Sequel: Her Letters
Status: Completed but comments are appreciated.


This will probably mean nothing to you but this means everything to me.

I just wanted to remind you of the story we once had.

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Layout Cred: CementFeatheredBird
Editor: Sheepy

Disclaimer: I did not steal anyone's work. Mind you, this is based on true event that happened in my life.
  1. dear superman;
    step one: tell someone that you have a revelation
  2. my lois lane
    step two: remember the childhood memories
  3. realization
    step three: your past realization
  4. heartache
    step four: you feel your heart ache
  5. jealousy
    step five: nobody feels the way I do
  6. birthday
    step six: have a distraction
  7. forgiveness
    step seven: sometimes you just have to forgive and forget
  8. hormones
    step eight: talk to yourself. it might be the most sensible thing to do.
  9. date
    step nine: sometimes you just have to listen to music
  10. birthday
    step ten: you only celebrate your birthday once so why waste the chance?
  11. photo
    step eleven: a picture is worth a thousand words
  12. friends
    step twelve: friends will just give advice, best friends will call you stupid and then help you.
  13. aftermath
    step thirteen: sometimes keeping a secret is a bad idea
  14. what's done is done
    step fourteen: you can't change the past, all you can do is to accept it and move on.
  15. sidelines
    step fifteen: it's hard to get over your first love; it's even harder to chase someone who won't be yours
  16. like family
    step sixteen: remember what I told you the chapter before? It's even if he thinks of you as family
  17. valentine's day
    step seventeen: accidentally blurting out something important is a bad idea
  18. from, lois lane
    step eighteen: who knew falling in love with your best friend was awkward?