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NOT Looking For Love

Chapter 3: Duke Calder

“Hey, Jane. Isn’t the store closed?” I muttered to her as we were putting away clothes that people had decided not to purchase.

“Yeah, of course…” Jane said, confused as she stared at me.

“Then what exactly are THEY still doing in here?” I said, pointing at a group of people near the door. I was pretty sure the drink they were passing around was alcoholic.

“You see the one leaning against the wall.” Jane whispered to me as we stared at the group. All of them had piercings and odd colored hair, and I smiled wondering if that’s what I had looked like not long ago. They appeared to be around my age. I looked at the one Jane was talking about. He actually appeared to be the least drunk. His jeans were sagging quite low. I never got the point of that. It was like asking for your pants to fall. His shaggy hair was a dyed black.

I found myself praying that Dylan wouldn’t grow up to be like this. That wouldn’t happen, since the earth would have to freeze over before I let him dye his hair and keep his jeans that low. And there was no way in HELL he was becoming some alcoholic.

No matter what I had done, he was not going to do that. I had quit smoking and drinking to set a good example for him. I no longer wore several earrings in each ear and I had even dyed my hair back to its natural shade. As long as it prevented him from passing out drunk at some random place or dying, I didn’t mind the slightest bit.

Great… I was officially worse than my OWN mother.

“Andy… did you hear me?” I suddenly heard Jane say.

“N-No, sorry about that. What did you say?” I asked as I pushed my auburn hair behind my ear.

“He’s the son of the owners of this store, Mr. and Mrs. Calder.” She whispered once more.

“What?” I asked confused. I knew that the Calder family owned all Mickey’s stores, including this one. In fact, Mr. Calder had invited us to the grand opening of another Mickey’s that had opened in a nearby town. However, I had thought they had only one child, a girl who appeared to be in her teens. “Don’t they only have a daughter?” I asked Jane, voicing my thoughts.

“No, he’s their older son. Apparently from Mr. Calder’s first marriage. I believe Amelia, his daughter, is from his second marriage.”

“You sure know a lot.” I mumbled.

“Actually, it’s common knowledge… Everyone’s been talking about him. He is kinda cute.” Jane giggled.

“Yeah, if you’re looking for trouble…” I said as I looked at him again. Suddenly, he stared into my dark green eyes. His blue eyes reminded me of Dylan’s, but that only made me want to go home even more. I turned back to Jane and she was still smiling.

“A little trouble can be fun.” She winked at me and I laughed quietly with her.

“Not when you have a kid to think about…” I smiled slightly.

“Geeeez Aaaaandy.” Jane whined. “So quick to ruin the fun.”

“Sorry.” I said apologetically. “Can’t help it.” I sighed. “I love the little guy.” I smiled as memories of Dylan flooded my mind.

“I understand. He’s the cutest guy I’ve ever seen.” Jane said. “Too bad he’s too young for me.” She sighed exaggeratedly, trying to keep a smile from her face as she twisted a lock of her curly brown hair.

I hit her shoulder as we started laughing again. Jane was a really good friend of mine. I had only met her while working here, but we became close really quickly. She always made me laugh. Jane was only a year older than me. She was only working part time to help pay for her college tuition. “Hey, so who’s going to kick ‘em out.” I said as I pointed behind me discretely.

Jane looked at me pleadingly. “Could you? Please.” She insisted.

“What about security?”

“He asked me for a break to get some food… And I…”

“You said yes, so he’s not around yet. Well then, I’ll go.” I smiled knowingly.

“Be careful.” Jane whispered as I went over to the group. “I’m right here if you need me.” She called. I wouldn’t need her though. I had gotten rid of people who wouldn’t leave before too. Plus, I already knew exactly what this guy was all about.

I walked over to them, and they got a bit quieter. “Sorry, but the store has closed. Pleases exit through the entrance in front of you. Thank you for shopping with us today. We hope you found what you were looking for and we hope to see you shopping with us again.” I said politely. All of them laughed.

“I think I just found what I was looking for, Sweety.” One of the guys said, but I ignored him.

“I am going to ask all of you to leave once more. Otherwise I will have no choice but to call security.” I said in the same voice. However, nobody moved. They just made comments about how they weren’t scared of a security guard.

I pulled out my cell phone. “I can also always just call the police. The police station is not far, so they will be quick to respond.” This got them to start moving. They said bye to the son of Mr. Calder, who didn’t make any move to leave.

Once the others were gone, I walked up to the guy. “Sir, please leave.” I said, but my patience was decreasing rapidly.

He had a cigarette in his mouth. After inhaling the poisonous smoke, he took a couple steps towards me. “Why?” He said as he blew the smoke at me. I hadn’t quit just to smell like smoke when I went home anyways. I tried to control my temper, but I had never been very good at that.

“Because we are closed…” I said, as I quickly took the cigarette from his hand. His response was delayed, probably from the alcohol. His pupils were definitely dilated. “Also, smoking is not allowed in this building. I’ll be sure to toss it out for you.”

“Who do you think you are?” He growled at me angrily, and his blue eyes seemed darker.

“Who do you think you are.” I said back, not flinching even though his face was so close. His breath reeked of a mix of smoke and alcohol and he was leaning in towards me because he was quite a bit taller.

“I am DUKE CALDER.” He was still angry. “I OWN this place.” He said as he pointed. He took a step back and smiled a bit.

I had had enough of his cocky attitude and blown up ego. I laughed mockingly. “Ahhhh. So that’s the kind of guy you are huh? Hides behind Daddy’s money?” I was no longer really in any control of what I was saying. Just looking at him made me mad. He had parents who loved him, even if he didn’t think so. And most of all, he had… a sister.

Suddenly he grabbed my sweater and pulled me closer to him. “YOU don’t know anything about me."

“Let me guess, did Daddy not give you enough attention, so you’re acting out?” I said as I scoffed.

“I’ll get you fired.”

“You’re free to try.” I smirked as I looked him in the eyes. Just for a second, he seemed a bit surprised. “I’m not going to back down that easily. So, why don’t you let go before I actually get serious.”

“Anything wrong, Andrea.” Someone called from behind me.

Finally he pushed me away. “Don’t worry… I’m leaving.” He said to the person behind me and then he smiled at me, but there was something cold about it. “Bye,” He said, while taking a couple steps back, “Rain girl.”

“What?” I asked, confused, but he just turned around and walked out. That was weird, but he was drunk so there was no point in thinking much of it. It was as I calmed down that I realized what I had just said. I swallowed loudly. Could he really get me fired… I mean, he couldn’t do that… right?

Either way, there was no point in getting all worked up right now.

“Hey Brandon.” I said as I finally smiled at the security guard behind me, pushing my thoughts aside. Brandon and I had gone to the same school and been in the same class until high school. We both went to different schools after that, and I hadn’t seen him again until a couple months ago. He took this part time job as a security guard a couple months back while he continued to go to college, like Jane. Brandon had sandy brown hair and deep hazel eyes that I had always adored. I liked my eye color but he had eyes that made you feel like you could get lost in them.

“You know, you should have just waited for me. I could have taken care of them.” He smiled.

“Why? Apparently, I didn’t need your help anyways. I already had him right where I wanted.” I said as I locked the front doors.

“Holding you up by your sweater?” Brandon smiled as he furrowed his eyebrows.

“I meant in the mental game.” I replied correcting him as I tapped my head.

“Oh right, sorry.” He laughed as we walked back to my station. Once we were there, I was about to leave, but he cleared his throat a bit so I paused and looked at him. “Well, I’m glad you’re alright.” He said softly.

I tried to prevent myself from blushing. My cheeks had this annoying habit of getting red at the slightest of compliments. I really hoped he couldn’t see the red begin to spread on my face. “Well, uhh, thanks.” I mumbled a bit.

I thought I heard him laugh softly but I ignored it. “See you tomorrow Andrea.” He smiled and waved and he walked away. Brandon was the only person who called me by my real name. He had done so ever since he was little, though I couldn’t really remember why. I had tried to tell him it was alright for him to call me by my nickname but he wouldn’t.

I smiled as I turned back to Jane and finished up the rest of my work. Overall, today hadn’t been too bad, but I suddenly felt this huge need to see Dylan RIGHT AWAY. I looked at the time and realized I was late, so I asked Jane to cover for me, to which she willingly agreed.

When I got home, I apologized to Mrs. Ellis and went up to Dylan’s room. Talking to Mr. Calder’s son had me worried about Dylan. What if he grew up to hate me? The only person who could truly break my heart was him. I knew I couldn't control all of the decisions he made, but I could try to lead him in the right direction.

But if that wasn’t enough… In the end I was sure about only one thing. Even if Dylan despised me, I would always be right beside him when he needed me. That is what I could always be for him. His support.

The door of his room was slightly open. I peeked into Dylan's room and was able to see his face, lit by his night light. Slowly, I opened the door some more and walked in as quietly as I could. I was proud to see that Dylan had put all his toys away after playing with them. His dinosaurs lined a shelf and small planes hung from the ceiling. I walked to his bed and kneeled beside him. His hair was a mess and his mouth was slightly open. He was still the loving little boy that I adored. I really had to stop worrying about what had yet to come. But what could I do? Every parent wishes for their kid to become a kind and caring human being.

“Good night, my baby.” I whispered as I smoothed his silky hair so it wasn’t all over the place. I pushed his hair away from his face and kissed his forehead softly. As I was getting up to leave, he spoke.

“Mommy…” he mumbled softly, but his eyebrows scrunched up like they always did before he cried. I looked at him and felt my heart drop. He wasn’t talking about me. I knew who he was talking about.

“Shhh.” I whispered as I patted his head softly. I knelt back down and refused to cry. “I miss them too.” I whispered to him as he slept. Three years had not changed the fact that I missed them so very much. After an hour or so, I found the strength to get up. Dylan was sleeping peacefully again, and I felt drained from the day.

I decided I needed to relax, so I took a long warm bath. When I stepped into the water, I sighed. This was exactly what I had needed. It helped me calm down, and after that I went to bed.


I woke up an hour earlier than expected the next morning. I tried to go to bed, but I couldn’t so I decided to just get up and get ready. After getting ready and making Dylan’s breakfast and lunch slowly, I still had and extra half hour. I decided to clean up the house a little bit until finally, it was time to wake Dylan up.

Slowly I walked into his room and opened up the curtains to let in some light. “Dylan, baby. It’s time to wake and get ready for school," I said as I walked up to him and turned off his night light that was on his nightstand. I touched his cheek softly. “Come on, dear. You have to get ready.” He shifted a little bit and then opened his eyes.

“It’s time already?” He asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“Yep. It’s time already.” I smiled.

“Ok…” Dylan said as he sat up, but he was still really tired.

“How about I give you a piggyback ride to the bathroom?” I said with excitement. Dylan nodded sleepily. He stood up and went I bent down, he wrapped his arms around my neck and I grabbed his legs. As I walked I sang. “I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family.” We reached the bathroom and I set him down. “With a great big hug.” I said as I squeezed him tightly and he giggled. “And a kiss…’ I said as I kissed his cheek. “From me to you. Won’t you say you love me too.” I smiled at him.

“I love you.” Dylan smiled.

“I love you too.” I laughed as I rustled his hair. I turned on the shower and set the temperature just right. It was warm, the way Dylan like it. “Ok, so hurry and get ready, alright?” Dylan nodded and so I left, leaving the door open. Dylan started taking showers alone around a year and a half ago, but I still felt a bit paranoid, so I stuck close to the bathroom just in case he needed me. When I heard the water turn off, I felt a lot better.

“Need any help getting out, Dylan?” I asked from near the bathroom door.

“No, I got it.” I heard Dylan say, so I waited patiently for him to come out, holding my breath as I kept an eye on him through the open door. Fortunately he was able to make it out of the shower without falling. After getting dressed, he finally came out of the bathroom. He had even brushed his hair.

“Wow. My little boy didn’t need my help at all today, did he?” I said, surprised. Normally I helped him out of the shower since it could be slippery, or I helped him with his hair. He was so proud.

“Yep. I did it ALL by myself.” He smiled.

“Good job! Now, let’s go have some breakfast.” I said as we went into the kitchen. After eating we got into the car and I dropped him off at school and went to work.

Today, I had the morning shift at Mickey’s since I couldn’t switch it with anyone. As I walked in, Jane called me over.

“Mr. Calder’s here.” She whispered. “He has called us all in for a meeting in about an hour.”

“Why what’s up?” I whispered back. This was a bit stranger. Mr. Calder usually set work meetings months in advance.

“He said we would find out then. I wonder what it is…” she said curiously. It was only then that I realized what this could be about. Maybe he had told his father about the things I had said. I was horrified. But wouldn’t he have asked me to come to talk to him alone if he was going to fire me? Or maybe the Calder boy couldn’t remember my name, so Mr. Calder was going to ask the person who had insulted his son to step forward ASAP. The hour passed amazingly slowly as silly ideas made their way into my head.

Finally, we headed back into the meeting room where Mr. Calder was already waiting. I looked around nervously as I took a seat around the large ovular table as Mr. Calder stood at the head. After everyone had taken a seat and had settled down, Mr. Calder smiled.

“Thank you all for joining me here on such short a notice.” He said, and I tried to stay calm. Well, this job had been good while it had lasted. “I just wanted to inform you about an upcoming change. “ He continued.

Oh, just get this OVER with, I thought to myself.

“Starting tomorrow my son, Duke, will become the head manager of this store, at least until we find a suitable replacement for Mrs. Jones who will be retiring within this month. I’m hoping this will also help him find some direction and will be a positive learning experience.” The room began buzzing a bit, but I remained quiet with my mouth wide open. I never thought something could be worse than me getting fired… but here it was.

“To say it clearly, starting tomorrow Mr. Duke Calder will be working here with all of you. I hope you will welcome him kindly and provide him with some support as he begins this venture.” Mr. Calder said politely and everyone clapped. Not for Duke, of course, but for Mr. Calder who was much respected among all of us. However, I didn’t clap this time, because I was still stunned. Of all things… why this?

My day was just getting better and better…
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