Light Up My World


Prompt: Niall goes to the doctors, and Zayn goes with him, when they find out Niall is really sick and won't live for long. Niall gets worse and worse everyday, and Zayn watches him, not being able to do anything. Eventually Niall dies, and Zayn takes it bad. (They aren't together, but they both like each other)
Niall stared at the doctor in disbelief when he got told that he had a tumour on his brain and there was nothing he could really do. Zayn was right beside him and was currently yelling multiple cuss words towards the doctor. Niall didn’t even try to stop him, he was in a complete different world. Niall was going to die in a couple of months and no one could stop it.

Niall didn’t even know why he didn’t come to the doctors sooner. Zayn was the one that suggested that Niall go to the doctor, and Niall always listened to Zayn, so he went. Niall wasn’t going to go alone so he dragged Zayn with him, and now they are here.

Niall grabbed Zayn’s hand and whispered “stop.”

Zayn looked down at him and breathed out slowly, trying to calm himself down. He wasn’t going to let Niall die, not like this.

Niall thanked the doctor and started to walk out.

“Niall, wait. You should ask the doctor if there is anything he can do, like treatments and stuff,” Zayn said as he ran to catch up to the younger boy.

“Did you not hear him Zayn? There is nothing we can do. I only have a couple of months left and I don’t want to spend them hooked up to some machine making me weaker by the minute. I want to live life to the fullest. Is that too much to ask?” Niall sighed softly as tears started to fall down his cheeks.

“No it isn’t, I just wish you didn’t have to die,” Zayn wiped the tears of his cheeks and kissed his forehead. “We should tell the boys, they deserve to know.”

Niall nodded and sighed softly, telling the boys was going to be the hardest. He can just imagine Harry crying and Liam trying to stay strong but then breaking down and Louis not speaking and trying to grasp what will happen.


Telling the boys was just how Niall thought it would be, very upsetting. All 5 of them cried for ages and after they finished crying they all just sat down and watched movies for the rest of the night, and they decided on that moment, at least once a week they would do that.

It had been about a month since Niall discovered his tumour and things had slowly started to go downhill. He started to lose a lot of weight and he just didn’t look like himself. You could basically see his ribs whenever he has his shirt off and whenever he eats he usually just throws it back up.

The boys haven’t been touring for the past 2 weeks. Niall has been way too sick to handle all that moving around on stage and he doesn’t seem to have the energy. He is usually asleep by 7:30pm every night and usually doesn’t wake up til around 9 the next morning.

Zayn has been by Niall’s side throughout every day and just holds him, while he cries, throws up and falls asleep. Zayn felt so helpless, he couldn’t do anything to help Niall, all he could do was watch as Niall slowly faded away. He just wanted to rewind time and make Niall go to the doctors earlier. If they went earlier maybe Niall could be saved, maybe this wouldn’t be happening.

Zayn was sucked out of his own thoughts when he heard Niall retching. Zayn quickly rushed towards the bathroom and sat next down next to the frail boy. He started to rub his back slowly and wiped the tears that cascaded down the blonde boy’s cheeks.

“Hey, ssh, it’s okay,” Zayn soothed and helped Niall up after he finished being sick. They walked over the Niall’ bed and Zayn laid down next to Niall, with the younger boy.

“Are you ok?” Zayn asked softly as he brushed the boy’s fringe out of of eyes.

“Well, I’ve been better,” he laughed softly. Zayn smiled down at him. Zayn gazed into his gorgeous eyes and Zayn forgot that Niall and himself were just meant to be friends. He forgot that Niall was sick, all he saw was a boy he could possible love. He leaned down towards Niall and slowly kissed him.

Zayn pulled away and then smiled down at Niall.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for ages,” Zayn said and Niall smiled up at the older boy.

“Zayn we shouldn’t do this. I’m sick and I’m going to die soon. If we kiss again we are going to fall even more for each other and then I will die and when I’m gone it will just hurt you even more, and I don’t want to hurt you,” Niall explained.

“Niall, I don’t care if I only have a couple of weeks with you, it would be better than nothing at all,” Zayn explained and kissed Niall again.

“Okay then,” Niall sighed softly and kissed Zayn back.

Zayn smiled softly and wrapped his arms around Niall and watched as the boy soon fell asleep.


It was three weeks later when Niall was rushed to the hospital. His breaths were very shallow and he felt like he was suffocating. Zayn and the rest of the boys patiently waited in the waiting room to hear when they could see Niall.

Zayn got a bad feeling as soon as they entered the emergency room. He just wanted to hold Niall in his arms and kiss him everywhere and make the rest of the world disappear.

It was another couple of hours until a doctor came out and the look on his face made Zayn’s heart break into a thousand pieces.

“I’m sorry boys, but he has passed away.” Zayn felt his whole world crash around him. He felt arms wrap around him and stopped him from falling to the floor. He could tell it was Louis, by the scent.

Zayn wasn’t aware his feet were moving until he found himself out of the room where Niall’s lifeless body was currently located. He opened the door and felt the tears roll down his cheek. He sat down on the chair next to Niall’s bed and cried his heart out.

“Niall, I miss you already so much and you’ve only been gone for a couple of hours. I need you so much, please come back,” Zayn sobbed. He didn’t know how long he was at Niall’s bedside, but it was a long time. By the time he was dragged away and walked out to the car waiting for them outside, it was night time.

Zayn was incredibly tired by the time he got in the car, he instantly fell asleep on Liam’s shoulder. He dreamed of Niall that night. Niall told him that everything was going to be okay, and for him to move on and find someone else who would love him and cherish him. Zayn kept on telling Niall that he couldn’t move on, but Niall made him promise.

So, when Zayn woke up he kept that promise, and he took every day slowly, and maybe eventually one day he would be alright and be able to find someone like he promised Niall.