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When I See Your Face, It's When I Come Alive.

Chapter Two;

Harry’s POV.

I sighed sadly as I pressed my head against the window of the fancy hotel we were staying in, five hours till our show and time really wasn’t passing as quickly as I was hoping for. I was psyched. Actually, that was an understatement. I was ecstatic. I always enjoyed playing Newcastle, but this time felt different. Something was going to happen at this show. I just didn’t know what.

“Yeh gonna stand dere all day? or come wi us to the venue to sound check?” Kevin asked and I smiled softly as I nodded my head and followed him out of the door.

Sienna’s POV.

I sighed as I set off for work, the venue was having some sort of band play tonight. They wanted me to take photo’s of them while they were on stage, apparently. But, I didn’t really care what they were like. I needed the money desperately to pay the rent for our house. Oliver didn’t like the fact I took pictures of other boys for a living, but this was what was bringing in the most money. When I eventually arrived at the venue, I climbed out of my car and showed the security man my pass to get inside. He swiftly allowed me past and I made my way around the building, looking for someone, anyone to talk to.

“Excuse me? Can I help you?” I heard someone say and I turned around to see a small blonde lady behind me, her voice thick with the Newcastle accent I’d grown accustomed to.

“Umm.. Yes please, I’m meant to be taking photo’s at a gig tonight.. I was just wondering where you would like me to go?” I asked and the woman smiled warmly as she pulled me into an embrace.

“You must be Sienna, We’ve been looking forward to you coming, I run this venue now and I’m a big fan of your photography, I was in utter shock when you said you’d do the job! For such a young girl, you‘re really talented.” She squealed excitedly and I simply grinned in response.

“Thank you ever so much.” I replied with a smile and she looked over my appearance. My black veil brides t-shirt was what caught her eye more than anything.

“You’re in luck too, Black Veil Brides are the main act tonight. So you can photograph Yashin, and then you can hang out back stage and listen to Black Veil Brides.” She smiled and I grinned in return. I had no idea they were playing, but it really was a nice surprise. “So if you’d just come with my, the boys are back stage getting ready and then we’ll do a photo shoot if that’s okay?” She asked and I just nodded, she smiled kindly before setting off to what I presumed was the boys dressing room. Once she eventually led me to the room, she walked inside and there stood six guys, all getting their hair done for the shoot. In all honestly, they all looked like high maintenance girls, not in their appearance but with what was happening, it was all madness. “Boys, this is Sienna and she will be doing your photo shoot. She’s a talented girl, please, treat her like a princess.” She said with a soft chuckle and I rolled my eyes softly from behind her, making all the boys chuckle.

“Actually, just treat me like a super cool person, although you’re never going to see me again, I like making a good impression.” I said with a soft chuckle and sat down in a chair while the boys finished their hair. The lady that lead me here exited the room not long after, and that left me with six boys.

“So.. Sienna, I’m Kevin, How yeh ended up famous at such a young age? Its pretty hard to get famous round here.” One of the band members asked me, a Scottish accent thick in his voice. I shrugged softly.

“Well, I started off in America when I was nineteen. Born and raised there. I became really popular at my age now of twenty, made lots of money and I guess.. I didn’t like the big city. So, we moved to a smaller one. I guess my popularity went as far as here as well.” I said with a soft giggle and he smirked softly as he took a seat beside me.

“Well snap, ma friend Harry here is from the lovely land of America as well.” He said with a smile just as the one named Harry was finished getting ready. He walked over to us and sat down, putting out a hand for me to shake.

“You shitting me woman?” I said with my eyebrows raised and he looked at me, worry evident on his face. “I’m not hand shaker, I’m a hugger.” I grinned and stood up, wrapping my arms around him. And I must admit, he smelt amazing.

“You fucking worried me then, man. I thought I’d done something wrong.” He said with a huff, I simply smiled in return.

“I always pick on my clients.” I said with a soft wink and he simply smirked as he bit softly on his lip. To say he wasn’t attractive would be a lie, but I definitely felt bad about it, I had a husband who was working his arse off.

“Well, not this client or you’ll get something back.” He retorted and I rolled my eyes softly as I sat back in the chair.

“Well, ah feel strangely awkward at dis moment in time, so I’m gonna leave you two chicks alone.” Kevin said with a loud laugh and I rolled my eyes as I stood up.

“Think again young man, we have a photo shoot to do, Now get your bootie over here.” I said, a dead serious tone. He smirked softly and walked over to where I was standing.

“Yes, yer majesty.” He said and bowed. I nodded softly before walking out of the door, the boys following behind me.

“Now, were are we doing this?” I asked and all of them shrugged softly. I rolled my eyes and hung the camera around my neck. “Good, cause I usually pick the place anyways. Let’s explore!” I exclaimed and skipped aimlessly down the corridor. I heard the boys running behind me and laughed a little to myself. I saw a room open, a grey backdrop behind, perfect for shooting in, I abruptly turned, making all the boys grind to a halt. I continued giggling as I entered, taking in the space around me. “This.. Is perfect! Everyone, get against that screen!” I exclaimed with a huge smile and they all shook their heads before doing what I said. I took several photo’s before one of the boys spoke up.

“How do yeh run that fast in heels, woman?!” Kevin spoke and I simply shrugged.

“Lot’s of practice. Girls can do a lot of things you boys can’t.” I said with a chuckle and they all rolled their eyes and crossed their arms over their chests.

“Oh yeah? Name something.” Harry said and I smirked as I dangled the camera around my neck and walked up to him.

“We’ll lets see, we’re better at cooking, boys can’t clean to save their lives! We have periods, you know the feeling you get when you get kicked in the balls?” I asked and they all nodded with a slight grimace. “That’s what a period feels like my friend. We give birth, oh and last but not least, we’re better at sex.” I said with a wink and his breath hitched in his throat, causing him to gulp. His mouth moved, but no words came out. I had made a famous singer speechless.

“I have a retort to that last one, but I’ll tell you later.” He said, winking back at me and I nodded, impressed for once in my life.

“I think I’m gonna hold you to that one.” I said, a small smirk evident on my face and he simply smiled before going back into place. “Now, I just want Kevin and Harry, then I’ll do individual shots after that of all the band members.” I stated and everyone nodded. Kevin and Harry stood in front of the drop and I’ve never regretted something as much as I did that, the boys were mental! But I must admit, I had a laugh with them. “Okay then, Harry, just you now.” I said and he smiled at me as Kevin walked away. He did a few stupid poses, but then it got serious and he started to get into it a little more. Once he was done, he walked away, but his gaze stayed focused on me, causing him to walk into a plant. I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my mouth at that point. He blushed a deep shade of red and all the other guys laughed at him, whereas, I just smiled. Letting him know it was okay. Once all the photo’s were took, my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID and realised it was Oliver.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” I asked into the phone once I’d answered and Oliver sighed into the phone.

“What time will you be coming home tonight babe? I miss you already!” He stated and I rolled my eyes softly, I turned to see all the boys staring at me. I smiled sheepishly and walked away from them all.

“I’ll be back around midnight babe, it’s a full concert today.” I said, trying to sound as sad as possible.

“Okay.. I’ll see you when you get home then baby. I love you.” He said sincerely and I couldn’t fight the smile.

“Okay, I love you too, bye.” I said and with that said I hung up the phone.

“Ye have a boyfriend?” Kevin asked and I shook my head.

“Nope, lesbian lover.” I said and winked, causing him to groan. I laughed softly and rolled my eyes. “You’d actually believe that?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Would be hot as hell if ye were!” He exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and ran a hand through my falling bangs.

“I have a husband.” I said and their eyes widened dramatically.

“What? Did you get married at sixteen or something?” Harry asked in a shocked tone and I shook my head.

“Nineteen, but not far off.” I giggled as I once again hung the camera around my neck. We walked out of the room and I couldn’t help but see the saddened look on Harry’s face. And honestly, I felt terrible. I’d left it four hours to tell him I was married. And it obviously hurt him. Wow, I’m a bitch.
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