Chapter 6 : Baylin

As I hurried to take a plate of food before sitting on a stool by the counter. I knew who Patrick was, I'd probably known him a good six or seven years. But the fact that he had slept with Rain last night, came as a complete shock to me.

He was one of Tayden's friends, I knew that. So I turned to look at Tayden my blood ran cold. He was shooting daggers at Patrick. If he were a dog, the hairs on the back of his neck would have been standing up and he would have been growling. I slowly lowered my fork and slipped off the stool.

"Um..." Patrick started looking at Tayden nervously. He looked back at Rain before beginning again. "Um, I can't find my shirt..." I cracked a smile and slid a hand to cover half my face so he wouldn't see me about to burst into laughter.

Rain walked back into her room and Patrick looked nervously at Tayden before doing the same. I started laughing and Tayden shot me a glare. I quickly shut up and looked down. When they walked back out again, Patrick followed Rain towards the kitchen. When they got near Tayden, Patrick stopped.

"Hey..." he breathed out as if it were the hardest thing to say. I saw the look on Tayden's face change before realizing he was stepping closer.

"What the fuck, man?" And that was when he punched him square in the jaw.


As soon as the punch had been thrown, Rain had started screaming. She had ran between them and shoved Tayden as far away from Patrick as she could. Tayden, being the hot head that he was, took another step towards Patrick before I had stepped between them and shoved Tayden's chest backwards until he had ended up on couch.

I was now shuffling through the freezer, looking for a pack of something to put on Patrick's face. He was sitting at the counter staring at me. Considering how recent we had moved in, there was barely anything in our freezer. I opened a box of Eggo Waffles and pulled one out. I stepped towards Patrick and held it out. His eyes twinkled with laughter.

"You want me to put a waffle on my face?" he laughed slightly before wincing at the pain. Tayden had got him right on his cheekbone, so any facial movements he made were bound to hurt him.

"It's either a waffle or a corndog. I figured the waffle would cover more distance, but please take your pick." he shook his head before placing the frozen breakfast treat against his face. I looked towards the living room where Tayden and Rain were. Rain had furiously walked in there after she told Patrick to sit at the counter.

I stepped closer to the living room and I could overhear their conversation. "-so stupid sometimes Tayden! What the hell were you thinking?" I couldn't see what she was doing, but I could just about picture it. The same thing Rain always did when she was mad. Standing with her arms crossed tapping her fingers against her arm, staring directly at whomever it was she was mad at.

"You know exactly what I was thinking, Rain. What the hell were you thinking? You do realize he's one of my closest friends, right? It's gonna be extremely awkward when I ask you to hang out with me and my friends, and he's there now. But hey, if you're completely okay with that, then I'll drop it." his words faded more and more as I sat next to Patrick and decided to eat my breakfast.

"Too bad I don't need heat on something swollen. We could have warmed the waffle, then if I got hungry I could have took a bite." Patrick's words rang through my ears as I took a big sip of milk.

"What's go-" Tayden stopped his sentence midsentence as I turned my head and spit
my milk down his pants with laughter. Rain's own laughter rang through the entire house, followed by quiet chuckles from Patrick, probably afraid he might get punched again if he laughed in Tayden's face.

Speaking of Tayden's face. His perfectly chiseled features were somewhat in a shocked face before he shook his head and laughed. "I am so, so sorry....If you would have heard Patrick you would understand." at the sound of his name Tayden glanced behind me and sighed.

"Hey man, no hard feelings?" he stuck out his hand and Patrick glanced at the waffle now sitting on the counter, then back to Tayden's extended hand. The thing that came next shocked us all. Patrick looked as if he was going to shake Tayden's hand, but suddenly it was balled into a fist and Tayden was covering his nose, pulling his hands away only enough to see he was bleeding.

My mouth formed an 'O' and Rain followed him to the sink, handing him a couple of napkins. I looked at Patrick. "Now we have no hard feelings."

I rolled my eyes and stuffed my face with my now cold breakfast as I heard Tayden laughing as he spit blood into the sink. "You guys are so fucking stupid." Rain tossed another balled up napkin at Tayden's head and left the room, slamming her bedroom door.

I glanced between the two of them, trying to not make eye contact with Tayden, the fact that we had sex last night still fresh in my mind. And made it completely awkward now that I thought about it. This was my best friends cousin. Hell, I'm sure I'd played in the tub naked with them both when I was little. I’d known him practically my entire life. And now I'd done the unthinkable, if Rain ever found out there was no way she'd ever forgive me.

The guest bedroom door opened and I looked up, surprised to see Allie still here. Where had she been the entire time Rain had been yelling at the two guys in the kitchen now. Suddenly there was a guy behind her, a tall handsome guy sliding a shirt over his head. I gulped, he was downright gorgeous.

"Sup guys, I'm Paul." he walked towards Tayden, his hand extended forward. I looked at Allie and she was extremely dishelved.

"Good night?" I asked. I noticed Tayden shaking Paul's hand as he introduced himself, no blood present on his perfect face. Allie pushed past them shoving some food into her mouth.

"And good morning." she winked at me and winced when she saw Patrick's face. It was definitely going to leave a bruise. Paul extended his hand to Patrick.

"Ouch man, what happened to you?" Paul winced, taking a better look as Patrick pointed to Tayden and smiled.

"Silly boys." Allie said while I walked into Rain's room. She was striping her sheets off her bed as I walked in. Which reminded me, I needed to do the same to mine. I silently helped her, and she balled them up into a tight ball and threw them in the corner.

"So did you have fun tonight?" I asked helping her put the new fitted sheet on her bed. She looked up, looked over at the ball of fabric in the corner then blushed.

"I did, did you? Who was the lucky guy? I know you snuck off with someone. And he didn't spend the night?" my mind went blank. I couldn't tell her it was Tayden, she'd be furious. He might be furious, and him being mad along with her is not what I needed at the moment. My thoughts raced quickly through options. I could make up a fictional name, but then she might ask me to find him on Facebook. I could say a guy I'd already slept with, but if she ever said something them and they had no idea what she was talking about I'd feel like an asshole along with an idiot.

That left one choice, he was nameless.

" know he left right after. He um, he was just some random nameless guy."

I seriously hoped she didn't notice I was lying my ass off.


I bobbed my head to the music as Rain and I pulled into the driveway of our home. We'd just gone to the grocery store, to possibly fill up some of our fridge, freezer, and pantry. I liked cooking, and Rain liked eating my cooking, so it was a win-win. We just needed food to cook.

As we unloaded the groceries I suggested something. "Hey, do you think we should invite our families and cook for them?" Rain's face lit up and she nodded before coming up and engulfing me in a bone crushing hug.

"Baylin, you are possibly the most brilliant person ever!" I smiled and went back to shoving stuff into the fridge.

"So...are you inviting Tayden? Or just your parents?" she had a pensive look on her face before she looked at me oddly.

"Well, he's like a brother to me, so I think I will. Why? Do you not want me to?" It'd been two or three days since I'd last seen him, and four days since I'd spoken to him. Ignoring him completely was my only way of pushing what had happened far from my train of thought, although it sometimes got me wondering about him more. Whenever I’d saw him since then my face would turn a light shade of red and I’d instinctively turn in the opposite direction. I had no idea if Rain thought anything of it, but I sure hoped it slipped under her radar.

Or about how Rain would act if she ever found out, or if Tayden would tell her. My eyes lit up at the thought. " reason. No reason at all."

I needed to make sure he didn't tell Rain. I needed to talk to Tayden, and soon.