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The Champions League - How It All Began

Fire is the only option

I couldn’t wait to start my Pokémon adventure. I remember sitting on the front porch with Umba, the family’s Umbreon. I had named him when he first evolved. Before then he’d just been a while Eevee that favoured our house when looking for food. I was two when he evolved, unable to speak properly, but I knew he had become an Umbreon, even if I couldn’t say the word. So he had become my Umba.

Now Umba was a little bit different to the other Umbreon, even when he was an Eevee, that’s why he’d hung around the town more instead of down by the swamp. You see, Umba was a shiny Umbreon, starting off as a silver Eevee and then evolving into that beautiful sleek black and blue. The other Eevee and Umbreon bullied him down by the swamp so he stuck around with us, finally letting my mother catch him when he evolved. Umba was the best friend anyone could have hoped for.

I was the only one leaving my hometown to start my adventure that year, and I remember being so excited as I waited for the courier to arrive. Eventually he did, with a smile.

“You must be Laura,”

I nodded, lifting Umba out of my lap and standing, excited for what Pokémon had been brought for me. Umba hid himself behind my legs, nervous of any new people or Pokémon brought near him.

“As you know, I have brought fifteen Pokémon with me, and you shall choose one of them to take with you on your journey,”

“Okay,” I nodded, grinning.

“Now I’m meant to show you all fifteen, but your grandparents have told me you’re going to pick a fire type,” he laughed.

It was then that I knew he was one of the couriers from Summervale.

“They know me too well,” I laughed happily

“Alright, so here are the fire types for you to choose from,” he said, throwing five pokeballs.

Out came a Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar and Tepig. I knew instantly which one I wanted.


“Wow, fast decision, any reason behind it?” he asked, a little shocked at how fast I had decided.

“Cyndaquil is the only one to evolve into a pure fire type, it makes it unique,” I grinned.

“Alright, well here you go, oh and he’s male; feel free to nickname him, and good luck on your journey,” the courier smiled, handing me the pokeball.

He returned the other four fire types before bringing out a Salamence and flying to the next town.

I settled back on the porch of my home, Umba still hidden behind me as I beckoned my new Pokémon towards me. Cyndaquil looked at me for a moment before walking over to me.

“Hi, I’m your new trainer, Laura,” I smiled. Cyndaquil looked at me before hopping up into my lap curling up.

“What do you think Umba? Do you like him?” I asked the Umbreon. After sniffing into my lap Umba gave a nod and lay down comfortably beside me.

“Now what to name you,” I mused for a moment “How about Cedric?” I asked the little Pokémon in my lap.

“Cynda! Cynda!” he had replied happily and I giggled.

“Cedric it is then,”


“Now Laura have you got everything?” My mother had asked me as I rolled my eyes.

“Yes Mum, you helped me pack remember?”

“There’s one other thing I want you to take with you,” she said, producing a pokeball. Umba’s.

“You know full well he’s more your Pokémon than mine and he’ll just pine without you so you should take him with you, but look after him! He has probably had as much battle experience as Cedric so make sure they’re both okay,”

I remember welling up with tears. I got to keep Umba as well as start my journey with Cedric.

“Thanks Mum,” I smiled before taking the pokeball from her and attaching it to my belt with Cedric’s.

With that I left my home, Cedric in my arms and Umba by my side. My Pokémon journey had begun.
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