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When I See Your Face, It's When I Come Alive.

Chapter Three;

I smiled softly as the opening act Tantrum To Blind played their set. They were about five songs in and finishing anytime soon. I couldn’t wait to see the boys I’d been photographing for four hours straight, play live. I still felt really bad about hurting Harry. I knew I didn’t know if I had for sure, but he seemed really upset when I last looked at him. I hated hurting people, and knowing that was just what I’d done almost killed me.

“Anyway Newcastle! Thank you for having us tonight, you’ve been the best gig on this tour! I’ll leave you now with six beautiful boys from Glasgow, Everyone give it up for Yashin!” I heard the lead singer scream and the crowd cheered wildly. I smiled softly as Paul, Lewis, Andrew and David all ran on stage carrying their instruments. I grinned as Harry and Kevin ran out last, they’d changed their clothing from the shoot. And to be honest. They were some of the most beautiful boys I’d ever seen. Including my husband. No, possibly better looking than my husband in fact. I smiled as Kevin walked over to me so the camera was right in his face. He pulled a funny face just as I snapped the shot. I looked back at the photo and chuckled loudly to myself.

"How you doing Newcastle?!" Harry screamed into the microphone and I smiled softly as I watched him scanning the crowd. "We got a few old songs to sing for you today, we've got a new album coming out sometime this year. We haven't got all the songs yet but I think this will be our best album yet, who's gonna buy it?!" he screamed again and the crowd went wild. He grinned widely and ran his tongue across his lips, making me shudder in my place. He must have seen my action cause he smirked in my direction. "Okay, this song is called friends in high places!" he grinned as the music kicked in.

“You think you can stop us in our tracks,
Now it's all gone wrong,
You've had your 15 minutes lets move on.
You think I can't see what your doing.”
He sang then moved yet again over to me.

"It won't be, it won't be long, o'course it won't.
It won't be, it won't be long, o'course it won't.
The clocks will turn to our time,
It won't be, it won't be long, course it won't."
He sang and the guitar kicked in again. I was in awe of these boys. They really where amazing. Harry’s voice was like no other I’d ever heard before.. It was.. Almost angelic.. And you wouldn’t believe that with his looks. I was utterly baffled that a voice that beautiful could come out of such a handsome man. He smiled at me from the stage and I smiled back softly before looking down towards my feet. I hated myself.

"Okay guys, so this next one is called Down but homeward bound!” Kevin screamed this time.

“(I've got to say)
I told you all along,
sleep tight tonight
(while I am gone)
(I've been away for far too long)
I told you all along,
is it worth the fight
(for the one you love?)
(the one you love)”
Kevin screamed and then Harry made his way over to me, I got my camera ready but, somewhere in between, I got caught up in his eyes.

“I wish you were here, yeah,
I wish you were here.

Whoa, whoa,
When I see your face,
it's when I come alive.
Whoa, whoa,
When I see your face,
it's when I come alive.

Let's not say goodbye,
you make me feel alive,
don't you say goodbye,
god it's good to be alive."
He sang beautifully, the whole time he was staring at me. I smirked lightly wondering if this was usually how he tried to pick up married women. He raised his brows in confusion and I simply shook my head at him. After that he moved back into the stage for a little while, until, the song slowed down and he did the unthinkable. He pulled me up on stage.

“Whoa, whoa
When I see your face,
it's when I come alive.
Whoa, whoa, whoa."
He sang, looking deep into my eyes as he held a microphone with one hand, and my hand with the other. He smiled at me softly before going back into the song again. I climbed back off the stage and groaned as I held my head in my hands. That did not just happen to me.

After the concert, I giggled as I ran backstage. The guys were all wiping themselves down with towels as I approached them, I ran over to Kevin and lunged at him, he was shocked at first and then started chuckling before wrapping his arms around me too.

“You guys were fucking amazing. I’ll be honest, I liked you more than I like black Veil Brides.” I said and all their mouths dropped.

“Yeah we rock!” Harry exclaimed as he high fived Kevin. “So come on then, where’s my hug? I did sing to you and all.” He asked with a smirk and I rolled my eyes softly as I ran up to him and tackled him into a hug.

“Yeah, why did you do that?” I asked and he simply shrugged.

“Cause that’s how I feel.” He said, and with that, he walked off.
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