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Only Liars, But We're The Best

After an incident, a college girl went to live with her stepbrother and his friends. Little did she know that there's more than meets the eye.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Fall Out Boy ( & Petes' mom), The Academy Is... and Panic! At The Disco. The original characters are mine, of course. This story is inspired by FOB's 'Little Less Sixteen Candles' vid. It's a result of my over-imaginative and dysfunctional mind :)

Layout credited to i_am_dead_on_arrival for being such a sweetheart!

This story is an entry to this contest: The Damage Is Already Done by dirt whispered.
  1. Arrival
    "Maiya! You're here!"
  2. Place Called Home
    Overall, I expected the place to be thrashed.
  3. Nightmares
    And then she turned around to face the living room.
  4. Au Revoir
    "We'll Skype," he simply said.
  5. Unexpected Discovery
    My hand brushed against something round and cold.
  6. The Monster Under Your Bed
    "Aren't you afraid of me?"
  7. Nevada
    Still, what the hell's happening?!
  8. Life Lessons
    "Are there different types of vamps out there?"
  9. Promises
    I smiled and interlinked my left pinky.
  10. Feline
    The cat appeared in my life one Sunday morning.
  11. Brendon
    "Been a while, eh?"
  12. Familiar
    As I brought my feet down on the floor, my toes brushed against something.