‹ Prequel: Like Fire & Gasoline

Playing With Fire

“Do you ever think about it? About us?” James whispered, tilting his head to the side. Bridgette leaned against the balcony railings, watching the silver moon making it’s decent through the sky. For a moment, James swore he saw something flash through her eyes.

“Of course,” she muttered, the wind whipping a few curls loose from the tight twist, glowing in the moonlight. She shut her eyes, and all the emotions James swore he saw were gone once they reopened.


“I have to get back in there,” she cut him off, turning without a second glance.

James couldn’t watch her, just listened to the clacking of her heels against the tiles. And just like the sweeping wind, James couldn’t hold on to her, not anymore.

Years go by, things change. But does true love ever die?
  1. Fresh Start
    "That's great, because I don't really know anyone else here, so you weren't only my first choice, but my only choice..."
  2. Somebody That I Used To Know
    "We're both different people now; I mean, we're probably strangers.
  3. Cosmic Intervention
    "This is an awful idea, mark my words. It's the universe's way of saying something, I'm just not sure of exactly what yet."
  4. Lemon Juice
    "He got even more cute," she mouthed, and Bridgette swiftly smacked the back of her head.
  5. Silent
    "As long as you're here now, quite frankly I don't care about your excuses. We're wasting precious decorating time! Now, exactly how good are you with floral arrangements?"
  6. Unforgetable
    “Problem? I don’t have one. It’s my pleasure, actually scratch that, my dream, really, being the best man while Reece marries you," he retorted, his voice dripping with angry sarcasm.
  7. Reminising
    "I mean, you're like, perfect. You and my parents get along, and I love your family, you're smart, funny, sweet, successful, hardworking, and I mean, the only thing I can ever find wrong with you is that you love me."
  8. Momentary Insanity
    “Bullshit! If it doesn't matter, then what the hell was that?"
  9. Honestly
    Silence lapsed over them for what felt like centuries before James answered, his voice raw and tired. "What are we even doing Bridge?"
  10. Bittersweet Memories
    "Is everything okay?" he asked, a note of actual concern in his voice for the first time in a long time.
  11. A Rock & a Hard Place
    “It's just, I never thought I’d get over James. He drove me insane and made me feel so happy one minute, then miserable the next. It was a roller coaster, and when I walked away, I thought that I never wanted to be in love again, and I'd just be mise