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When I See Your Face, It's When I Come Alive.

Chapter One;

I sighed as I entered the house that I was sharing with my husband, Oliver. I took off my heels after a long, hard day at work and placed them on the floor by the door, my bag following off my shoulder shortly after. Oliver was in the kitchen cooking when I walked further into the living room and I smiled softly to myself as I saw him preparing our dinner in his apron. He must not have heard me enter the house cause he jumped into the air when he saw me behind him.

“Hey babe, didn’t see you there.” He chuckled and I simply giggled along softly as I rolled my eyes and sat down at the dining table, my elbows placed on it instantly as I rested my hands in my palms.

“I know I’m small, but I’m not invisible.” I retorted back and he just smiled as he dished out our food.

“Your not invisible baby. If you was, I wouldn’t be married to your beautiful self.” He grinned as he stopped dishing out, turning around to kiss me lightly on the lips. I blushed in return and placed one of my long armed sleeves over my mouth and blushing cheeks. He served up his homemade pasta special and I instantly dug in, Oliver was an amazing chef, even if he didn’t like to admit it himself. He thought it meant he was less of a man. But I didn’t think so, I loved him just the way he was. And nothing would change that.

“Babe, that was delicious.” I said to Oliver with a cheesy smile and he grinned back as he grabbed my plate with his once I was done and placing them in the sink to wash up.

“Thank you, now, how about some movies? You‘ve had a long day at work, you could use the rest.” He asked with a smile and I grinned softly with a nod of the head, chewing on my lip ever so slightly. Everyone said me and Oliver eloped way too fast. But we proved them wrong. Currently twenty years of age and married for a year. Nothing was going to break us apart. I had a relationship to die for and any other fucker could keep on walking. He was my man. I smiled as he held out his hand, I grabbed it in mine and smiled as he lead me over to the sofa, plopping down and bringing me down with him so I fell in front of him on the sofa, his arm around my waist as he checked the channels on TV. I sighed softly in content as he choose a film and wrapped both arms around me tightly. Life honestly couldn’t get any better.

Harry’s POV.

“Newcastle baby!” I yelled out of the tour bus window as we went down the road, it was dark outside meaning there wouldn’t be many cars and also meaning I wouldn’t get my head chopped off in the process of being stupid.

“Dude, your gonna end up getting’ yer head chopped off.” Kevin said as he walked into the room, a can of coke in his hand.

“But I love this city man, I can’t help but feel a rush when I think about playing a show for these kids.” I chuckled and Kevin just smiled and chuckled along in agreement. "And plus, It's 4am dude, no ones driving around at this time apart from us." I said smartly and he simply rolled his eyes.

“True, the kids are mental here.” Kevin said ignoring my second comment, his accent thicker meaning he’d just woke up from my screaming.

“Sorry man, you go back to bed, no more shouting from me.” I chuckled as I laid down on the un-comfy couch, Unable to sleep from the excitement pumping through me. Something about touring in Newcastle this time felt different. I just didn’t know what that different was yet.
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