Sequel: Keep Holding On
Status: Completed: 01.07.2012 - Edited: 28.08.2014.

You Belong With Me

Alexandria Dylan came to Manchester with her family for her sister's wedding to her perfect fiancé.

She knew she was only there for the month before she would return to Seattle to prepare for her move to California for her first year of University.

However she never expected to meet Cristiano while she was there.

Cristiano Ronaldo was Manchester United's Shining Star Striker.

Wanted by Men and Women across the world, he was sick of being used; he wanted someone to like him for him.

He never thought he would find someone while visiting the local shop. He never expected to meet Alexa.

However with meddling family members, crazy paparazzi and troublesome exes, things are far from easy for the young couple.