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Almost Easy

Chapter 1

"Jimmy, get your ass back here!" Johnny panted while trying to catch up with the long limbed drummer, "That's not fair! You're cheating!" We all laughed as Johnny gave up, resting one hand on his knee and the other clutching at his ribs, he was stooped over and breathing frantically.

"Jesus, Jimmy, don't kill our bassist." Zacky managed and erupted into more giggles as Johnny had started jumping for whatever item the blue eyed man had taken, he was clawing desperately at Jimmy's chest, almost groping him, eyes widened with desperation.

"You fuckin'... Give it...! Jim-- argh!"

"It's not my fault you can't reach it, short shit!" Jimmy beamed and held it low enough for the younger man to reach before snatching it away again and out of his grasp. Johnny just gave up muttering a 'fuckin' have it then' and flopped on the couch beside the two laughing guitarists.

"Ahhw, Jim give it back to him, he'll sulk for the rest of the tour if you don't." Brian teased, Johnny shot the slender man his best death glare, and although he knew it wasn’t going to achieve anything he could still attempt, the three elder men only erupted in more laughter. In response to this Brian just pinched the bassist's check between his fore finger and thumb and shook it gently, "Poor wittle Johnny wants his toys back."

"Fuck you, man! I should not have to put up with this kind of abuse! Jimmy , give it back! NOW! And you two, shut the fuck up!" He screamed, pushing himself up off the couch and pointing a finger at them, he knew his threats meant nothing to them but he was getting really annoyed. Brian made a sarcastic remark and rather than just walk away like usual, the height challenged man scrambled up on the couch, stomping on Brian's gentleman area in the process to get revenge for the said remark, before leaping in Jimmy's direction and clawing at the tall mans arms to retrieve his belonging. Jimmy leaned backwards and the two men soon ended up wriggling around on the floor, Johnny grunting empty threats and Jimmy roaring with laughter.

"Fuckin' have it, short shit! Jesus. You earned it for using your brain, Superman!"

"Finally, you fuckin' dick!" Jimmy teasingly snatched it away again before ruffling the small mans hair and passing it back,

"Tsk tsk tsk Hope you don't kiss mama Christ with that mouth, short shit.... Ya know, you need to find your manners. Because that is the way to get a lady. If that’s what you go for, of course...." He rambled and trailed off staring distantly at the table leg, the drummer then sat on his knees and slowly turned to stare at his short friend, his face merely a centimeter away. Johnny, gazed awkwardly at the soft, pink lips that were hovering by his own, after opening his mouth slightly to say something he was beaten by said lips crashing sloppily onto his own. Before Johnny could close his mouth or pull away, he felt a moistened tongue gently slide over his lower lip, then forcefully rammed into his mouth, discovering what ever it could reach. Although Johnny’s mind hadn’t completely processed what was going on, he couldn’t stop thinking about it, he loved the contrast of the gentle tongue across his lip followed by the harsh thrust into his mouth, he was just stuck. He was secretly enjoying it. As not to arouse suspicion from the guys, he started trying to free his smushed arms so he could push the dominant man off him and leave to hide his flushed cheeks.

"Oh shit, looks like we've ended up in a fucking gay porno, Zacky!" Brian shouted whilst elbowing the slightly shorter man, and again, they ended up howling with laughter and holding onto each other so they didn't fall off the couch. By this time Johnny had fully gained his bearings and was thrashing and clawing at Jimmy's chest, it was no use but hell did he want out! He spun his head to the side, managing to be free from the soft, pink Jimmy lips long enough to scream several profanities.

"Fuck you Jimmy! Get the fuck off me! No no no! NOOO! FUCKING HELP!"

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING! ! IF YOU ALL DON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP I'M GONNA COME IN THERE AND RIP ALL YOUR BALLS OFF! YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?!" It was silent as the four men in the main bus area stared in the direction of their aggravated singer. "I SAID, DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!" They all settled down and murmured in response. "Jimmy get the fuck off him! Do that elsewhere you fucking fags!" Jimmy was grabbed by the back of the shirt and hauled off the small man with a high pitched 'eek', ass hitting the floor at Matt’s feet with a muffled thump. The smallest member of the band sat in the same place, eyes wide and mouth still parted, he really looked like he was about to cry. “What the fuck is wrong with you!” As Matt begun his sentence, Johnny harshly wiped at his mouth and with a sniff he was up and charging for the door. Paying no attention, he barged into a broad, solid chest and stumbled backwards, Matt growled and grabbed the bassist with ease.

“Get the fuck off me! Leave me alone!” He hollered without thinking, the singers glare intensified, blood boiling with rage. He didn’t like the small man telling him what to do. Towering a good few intimidating inches above the bassist, he clasped onto the younger mans shirt and pinned him face height to the wall, the small mans feet hovering off the ground. A small whimper emitted from Johnny’s throat, he didn’t know what he did wrong but he knew not to say anything when Matt was in these ever-more frequent moods. Grasping onto the arms of the hazel eyed man, Johnny begged for what he feared might end up being his life, “M-Matt, please, I- I… fuck, I didn’t mean it, Matt. Please!” The anger fueled man didn’t relent, his fists just clenched tighter as he raised it to punch the frightened young man.

“Whoa, Matt, M-Matt. Think about this. D-don’t… Just… Just put him down, okay?” Brian cautiously edged over to the man he thought trusted him, he thought his friend would have told him if something was wrong. But he didn’t, he wouldn’t. Brian was genuinely concerned, and right now, he was instinctively concerned for the bassist’s safety, although they where always mean to him, they all loved him so much and were always there to get him out of trouble. They’d literally take a beating for him, and Brian knew it might end up like that now.

“GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!” With that, Matt punched the wall beside the quivering bassist’s head and spun around to be face to face with a wide eyed Brian after he felt the guitarist slender fingers resting on his shoulder.

“Calm down, Matt. Please?” It was now Brian’s turned to be grabbed by the collar by the bulkier man.


“O-or not. Just… T-try not making too much of a mess when you kill Johnny?” Brian breathed barely audible, but Matt heard, Matt always heard, he was actually terrified. He’s never been terrified of Matt and definitely never backed down but something in those hazel orbs compelled him not to challenge. The well-toned singer’s eyes burned with fire, he was so full of rage he couldn’t think twice about slamming his already bloodied fist into the guitarist’s face and forcing a knee to his thin ribcage. Finishing with a swift couple of kicks to the longer haired man’s ribs, Matt was satisfied he had done significant damage at the sickening crack sound and gasping breaths that forced their way from Brian’s mouth. Feeling the need to add an appropriate comment to remind Brian why he received this punishment, Matt crouched down and pulled the gasping man up to a sitting position by his perfectly spiked, soft black locks.

“I told you not to tell me what to do, you bastard.” Matt stated simply, face blank and tone less readable. After slamming Brian’s head forcefully to the solid floor, the singer stood, composed himself and strutted off the bus like he’d done nothing. Leaving the shaken bassist still pressed up against the wall in fear with wide eyes, Jimmy and Zacky crept to Brian’s side to check him over and soothe his whimpers and groans of pain.

“What the fuck was that all about?” Zacky asked gently tugging his friends black v-neck t-shirt up to smooth and rub over the already black and blue surface with his cold palms, the thinner man could only lay in pain wincing at the touch.

“I haven’t a clue, man, but I don’t like it.” The blue eyed wonder spoke slowly and carefully, “The bastard. I think he’s cracked a couple a’ ribs, we should take him to get checked out.”

“NO!” Brian gasped, “Agh. I’m fine, really. He didn’t mean that, any of it, he’s just got shit on his mind.” His chest heaved making him wince again and screw his face up with closed eyes, Zacky just shushed him and followed Jimmy’s lead of propping an arm under Brian’s and slowly helping him stand. Zacky coldly stared at where their 5th brother had walked out, and spoke once more, voice cold and laced with hate,

“Well, he’s got to sort his shit out. Fast. Or he’s gonna have hell to pay.”
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