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Almost Easy

Chapter 4

After a very long night clearing up the bus and attempting not to wake Brian or stir the newly labeled Incredible Sulk - courtesy of Jimmy saying it all night, the boys had retreated to their freshly made bunks for well deserved rest. When the three men next woke it was a result of yelling. Instantly recognising the voice to be Matt's and hearing the word 'Brian' angrily roll off the bigger man's tongue, Zack swung himself out of his bunk. By the time he had registered the other guitarist's bunk as empty he had already reached the back lounge, fear sparking deep in his stomach with the sight of Matt pinning the thinner man to the wall, hands gripping his throat, hips pressed tight, noses almost brushing.

"Matt, no... Not this again, please! Just tell us what's wr-" Abruptly, with a snarl from Matt's throat, Zack was thrown out of the room by the collar of his faded black tee-shirt and the door was slammed shut. Despite the door being splintered and cracked, the broad man locked it to prevent physical interruption.

In seconds Zack was on his feet pounding at the wood joined quickly by Jimmy. Matt had already paced the few steps back to the leaner man and again was pressing his body against the others in an almost arousing manner, hands on either side of the perfectly sculptured face. Matt subtly rolled his hips and softly groaned, he quickly shook the new desire out of his mind, scolding himself for thinking such a thing. My dick talking, that's all.

"You broke my XBox...."

"M-Matt... Please man, i-i didn't break your XBox! I pro-shit- i, i promise, PLEASE! I wouldn't do that. You know i wouldn't do that! Im not that st-stupid! Matt you- you need t-to calm down and te-"

"Who did then? Cuz you're the one whose gonna pay for it so you better remember who did!" After receiving more whimpered pleas and apologies Matt deemed he had put up with enough, he just couldn't take all this fuss anymore. He was becoming overly frustrated, and frankly quite pissed off, with the chocolate-eyed boy.

"Brian shut up..." Matt whispered, face void of emotion. The slightly older man continued to stutter out apologies and pleas, though his pride and ego could prevent himself from crying in front of the larger man there was nothing to stop the shaking tearing through his bones like frail tree through a storm.

Zack and Jimmy relentlessly pounded on the door, watching the scene through the cracked wood. Zack frantically started pummeling his fists into the damaged area and started kicking at it in an attempt to break in. Jimmy commenced shouting a spew of lisped cusses and threats regarding Matt's future health if the guitarist was harmed. All the emotions and frustrations becoming too much for Matt, the yelling, the banging, with fists clenched too firmly, nails digging little crescents, head throbbing mercilessly, knuckles screaming in unworded pain, the shaking, the pleading and whimpering, all just too much for anyone to take.

"I SAID SHUT UP!" The muscular man punched the wall to the right of the chocolate-eyed mans head. A startled, and un-manly, yelp pulled itself from deep inside Brian causing him to drop said manly barrier and cry without option.

"Matt please! Just tell me w-what's wrong, i-i can't...." Matt shoved himself away from the smaller man when gasped sobs reached his ears. He started pacing the room running his cold hands through his needs-to-be-cut hair, "... can't do this anymore man! We're all worried about you... Just tell someone! We can help. We want to help! I don't even care if you hurt me anymore, just-" Brian regretted those words because as soon as they left his lips, a heavy body was pressed tightly against his, angry hazel boring into scared chocolate.

All the thoughts swirling wildly in Matt's skull, the dense heavy atmosphere of early morning, the cold chill in his bones, the heavy ache in his heart, the searing throb in his still bloody knuckles, the thumping boom behind his eyes, the banging and shouting through the wooden barricade, the creaking protest of bending snapping wood, the vulnerable state of his best friend, the smell that could only be Brian, the tears, shaking, pleading, begging, eyes shut, head back, parted lips, exposed neck, warm body, soft flesh, ready to nip, bite, slap, grab, lick, tease, love and kiss, he moved closer, lips brushing, heat rising, hips rolling, hands searching, blood rushing, looking for the love he'll never have, its all so perfect but not for him... Never for him. Neither M. Shadows or Matt Sanders can have. Off limits and so totally straight despite what you'd think. Matt bitterly thought to himself.

In pure frustration, Matt calmly sighed and looked once more into frightened forbidden eyes before locking his jaw and furrowing his brow, emitting a animal like growl and snapping his fist into the guitarists' pretty features. If he wasn't good enough for Brian then he'd make sure no one else would want him. Brian made little noise but gasping and choking breaths as Matt brought his fists down again and again. On the verge of passing out the usually-cocky guitarist gave up all strength and ended up on the floor with fists pummeling down on him relentlessly. He vaguely registered yelling and a blur of Zack busting through the splintered door, grabbing at Matt with unknown power. Briefly noting to himself to thank Zack and to send off his guitars to be re-stringed, he passed out with one final tear streaming down his red tainted face.
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