The Death Process

Gerard Way is a high school senior who was in the backseat of a car that was involved in a drunk driving collision. He died instantly because a bunk of the windshield plunged into his chest. His sophmore boyfiend Frank Iero finds out soon after the crash, when the newly dead Gerard is still in the car. Frank is horrifed and breaks down in the middle of the parking lot. Teachers and students try desperatly to calm to down, but he just can't seem to wrap his mind around his lover being gone forever. Frank must go through the death process with Gerard's family and friends which include: Mourning, funeral, cemetary visits, therapy...etc. Even though all of Gerard's loved ones are torn about his death, Frank seems to be more broken. He is then faced with the life changing descion to either carry on without Gerard for the rest of his life or commit suicide so he can see his soul mate again. But he does realize that if he dies then his own family must go through the death process for him and Frank doesn't want his family to have to go through what he's going through. So will he decide to harm his family in order to be with the man whom he cares about the most or will he be misrible for many years to come?

EXTRA STUFF: I got this idea a few days before my school started the Every 15 Minutes program. I though about how someone might feel if their lover was involved in a drunk car crash. And then I though abot what if either Gerard or Frank died in a crash and one of them had to witness it. Feedback is appreciated.