I‘m left in the dark. But that‘s okay, because I leave others in the dark too. I have this huge secret. But I know it‘s not too uncommon. The only difference is, I don‘t need help, I don’t show it, and I don‘t say it. I‘m trying to live a normal life, but its hard. Too fucking hard.

My name is Mathai Brookes. Uh. Yes, it’s a weird name. No, I don’t feel like explaining it right now. I am fourteen. The good things about fourteen is that your not thirteen. Thirteen, I find could be a hard age to go through. It especially did for me. I have blonde hair. Not yellow, fairy-tale blonde. But blonde enough to stick me in the category.

Sometimes I get so emotional from my past that I can’t function. It’s like I use up everything and my body gets really weak where I almost black out. But it only lasts a couple of minutes. Eventually I’m okay again. And there is one other thing that works in my favour. I can do whatever I want because I‘ve got nothing to lose. See, my father is … not here anymore. I don‘t really care that my mom is gone because I hate her guts. I don‘t have any brothers or sisters … well, that I know of. I don‘t even have any grandparents. Well, actually, I think I do have one, but she lives somewhere in Bahamas, living the dream I guess.

Where was I? Right. I was telling you most of my secrets. It probably all boils down to three magic words; I don‘t care. I have no family, pets, or friends. I don‘t even have a lamp or a pair of pants I favour or give shit about.
I Don‘t Care.
And nobody can make me.
People whisper saying I look for trouble. For dummies, they hit it right this time…for once.
I am looking for trouble.


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