Sequel: Forgive and Forget

A Summer Romance


Walking along the narrow aisle of the plane along with her family, her stepfather having taken the lead, Elina unconsciously fidgeted with the unfamiliar silver ring that now rested on her left thumb. Finding her seat, knowing that she would be sharing a row with her brothers, she tried to feel upbeat about the fact that they were going back home.

But, naturally, that wasn't working all that great and she couldn’t help but feel like the sadness over vacation being over was ten time worse than she remembered it to be...

Sinking down in the window seat, she stuffed her carryon bag under the seat in front of her and buckling her seatbelt she glanced out through the windowpane. Seeing the green hills and the seemingly tiny houses on the slopes, she couldn’t help but smile slightly, knowing that whilst her summer had started in the worst of ways, it had shaped up pretty well as of late.

Only half-listening to the flight attendants explaining the safety procedures she’d heard a number of times before, she settled further back into the stiff seat and glanced down at the plain band that was resting on her left thumb...

“When do you leave tomorrow?” Fernando asked softly as he gently ran his hands over Elina’s bare arms as she sat between his legs, both of them watching the sun set into the ocean.

“The plane leaves just little after one, but we have to check out from hotel at around eleven, so we’ll probably be heading out by then,” Elina replied softly, subconsciously picking her nails as she enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her surprisingly warm skin. She was still amazed at just how safe she felt whenever she had his arms wrapped around her.

“I'm going to miss you,” he admitted as he rested his head against hers.

“I'm going to miss you too,” she smiled sadly; goodbyes had never been her strong suit. “But you won't forget me, right?”

“No, I'm not going to forget you,” he promised seriously.

“Good,” she said softly.

Placing a soft kiss on the side of her head, he reached across her and removed a silver ring he’d been wearing on his left middle finger for a number of years. “I really don't want you to forget about me, either,” he stated softly. “So, give me your hand.”

“I can’t take that,” she protested. “I don't need that to remember you by.”

“I want you to have it,” he insisted as he picked up her left hand and gently slid the ring onto her thumb, most probably the only finger it wouldn't slide off from.

“Thank you,” she whispered, turning her head slightly and leaning back against him, urging him to kiss her. “But I don't have...” she began just as he took the unspoken invitation and brushed his lips against hers.

“Trust me, I won't forget about you,” he stated simply before kissing her once again, knowing that if he never saw her again, he would always remember this summer, for good and bad...

Sighing softly as she felt the plane began to taxi through the airport, she braced herself against the seat as they accelerated down the runway and once they were in the air, steadily climbing towards their cruising altitude, she couldn’t help but think about the time she’d spent complaining about the trip. It hadn't so much been trip itself but as the timing of it. She’d just been dumped; she was in no mood to spend three weeks on a beach...

It’s funny how things can change in just the span of a couple of days.

Thanking her lucky stars that her mother didn't let her stay at home, she fished her iPod from her bag and let the music of Nora Jones lull her to sleep as they flew towards France. The summer was coming towards an end, vacation was already over, and with it, ended her summer romance...
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