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When I See Your Face, It's When I Come Alive.

Chapter Four;

The next morning I woke up next to Oliver, my ears still rang from the night before and I sighed knowing it wouldn't go any time soon. I groaned as I sat up, Oliver’s arm was still wrapped tightly around me. I quickly got out of the embrace and walked downstairs, my hair was a mess and my make up was still on from the night before. But, I didn't care. It was only Oliver. I hated that I felt as though I didn't have to dress up for him any more. It was the best part of the relationship and now that I didn't feel as though I had too, it was boring. We were boring. I sighed as I heard my phone ringing from the kitchen counter. I walked over to it and pressed the answer button, practically throwing the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I asked groggily into the phone and the person on the other end laughed.

“Ye really tired aren't ye.” Kevin laughed and I simply rolled my eyes.

“Yes, now, what would you want?” I asked in annoyance.

“Me and the lads were wonderin’ if ye’d wanna hang out today? Ye seemed pretty cool, we wanna get to know ye better.” Kevin said and I heard talking in the background, it sounded like Harry. I sighed softly as I rubbed my head.

“Okay, I’ll be there in about half an hour, where are you guys?” I asked and he listed me off the address. I hung the phone up after saying goodbye to him and made my way upstairs back into the bedroom. I silently walked over to the wardrobe and grabbed my clothes and make-up before walking into the bathroom, stripping from my pyjamas and climbing into the water that was cascading down from the shower. I let the warm water sooth me and washed my hair and body before climbing out and quickly getting dressed. I then dried my hair and left it in it’s natural waves before adding my make up which consisted of foundation, powder, eye-liner and then mascara. Once I was all done I walked out of the bathroom as quietly as I could, trying my best to not wake up my husband that was in the next room. I tip toed down the stairs and slipped on my heels once I was at the door. I took one swift glance around the apartment before walking out and closing the door behind me. I felt awful for abandoning Oliver on his day off, but I had to have some time away. I walked up to my car and quickly got in, I typed the address that Kevin gave to me into my sat nav and was on my way. I made it there in ten minutes easily and I quickly jumped out of the car and made my way up to the door. I took a deep breath before knocking three times. I heard some commotion on the other side of the door and it opened up suddenly, revealing Kevin grinning like an idiot.

“Ye here! Come on in!” He said in an overly happy voice and I giggled softly before walking in through the doorway. I was then met by Harry who was stood in the hallway across from the living room, he seemed to be screaming at someone that was in the living room but I couldn't tell who it was just yet.

“Morning grumpy.” He said with a lopsided smile and I rolled my eyes softly before giving him a little smile of my own.

“Shut up, Radford. I’ll crush you like a bug.” I said with my best ‘I’ll hurt you’ face. But he simply laughed and walked into what I had presumed was the living room. Kevin walked behind me and lightly pushed my back making me follow Harry into the room. I saw all the guys sat around and smiled shyly, throwing them a small wave before plopping down on the sofa in-between Kevin and Harry. “So.. What’s the plan for today?” I asked and everyone shrugged. I rolled my eyes. “You seriously asked me to come here to do nothing?” I asked and Kevin looked at me with a dumb expression. I rolled my eyes once more for added effect. I stood up, turning around to face them abruptly. “Come on, we’re doing something. It’s too nice of a day to waste.” I said and pulled Kevin up and Harry up afterwards. “Get your lazy arses outside. We’re going to the beach, boys.” I said and they all gave each other confused glances before shrugging and following me out of the room.

“But.. We’re not ready for the beach!” Harry complained and I rolled my eyes before opening my car door.

“Then we’ll buy you shit to change into. Come on, I don’t have all day. Half of you into my car and someone can drive one of yours. We’re making the most of this good weather!” I exclaimed with a smile and all the boys chuckled before shaking their heads and climbing into the cars. Kevin and Harry were the only two in mine, the others couldn't deal with them being in the same car. And I knew I would find out why. Harry was sat beside me and Kevin was sprawled across the back seat. I rolled my eyes as I looked at him but shifted my eyes forward and buckled my seatbelt. I waited until Harry did the same and reversed out of the driveway and started making my way toward our destination. I turned the volume to hear my ‘Papa Roach’ CD playing and instantly started singing along carelessly to ‘Hollywood Whore.’ I looked over at Harry to see him smiling at me. I raised a brow at him before looking back towards the road.

“What are you smiling at?” I asked plainly and he just shook his head whilst looking out of the window at the passing scenery.

“Nothing, this is just one of my favourite bands. Also, I like you’re voice, it’s beautiful.” He said and I turned my head softly, hiding the blush that was on my cheeks but also making sure I still had a clear view of the road.

“Thank you.” I stated softly as I turned my head back to it’s usual position, once I’d composed myself. He simply turned his head back towards the window and chuckled softly to himself. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that Kevin was fast asleep on back seat, snoring loudly might I add. I rolled my eyes and turned up the volume, blocking out the horrid noise.

“Nothing will wake him up, he’s a very deep sleeper.” He mention and I shrugged.

“Not trying to wake him up, just drowning out the noise of him sounding like a strangled cat!” I exclaimed loudly and Harry simply chuckled as he shook his head. I saw a little clothing store on one of the side roads and pulled up instantly. “We’re getting swimming shit, come on, you’re choosing his. We’ll just leave him in the car.” I chuckled and Harry laughed along as he followed me out of the car. I locked the door before walking into the store and Harry followed shortly behind me. “So, how come the not so talkative today? You always have something to say.” I joked and he simply shrugged, smiling slightly.

“Sorry, guess I'm just tired.” He lied but I simply shrugged it off and walked towards the bikinis and he moved towards the boys clothes. I quickly just picked one out. I walked over to see Harry had already chosen his shorts and some god awful ugly ones for Kevin. I tried to hold in my laugh but failed miserably. “What?! You told me I could pick some out for him and I did!” He exclaimed chuckling and I simply giggled along as I walked away. Harry followed not far behind me as I moved towards the sales lady. We placed all the items on the counter and she quickly scanned all the items.

“That will be seventy pounds all together, please.” The lady smiled and I dug into my purse to find out the money. Just as I was about to place the money into her once outstretched hand, I saw her grabbing the receipt and placing in the bag, handing it over to Harry.

“Yo dude, that was a thirty pound bikini I'm giving you that money back.” I stated and Harry simply laughed.

“Yo bitch, no your not. My treat.” He said with a smile and I narrowed my eyes as we left the shop.

“Fine dick, but I'm buying ice cream for everyone later to make up for it. You’ll be getting a bucket of the shit plopped on your head.” I said with a soft laugh and he just rolled his eyes softly, a small smirk showing in his smile.

“I’d like to see you try.” He laughed as we climbed back into the car, we slammed the doors once back inside and Kevin sat up abruptly with a jolt.

“No Mammy, I don’ wan’ ketchup on mi cereal.” He said groggily and I looked at Harry, a baffled expression on my face. He simply shrugged.

“He also talks in his sleep.” He explained with a small chuckle. I placed a hand over my mouth to try and keep the giggles in, but I failed miserably and burst out laughing, Harry joining in not long after. Kevin had woken up properly at that point and was now looking at us curiously. The look was one that was asking if we secretly had a screw loose. I eventually stopped laughing and once again we were back on the road. It was only a short drive from there to the beach. Once both cars were safely parked we all split up in search for places to change. I ran to the back of my car and pulled up the boot to grab my bag of emergency beach clothes. You never know when your going to need them with my friends. I then raced to the nearest bathroom I could find.

Once I was finished I met all the guys back at the two cars, they we’re now all changed, including Kevin in his god awful shorts. I took one look at him and burst into fits of laughter. He mocked a hurt expression, which only made me laugh even more.

“If ye’ don’t mind, I quite like ‘em.” He exclaimed before stomping off onto the beach. I eventually composed myself and made my way with the remaining guys onto the sand. The others had managed to buy pretty much everything we’d need for our day out, we all laid down towels and took our places. Sadly mine was in between a bickering Harry and Kevin.

“If you two don’t shut up, I’ll rip off both of your dicks and shove them up your ass. Who’s is who’s will not be known either.” I mumbled as I slipped on my sunglasses.

“That’s not a very nice thing to say to someone that’s just bought you clothing.” Harry said and I simply rolled my eyes before smiling softly.

“Trust me honey, I’ll get you that money back before you know it.” I said with a soft smirk.

Harry’s POV.

“Sienna’s been gone for quite a while now, should I be worried?” I asked the guys and they all nodded in unison. I hung my head slightly with the fear of what she was going to do to pay me back. I couldn't remember exactly what she said she’d do.. And that worried me more than anything else.

“Yo, Harry!” I heard being shouted, it was Sienna. I turned around to see her arrive with a giant, white tub. She plopped it down at the side of her before more random people arrived with white tubs.

“What the hell have you done?” I asked with a small chuckle as she opened one of the tubs and stuck her finger inside, picking up the frozen stuff and shoving it into her mouth.

“You know, just bought thirty pounds worth of ice cream, an everyday thing of course. Dig in boys!” She said as she passed them all a tub and a spoon. She then stood up. “And for the other part of my promise..” She said, disappearing once again. Not long after I felt cold liquid running down me. “Here’s the ice cream I promised I would plop on your head. It took a while to melt, that‘s why I was late.” She said, the biggest shit eating grin on her face ever. I ran my hands through my now cream coloured hair before standing up. That’s when her eyes widened.

“Come give me a hug.” I said and opened my arms, she shook her head frantically. That’s when I ran towards her, but she was one step ahead and took off. I chased her around for a good fifteen minutes before I caught up with her and pulled her into a bear hug, not letting her out of my grasp. She screamed and laughed as the ice cream moved from my body and clothing, onto her. I then picked her up into my arms and ran towards the water as fast as I could. Once we got deep enough I dropped her in and she screamed before hitting the water and rising to the top again.

“You asshole.” She giggled as she dipped her hair into the water to get off the remaining ice cream.

“You’re the asshole, you dumped ice cream all over me first!” I chuckled as I dunked my head under the water to rid the substance from my face and hair. Once I’d resurfaced, I scraped my wet locks from my forehead and looked at Sienna who was now just staring at me. “What?” I asked with a nervous chuckle and she simply smiled.

“Who’d have known I’d meet some of the greatest people ever at work, huh?” She said with a grin and I smiled right back at her.

“Back at you.” I said, my arms snaking around her as I pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms around me tightly before letting go. This was probably the best day of my life so far.
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