Why Don't We Just Let This One Take Care of Itself?

Here comes the sun

The rest of the day was sort of...weird,what with Jaime keeping an eye on me at all times.
"Jaime," I finally said after asking me for the millionth time if I'm okay,"I appreciate your concern but I'm not suicidal okay. I really am okay, I eat now. Thank you for helping me." I kissed his cheek.
"I'm sorry, I'm just really protective of the people I care about," he explained.
"Dude, don't be. I think it's sweet. I like the idea of someone caring about me."
He hugged me from the side, squishing my front together.
"Awww," said Vic,"Aren't you two so cute together."
Jaime put up his fist, as if he'd won something,"Proud of it, baby. Ya know I can't wait till we get back home. I'm gonna be sweet braggin about you to everyone I know."
Tony put his hand on my shoulder,"Please, don't let him do that." I just laughed.
"Tony," Jaime started,"Don't say you didn't brag about Stephanie until we met her." he turned me, "Everywhere we went, it was 'Stephanie' this and 'Stephanie' that." Tony smiled and looked down. 

Sam called from the driver's seat,"You guys, I know I bailed on the Phoenix hotel thing, but we're in New Mexico. We'll stop at the nearest non-shitty hotel, okay?"
"Cool," we all answered back.
"How long till we get there ?" I asked 
"Not even thirty minutes."
"Fuck yes," I said.


The motel was pretty shitty but not cockroach infested shitty. Vic and Mike shared a room, Tony and Jaime shared a room, and I got my own. I didn't pack much in my room, I knew we wouldn't stay for no longer than about two days. 
I took my pajamas, two outfits(one of which was an outfit for my date with Jaime), laptop, phone, iPod and my black Toms. I took a shower, brushed my teeth shaved my stubbly-haired legs, and clipped my hair up. I put on some baggy sweats and plain black tee. It was two o clock when I finally got settled. I sat on my bed, opened my laptop and opened the internet for Tumblr. I had taken the Nutella and pretzels, so I had those while I Tumbled. Then the icing on the cake,  I let my music play out loud on my iPod. 
I was living every bloggers dream. Eating, Blogging and listening to music; all at once.

After what seemed like five minutes, someone knocked at my door. I looked through the peephole and saw Jaime's dark brown spiky hair. I smiled to myself and opened the door.
"Hello there pretty woman," he said,"Just loungin around I see."
"Sure," I smiled,"where's Mike, Vic, and Tone-Tone?"
"They went to get something to eat. Speaking of eating, our date is still going and you're not even dressed yet."
"What it's only two o clock."
"I don't know, the clock says it's 7:30 pm."
Holy Shit. That's Tumblr for ya.
"Shit Jaime, I'm so sorry. I was on Tumblr and I wanted to get off at four to get ready. I'll go change really quick." I let him in,"You can just wait here please?"
"Sure, I'll just," he laid on the bed,"wait here."
I went in the bathroom, and changed into my already prepared date outfit. An Of Mice & Men tank, a black cardigan, and grey pencil skirt. I tucked in the tank top. I straightened my hair and pinned my bangs back. I put on my ADTR wristband,grey fedora and buttoned my cardigan. I put black eyeliner on the top eyelid and that was it. I was ready. I walked out the bathroom to see my worst nightmare. Jaime was on my laptop. I eyes got wide and I cleared my throat.
He looked up at me. His eyes didn't seem to leave. 
"You...look...amazing. Fuck. I mean don't get me wrong you looked beautiful already but now...just wow."
"Haha, thanks. You look amazing yourself," I complimented. He wore dark denim jeans, a red and purple flannel like the one in Bulletproof Love, and black vans. He got up and I went over to plug up my iPod and laptop. I put my phone and keycard to the room in my satchel purse. 
"Alrighty that's  everything. Ready," I said. We headed to the door and I slipped on my Toms on the way. 
As we stepped outside, I felt the cool breeze of New Mexico on my face.
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry their date is coming up soon!!!