Sex Ain't Better Than Love

The Beginning

~2 Years Earlier~

"Jodie baby, please, stop, you're scaring me!" I begged him, crying my eyes out.

Jodie is my childhood friend, and this morning he found out that his mom died. When he found out, he came to my house drunk as hell and crying. Ms. Jeanine was like my second mom, so I was devastated too, but I took it better than he did. Out of no where he pulled out a gun, so now I'm trying to stop him from killing himself.

"Jodie baby. Please, don't do this." I desperately begged.
"I ain't got nobody Tia." He replied with tears streaming down his face.
"You got me baby just please don't do this, I'll always be here." I said.

He didn't reply, and cocked the gun, then.......


When I heard the shots, I fell to the ground rocking and screaming. Then out of nowhere I felt Jodie's arms wrap around me.

"Don't ever leave me. I need you. I love you." He said.
"I won't baby. I love you too." I replied.

We were on the floor holding each other, when we got up I took him to the bathroom and I told him to get in the shower. While he was showering, I decided to make dinner to calm my nerves and take in everything that just happened. I took out everything I needed to prepare spaghetti. By the time I was putting our plates on the table, Jodie came out with just sweats on and took a seat. It was a quiet dinner until Jodie decided to break the silence.

"I'm sorry for the two holes in your roof and the stress I put on you." He said with his voice cracked from crying.
"Its okay baby I could give a damn about those wholes I'm just glad your okay." I replied with a faint smile.

We finished eating and I cleaned up our mess. Then I lead him to my room. Not long after he was knocked out with me in his arms. He was holding me tight, like he really didn't want me to leave.., EVER. But I didn't care I was just enjoying the feeling.