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Shattered By Broken Dreams

Chapter 35

Savannah felt like every nerve ending she had fired off all at once, as she felt Zacky’s plump lips against hers. His left hand was tangled in her hair as he slanted his lips across hers. Her stomach felt alight with butterflies as their tongues softly tangled together. Zacky’s snake bites felt cold against her heated skin, and she heard herself moan softly. His right hand was making slow circles with his fingers on her thigh as their kiss became more heated.

Time seemed to stand still as they continued to kiss, and Savannah vaguely heard shuffling around her but she was becoming more and more lost in Zacky’s kiss. She hadn’t quite realized how much she had missed Zacky until the moment that his lips touched hers. There was the vague murmuring of voices around them, until a voice managed to penetrate her passion hazed mind.
“You might want to get out now!” Jimmy exclaimed loudly. Dazed, Savannah broke away from Zacky and looked around. Her eyes widened when she realized that the mini bus was empty apart from herself and Zacky. Jimmy was leaning in the open door of the bus, a wide grin on his features.
“We’ve been parked here for five minutes. You haven’t come up for air for half an hour,” he giggled. Savannah blushed, as Zacky sat back and bit his lip, a faint tinge of red on is cheeks. “Come on, we need to check in,” Jimmy laughed.

Savannah scrambled out of the bus, with Zacky following more sedately behind her. Jimmy threw his arm over her shoulder and leaned over until his mouth was inches away from her ear.
“It’s about damn time, Vannah,” he whispered. “Just don’t rush things and everything will be fine.” It wasn’t like Jimmy to be serious, but she glanced at him and noticed the sincerity on his face.
“I’m not going to rush things,” she murmured. “We need to do it like we’re starting to date all over again.”
“That I can do,” Zacky said as he moved beside Savannah and took her hand. “Next stop I’m taking you out to dinner, just the two of us, so we can get to know each other again.” Savannah smiled at him, glad that he wasn’t going to press her for more than she was ready to give at that moment. She liked the fact that he was prepared to wait until she was ready before they progressed to anything more serious.
“Good news, my friend. We don’t need any Mini Vengeances being planted right now,” Jimmy exclaimed. Savannah look with wide eyes at Zacky. He blushed again, and she felt the same tell-tale heat on her own cheeks. She wasn’t averse to the idea of sleeping with Zacky, but she knew that it was too soon as they had ten years of history to catch up on. They had both changed significantly since they were last together, and Zacky had been right when he’d said that they needed to get to know each other again.

The small group came across the others who had checked them in and were handing out the room key cards. Jason was pushing the luggage trolley that they had each packed for their one night stay in the hotel. As Erica handed her the key, she grinned at Savannah.
“So does he kiss as well as you remembered?” she asked, and grinned even wider when Savannah nodded with a dreamy expression on her face as she recalled the feel of his lips against hers. As she moved to follow Erica, she overhead Brian griping about having to dance to Billie Jean.
“I can’t even dance,” he bitched to Jimmy as he pocketed his key card. “Why do I have to be Michael Jackson?”
“Well, you’re the right colour after all that bleach took hold,” Jimmy replied. “Besides, he was looking a lot better in that last video.”
“No he didn’t. He looked someone had melted goat’s cheese over a sex doll!” Savannah laughed at Jimmy as his eyes widened, and he grimaced.
“That is not a visual I ever wanted to have, ever!” he whined. “Baby!” he called out to Katie, “make it stop!”

“What’s he done now?” Katie asked with a roll of her eyes as she approached them.
“Brian said Michael Jackson looked like a cheese covered sex doll,” Savannah replied. Katie’s mouth fell open, and then her nose wrinkled.
“That’s nasty, Brian. Now I’ve got the visual in my head. You suck!”

Shaking her head, Savannah moved off toward the bank of elevators with Zacky and Erica. Zacky had no qualms at taking her hand, and a quick glance confirmed the wide smiles on Jimmy and Brian’s faces as they took in the small gesture. Katie turned and gave her a thumbs up before she slapped Brian on the arm or giving her a nasty mental visual.

Zacky walked Erica and Savannah to their room, and with a lingering kiss he walked off toward his own room, whistling a tune. Savannah leaned against the door after she entered the room, a dreamy smile on her face.
“Damn, the way you two moon over each other is gonna make us all sick soon,” Erica laughed, “no matter how much we want you together!”
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