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The Bond

On the day Vegeta and Nappa arrived on Earth, Katima discovered several things. The first was the reason she had a tail. The second was that she had a brother named Goku. The third was that her life wasn't going to be a peaceful one in the forest any more.

In the battle that day, Katima is forced to plant the Bond on Vegeta, a strange and mysterious technique given to her by Lily, her adoptive Grandmother. It made it so the two involved could feel one another's pain when within a certain distance of the other, and should the giver of the bond die too close to the reciever, they would die with them.

However, after the defeat of Vegeta, his near death changes the Bond to where she can feel his emotions no matter how far he was...

Each time there is a near death or actual death between the two of them, the bond changes. A story that takes us through Namek, Cell, an original saga, Buu, and even GT, Katima slowly realizes that without Vegeta... she couldn't exist.
  1. Arrival
    "They're here."
  2. Planting the Bond
    "Let the dance begin."
  3. The Mighty Gohan
    "Kill me! Now, do it!"
  4. The True Beginning
    "Chichi worries too much."
  5. A Planet of Trouble
    "We have to follow them."
  6. Frieza's Cold Heart
    "Come out, you cowards!"
  7. Last Ditch Effort
    "A game of piggy back ride."
  8. Weakness
    "I thought you were happy to see me!"
  9. Hidden Power
    "Oh get over yourself."
  10. The Ginyu Force
    "No! I can't die like this- I'm a prince!"
  11. To Make Vegeta Blush
    "I don't trust you."
  12. Body Confusion
    "Good day... mate."
  13. Deceiving a Prince
  14. A New Ally
    "You're in love with a brick wall."
  15. Transformations
    "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that, my prince..."
  16. The Loss
    "It's his fault I'm the way I am!"
  17. Returning Home
    "Well, I guess you can rule the universe with me."
  18. A Prince's Heart
    "I'm just checking her fat-to-muscle ratio!"
  19. All In Confusion
    "Just stop acting like I don't exist, got it?"
  20. Pink is Great
    "Men in pink, how bizarre..."
  21. Trunks
    "I didn't expect a welcoming party!"
  22. The Androids
    "What's with the baby?"
  23. Let's Go Super
    "You need to become a Super Saiyan. Today."
  24. A Virus of a Problem
    "Relationships are meaningless, they have nothing to do with strength."
  25. Gero's Demise
    "Daddy will be back, gotta save the world."
  26. Heart's Beating
    "Does this make me the Princess of all Saiyans?"
  27. A Solution With a New Problem
  28. Sykaima
    "I'm from a far off place."
  29. The Girl's Future Past
    "But who are you?"
  30. Family Time
    "I feel like I'm at a table with a bunch of lions."
  31. Scarred
    "Running won't help them in the least."
  32. The Cell Games Begin
    "How many idiots are going to show up today?"
  33. Goku Gives Up
    "You want to get serious now, huh?"
  34. Goodbye 16, Hello Cell Juniors
    "I refuse to give up- I will not be beaten!"
  35. Let's Go Gohan
    "Stop mocking me!"
  36. Death of a Hero
    "I've failed..."
  37. The End of Cell
  38. Peace For Now
    "Vegeta, go easy."
  39. Wedding Crasher
    "I get candy now?"
  40. A New War
    "I refuse to let you be a threat to the universe!"
  41. Looming Darkness
    "Block this!"
  42. Sol's Story
    "Somehow this seems too easy."
  43. Dengen
    "You've only tasted my power!"
  44. Strength
    "You can't stop me!"
  45. Proving Love
    "Even your power wanes."
  46. The Little Saiyan
    "There's no such thing as pushing too hard for a Saiyan."
  47. Take Flight
    "I wanna be a Super Saiyan."
  48. Ape Practice
    "You need to control yourself."
  49. Prerequisites
    "That's what you call taking it easy?"
  50. Child's Play
    "Where'd you learn that?"
  51. Best of the Boys
    "How are these kids so strong?"
  52. Who Will Fight Who
    "No mercy..."
  53. The Mysterious Opponents
    "Something isn't right."
  54. Videl is Crushed
    "He's not dead."
  55. The True Threat
    "At any cost, we must stop him."
  56. Revelations and Stages
    "That's just adorable."
  57. Progression
    "Just relax, okay?"
  58. Throwing the Fight
    "I don't care about winning!"
  59. Losing Control
    "What kind of person ARE you?"
  60. Majin Power
    "GET OUT!"
  61. Lies
    "You won't win this time, Kakarot."
  62. Bad Bad Buu
    "Me Buu!"
  63. Ultimate Sacrifice
    "You deserved better."
  64. No Rest For the Wicked
    "It can't be- what kind of monster IS he?!"
  65. Determination
    "No more tears."
  66. The Next Level
    "These guys are jokes!"
  67. Bargaining With An Old Kai
    "Is she a good kisser?"
  68. A Whole New Buu
    "I liked the old one better."