Forsaken Dreams



I hear my name calling me but my body refuses to wake up.

"Kaelee, wake up now!"

My body jerked awake, instantly.

"Kip? What's wrong?" I ask.

"Kip? Who are you talking about? You know what, never mind, we gotta go. NOW!"

My mind follows suit, and I see that I'm not with Kip, but Seth. I go red from embarrassment. When I do, I look around to see what he's so worked up about.

"What's going on?"

"An attack is what's going on."

I see a fence breached and zombies slowly reaching their way to us. I get up and grab my bag in half a second. He nods in a approval, grabs my hand, and we run. We run as fast, and as long as we can.

"Where did they all come from?" I ask Seth.

"Who knows?" He shrugs.

"Do you think we can lose them soon? I'm so tired." I whine a bit.

He looks at me and says "you do look a bit pale, are you okay?" I shrug.

"Maybe you need to eat." He suggests. I shrug again, because honestly, I didn't have the energy. I'm really pushing myself to run right now away from the dead so I don't become dead, myself.

"We'll find somewhere, don't worry." Seth continues. "Don't worry."

I nod, trying to believe him.
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