cups, fulls cups, half full cups, and empty and full bottles of liqour. I pulled out the coffee maker from behind the mess and made a pot of coffee. God knows we're all going to need it.

I made a cup of coffee and sipped it, standing, while looking over at the mess of the house. This is going to take forever. Feeling procrastination coming on, I decided that we're all going to need breakfast too. I made toast, eggs, and bacon. I'd only eat the toast. I'm not a fan of eggs or bacon, but I'm sure everyone else is.


"Wake up!" I shouted at people as I shook a trash bag around. "You, pants are on the sofa. And you, shirt is in the hallway!" They all groaned and lied their faces back down. "I said up! There is coffee and breakfast in the kitchen and Tylenol in the cupboard! Up, up, up!" I shook the trash bag more forcefully. More people need to try to be more morning people, especially if they're staying at other people's houses.

They got up finally. The naked man using a pillow from the sofa to cover himself. I'm never using that pillow again. That will be Baylin's pillow and Baylin shall love that pillow because I will never tell Baylin where that pillow was located. Speaking of, where is she? I'm not cleaning this all up by myself. I don't care how hungover she is! I'll get Allie after I get Baylin.

I knocked on Baylin's bedroom door gently, I'm sure she's suffering from a hangover so I don't want to be rude. No answer. I knocked a little harder this time. I heard scurrying and she finally opened up. "Hey, there's breakfast and coffee. Come help me clean this mess up."

"I'll be out in a minute." Baylin squinted as she said this, her face flushed. The obvious hangover kicking in, but what else?

I nodded my head and returned to my room where Patrick lie.

I quietly walked in and he was still sleeping. I didn't know how to react so I decided to be blunt and cleared my throat loudly. No reaction. I cleared it louder and his big, brown eyes fluttered open. He groaned and looked at me and down at his body. Patrick gripped the sheet and pulled it upwards more. What a disappointment.

I walked over to my dresser, popped a pill for my head, and continued to stare at him. "Um, good morning?" He muttered this as he stretched. "You're...Tayden's cousin, right?" I nodded my head and blushed. He remembered who I was, just not my name. A little uncertainy was in his voice, but he remembered my name. "Where am I, by chance?"

"My room," I replied as I looked at my fingernails, " and before you say anything. Yes, we had sex. And yes, it was great. And no, you don't have to worry about this becoming a thing. Your clothes are scattered on the floor. The bathroom is through that door right there, next to my dresser, and there's breakfast and coffee in the kitchen. See you in ten."

A blush crept up his neck, ears, and cheeks. He was embarrassed? Because of me? Or because of the situation he was in? I'm hoping for the latter. With that, I confidently walked out of my room and towards the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom door was open, but there was a pair of red panties on the door. Really, people? They couldn't shut the door? I peeked in the door, feeling like a creeper.They both were under the blankets. The only thing that I could see was Allie's red hair. I'm hoping that the person next to her isn't Tayden.I really don't think I could handle that. It'd be awkward and I wouldn't know how to react around them. That's why I'm glad Tayden, Baylin, and I are all just friends. Besides the fact that Tayden is my cousin, basically a bother to me though. But I don't have to worry about them liking each other or anything of the kind. That's just awkward.

I knocked on the door and saw Allie open her eyes. "You're still at our place, " I whispered. She nodded her head and whispered back, "Is there someone next to me?" She smiled as she said this and I just nodded my head and shut the door. Looks like we're going to have to wash all the blankets and sheets in the entire house. I gagged at the thought of everything on those sheets and walked back to the kitchen.

My head was throbbing and I'm thinking the hangover is just adding to the migraine. The people who were on the floor, naked, etc... Grabbed their things and went home. They didn't bother staying to help clean, or even eat breakfast. I rubbed my temples and then in walks Tayden. Just as Tayden walked in, so did Baylin. And just as they walked in, they saw Patrick walk out... Of my room. Baylin gave me a wink and a thumbs up. I felt my face get hot, so I looked down and smiled.

Rain O'Connel tapped Patrick Somers.