The Fire That Lights Itself

For years after her mothers death, Sophie Van Buren has suffered horrible abuse by her greiving father's hand, but one trip to the Phantomhive Estate changes everything. Young Earl Ciel Phantomhive sees past Frederick Van Buren's obvious facade and picks up instantly on his daughter's discomfort when he even comes within reaching distance of her. He sends Sebastan to deal with the problem and fetch the girl. Ciel Phantomhive has something Sophie wants very badly -- a carousel tied to a few fond memories. Ciel then allows her to work for the toy as one of his finest maids. At around the same time, another maid shows up -- Sebastian's less than moral demon sister, Victoria. Dear readers, please brace yourself for a wild demonic humor, secret crushes, and hidden intentions!
  1. Welcome to the House of Phantomhive
    Sophie and her father (and yes, you as well, dear reader) are introduced to the little Lord Phantomhive, and his house staff.
  2. Freed With ***
    ***, rape, incest, all that good stuff. This chapter is the reason for the rating. Please enjoy, my dear reader.
  3. Sophie in a Twisted Wonderland
    Sophie's first day in the Phantomhive Manor -- a day that history is made.
  4. An Eventful First Day
    Sophie and Victoria's first day on the job. ^^