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"Chapter 6"


Emergency Services

That's what they say this hospital will be.
A mental hospital
Locked in a giant room
With people who are crazier than I am
If that's even possible.
What if there is a skizto?
What if I turn into a skitzo?

Can You Catch Crazy?

I know it could be genetic.
But, I'm not crazy
I have everything under control.
Everyone else thinks I have a problem
No. I don’t have a problem.
It's the world that has a problem with me.

I've been slipping again
My grades,
my razors,
my life

All of me wants it
All to go away
The pressure of living life
The pressure of life
The pressure of
Becoming something
When everyone’s expectations are
All too High.


Too High
The prozac gets me
Too high
I won't tell anyone here that
I like getting high.
But a year ago I had to
quit using.

Herion was my
drug of choice.
Ruined my life.
Drove me into a deeper
Hole of Depression.
I threw things
I broke things.
I'd disappear for days at a

Those days I was
Gone I would do anything
To get the money I needed
For the drugs.
Ever hear of a 13 year old
Me niether.
Until I became one.

It's amazing
what I did for money
and what they wanted me
To do for the money.
nothing controlled me.
Except the drugs.
There was no OCD when I was
There was no Depression when I was high.
Nothing controlled me, except the fact I needed.
When I started to relapse.
I'd find my way back home.

I would never find my way
Back home.
Not after this trip to the mental hospital
I'm not a crazy lunatic
What I did was an accident.
Accidents happen. My mom once said when
She sat behind three inches
of Plexiglass.
But Andrew this couldn't have
been an accident.
Something must've snapped in
you that day.
And She left.

Something snapped in
Me that day alright,
The fact that
my own mother
didn't believe a word
I said. Ever.
I swore that day that I'd never
Believe anyone again.
Believe means
Trusting turns into
Lust turns into
Love Destroyed Me.