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Fallacies of Fidelity

"Don't get distracted." That's what Julia Haddock's mother had told her when she returned to New York. At the time, Julia didn't think anything of it. As she whirls back into the life of being a billionaires daughter after returning from a 7 year hiatus from America, Julia has made a deal with her parents to help her younger sister Mila. Julia is frustrated at her sister's persistence to disobey but soon realizes this is more than just a matter of being spoiled. The 18 year old hides a secret that even her parents couldn't fathom.

Always craving approval, Alec Barnett is a strict rule keeper. Being the son of a millionaire who built industries from the ground, he attempts to live up to his father's name by obeying every order he's given. "And Alec, don't you dare get distracted," his father glared at him. Becoming distracted was not something that easily occurred with Alec. As he follows his father's commands, he learns a different lesson everyday from the very person he is suppose to deceive.