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Almost Easy

Chapter 11

Matt had been dumbly staring up at the form of his friend for a while, and although he wasn't sure whether to cite the man as mere human or godly perfection, there were several things he knew for certain. Not only were his eyes glazed over but his mouth was hanging open and, along with probably having a slither of drool splattered across his lower lip and chin, he must have looked pretty brain-dead at that moment. But more so then that, he knew he had a rather obvious, large and extremely problematic bulge straining to split through his pants' zipper. The blood had truly drained from everywhere in his body leaving him unable to muster a single coherent sentence as it congregated in his throbbing groin. He was sure though that if someone attempted to find his pulse, it wouldn't be locatable at his neck or wrist. If a vampire tried to suck his blood they'd get barely a trickle from his upper body, but if they bit at his cock they'd get one of two things; either knocked out from Matt himself before they could claim his manhood in the way he had decidedly reserved for Brian only, or they'd get a shit load of blood and be feasting off him for a very long time - at least he'd get one hell of a blow job out of it though.

"Y-you okay, down there... Matt?" Brian shifted uncomfortably under Matt's piercing stare, feeling completely naked despite the cloth covering his most private parts, "M-Matt?" He mentally juggled the idea of going back to bed and leaving the door open so Matt could come in when he had snapped back to reality, he also was considering being a dick, shutting it, locking it, going back to bed and completely ignoring the larger man's yelling to be let in. However, it was neither of these he went with. No matter how Matt had acted towards him in the past few days, they were friends and ultimately he was concerned. Glancing towards the bunkroom longingly he put a foot outside and hopped onto the tarmac below, he stood awkwardly unsure of what to do. As he itched at a tickle on his chest he noticed Matt's vision follow his movement but stay staring at his chest. "You okay man?" The singer was freaking him out and he didn't really want to drag the drunken deadweight to bed. He was sure he wasn't going to get a response but as he went to grab Matt, the bulky man lifted an arm and softly trailed his fingers over Brian's left pec and nipple, with a soft whisper his other hand joined in with the gentle caressing,

"So beautiful..." As Matt continued tracing the contours of Brian's defined chest and stomach, ghosting barely-there touches from shoulder to hips that prompted goosebumps to erupt over the guitarists' flesh, Brian became increasingly tense and uneasy. As his brain computed what Matt had said his eyes widened and his stomach clenched with nerves. Swiftly, Brian took hold of his friends' large and unusually smooth hands and attempted to look Matt in the eye.

"Matt. Look at me." Concern was etched into Brian's features and he gave up trying to figure out just how drunk the singer was, and began trying to figure out what he was going to do with his friend. Matt hummed softly as he shifted his hazy unfocused vision to look into those deep pools of rich chocolate, the same one's he often found himself utterly lost in, trapped within a moments glance. He leaned in with the intention of their lips meeting in a perfect Hollywood-movie styled kiss but of course, when you're drunk, you think everything will go to plan. However, truth and rational thinking shows that it never does. As Matt unsteadily leant his weight forward, Brian supported him. He was fully unaware of the intentions so it came as a surprise when Matt practically head butted him. Pretty damn hard too.

"Ow. Matt. What the hell?" Rather than answer, Matt simply found himself in a much too comfortable and long-awaited position, one that he'd make the most of. Without thought his arms wound themselves around the other man's slim waist and soothed up and down the slightly chilled flesh of Brian's back, as he rocked side to side gently he felt the guitarist's arms loosely rest on his shoulders and nuzzled his head into his friends' neck, deeply inhaling the addictive scent he was used to. He whispered softly,

"So beautiful... So perfect..."

There was one thing in particular about Matt Sanders that wasn't common knowledge; he was a very unpredictable man and only those exceptionally close to him were aware how much and in which circumstances. When drunk, Matt's mood would alter at the slightest thing but the guys had always managed with it; there were key tell-tail signs to look out for. He could end up in the funniest mood, the most violent mood, a sleepy mood, a horny mood, a giggly mood, or like now an extremely affectionate and sweet mood. And to some extent with this particular drunken mood, he became clingy and needy in the most adorable way- like a child, Brian had long ago decided.

"What are we gonna do with you, my friend?" The guitarist mumbled more to himself, shifting slightly to avoid acknowledging the more-than-prominent boner said friend was sporting and was - by the feel of it - currently attempting to rouse some life into his own gentleman's area by gently pushing the bulge against his crotch, the larger man simply wrapped his arms tighter and answered nonetheless.

"Love me, squeeze me, never leave me." He giggled, tightening his hold around the other man at 'squeeze' for effect.

"Yeah. Okay." Brian chuckled, squeezing back. He reasoned that he should make the most of this mood while it lasted, despite the clear horniness. He figured he could try getting something out of the built singer while he was approachable and talkative - the old Matt they were all used to and loved so dearly. "Let's go inside yeah? I'm getting uhh... getting chilly."

"Don't wanna move." Matt buried his head into the crook of the others neck. Inhaling the sweet scent of his most favoured smell. The feel of the smooth sun kissed flesh his face was resting on and the tender warmth it emitted was practically mesmerising to him.

"Tough Mattie, ya gonna have to." Matt softly shook his head defiantly and gently bit into the skin covering Brian's collarbone. Before Brian could protest the subtle attack, Matt lifted his head and brought his devious smirk into the others view.

"Nuh-uh. I'd have to eat you if we move." He moved to resume his previous position but Brian grabbed his chin before he could, staring straight into Matt's eyes and feeling much like a parent reprimanding their naughty child he told the intoxicated man exactly how it was gonna go.

"Matt. We're going to go inside and talk for a bit until you pass out or the others return. There will be no more biting either, this..." He gestured to himself, "... Ain't for you. Okay? Okay."

Matt looked away and bit at his plump lower lip, he sighed sadly, "M'kay." Brushing past a now very confused guitarist, he stumbled up the steps and flopped onto the first couch he saw. Still outside, Brian stared at nothing trying to figure out the abrupt change he'd witnessed,

"Oookay.... I guess even Matt wants my body." He scoffed out a laugh in disbelief of his own words, unaware of the truth those words had uncovered.

When Brian gave up contemplating it all and hauled his ass onto the bus, he was met with a sight that genuinely warmed his heart a little and let a smile dance on his luscious thin lips. Matt was curled up on the couch, hugging a pillow between his chest and knees, practically suffocating the inanimate object with the vice like grip of his forearms. He noticed Brian walk in and peered up in his direction.

"Hey." Matt flicked his gaze down, scrunching his nose slightly whilst silently questioning why Brian had softly whispered a greeting at him even though it had been a handful of seconds since they last spoke and also why he was looking at him like that. He looked back up to see that same cute smile on Brian's face, he couldn't resist smiling back a crooked, dimple-popping grin as he croaked back,

"Hi" Brian's smile grew wider as he headed over to Matt.

"Having fun there?" He reached the singers' feet and grabbed one of his large shoes, tugging it off with a bit of force. He chuckled when Matt simply lifted his other foot up sideways expecting Brian to do the same with this one, as he dropped the first shoe to the ground he glanced back at his friend and took hold of the second one. Matt had been intently watching and admiring, taking note of Brian's actions. He sniffed harshly and scrubbed a large hand over his face before replying,

"Guess so." Brian chuckled again as he moved to seat himself on the other couch so he was directly opposite Matt, a shoe still clutched in his hand. He looked down at the shoe and then threw it towards its matching buddy,

"Dude, you have such big feet." Matt smiled slyly, wiggling his eyebrows,

"You know exactly why." Brian opened his mouth to comment but quickly closed it and pressed his lips together, he rolled his eyes and let out a lighthearted sigh,

"Totally not what i was thinking." Matt was content with simply watching the brown-eyed man in silence so he didn't respond. He observed as Brian sat back, a hand still subconsciously ghosting over his busted ribs, and as the guitarist let out a guttural groan from the back of his throat arousal spiked through Matt's veins, as need and want began pooling and mixing deep inside of his stomach his cock started tingling and throbbing for attention. Brian was still unaware of what was going on in Matt's mind, not knowing the effect the small noise of protest had on his friend. He abruptly laughed once,

"Ignoring the fact that was a porn star worthy groan, my back fucking kills. God, where's Val when you need her, she gives thee best massages." He sat up straight and let his head fall back, exposing his partially-shaven, sun-soaked neck, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed, teasing Matt as images of his tongue trailing a moisture slicked pathway from chest to chin poured through his mind, his dirty imagination forcing the image of Brian's slick throat to quickly alter into his envisionment of the guitarist's erect dick. He began rolling his shoulders back, soothing his muscles a little. His pink lips parted into a perfect oval and his eyelids drooped to conceal those luscious brown orbs. Matt sat up to watch at a less obscured angle and as a sensual moan fluttered from the guitarists soft lips and danced in the air space around Matt's head he began to feel a little dizzy. Right now, Brian was the picture definition of erotic.

Matt licked over his full bottom lip and shakily stood, stumbling several steps till he reached his friend. As he shuffled his foot forward for the final time, his toe smacked into the bottom of the couch making his knee slide along the cushion surface to stop himself falling into Brian. Although, he was still unsteady and still a little intoxicated so once part of him was leaning forward it was inevitable that the rest would follow. Matt thrust one hand out in an attempt to prevent his full body weight from smashing into Brian’s smaller and heavily battered frame, but he still ended up practically perched on his knee. As he lifted his other leg so he was straddling the guitarist, Brian was now fully aware of their current position. He was pretty much gawping at Matt by this point as the singer began shifting his hips to get comfortable. Matt chuckled and lowered his head, his right hand curling around Brian’s shoulder as he angled his lips towards the other mans ear and murmured,

“I could help you with that, y’know…” He licked over his lips again and sighed softly, his warm breath tickling Brian’s flesh and making him tense instantly. He was frozen where he sat with eyes so wide they began to sting, his heart skipped a beat but his chest still rose and fell at a surprisingly steady rate. He swallowed thickly as he felt Matt circle his hips and shift a little closer,

“M-Matt… Dude,” Brian chuckled somewhat uncomfortably, his legs were getting a little numb from having the entirety of the singer’s muscular weight firmly resting on them but he couldn’t communicate to his brain to push Matt off, “Um… that’s really not what I meant…” Matt chuckled darkly, the deep rich tones of his voice almost caressing Brian’s tingling skin,

“Then why don’t we make that what you meant…” Brian’s breath caught in his throat, he hastily shoved his male friend off of his lap, brows furrowing as he tried judging the seriousness in his friends’ words. Once Matt’s ass had thumped onto the floor he began laughing, it seemed comical to him to see Synyster Gates so uneasy, to know how to make Mr. Straight Gates squirm. In his still-a-little-too-drunk-to-legally-drive state, he took it as Brian was playing hard to get; he quite liked that. Brian, however, took the laughter as; Matt was drunk and thought it was hilarious to wind him up. He choked out a laugh,

“... What the fuck dude…” He started slowly, allowing himself to laugh with his friend, he watched as Matt stood with the support of the couch and resumed his initial seat on the opposing couch, “You can’t come on me and try shit like that...” Matt’s gaze shot up at the same time as his eyebrows did, a devilish smirk smoothing into his features, “What? … Oh, dude! THAT is definitely not what I meant! Come ONTO me, like, flirt! That is what i meant to say.” They both laughed, albeit for different reasons but Brian didn’t know that, “Man, everything’s sounding so kinky and wrong…. I must be real fucking horny! God, i need to get laid...”

Silence incased the two for a moment before Brian hummed softly, he plastered a look of feigned innocence and sincerity as he lifted his gaze to meet Matt’s, sounding as genuine and as honest as he could he spoke his next four words as a gentle whisper,

“Maybe we should fuck…”
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