Why Don't We Just Let This One Take Care of Itself?

Diamond gold ring, customized to cut your circulation

As I stand in the mirror, in this incredible dress, I ask myself, did you actually think this would happen?
I smile to myself, and I could feel that lump in my throat. Don't cry, don't cry, you'll ruin your make up and disappoint everyone who came here. I heard a knock at the door.
"It's us," the sound of Vic's voice was calm and excited at the same time.
"C-come in." I called back.
In came Vic, Tony, and Mike, all looking handsome in their tuxedos. They walked towards me, I had not moved from that spot in front of the mirror.
"Maya you look beautiful,"Mike said.
"Thank you Mike," I choked out.
My hair wasn't blue any more, it was my natural hair color; dark brown. I figured that in such a big occasion, I might as well take something seriously.
"Wow, this is the first time in five years I've seen your l real hair," said Tony. He looked at his watch,"I better go Steph's gonna be here in a sec. Bye, you guys." and Tony left.
"I'm gonna go check out the bar," said Mike.
As he walked, I called,"You better be sober at the ceremony!"
"No promises!" he called back and he was gone.
Vic stood there, then spoke,"Maya-"
"Vic, let me get something off my chest," I turned around and pushed the white veil over my head,"I never thought I'd be standing here; having an outside wedding in his beautiful backyard, having on this beautiful dress, or just...getting married period. I seriously thought no one would ever be crazy enough to marry a spaz like me." I felt that lump again,"I'm so fucking nervous, man. I've played this a million times in my head, but it's actually happening."
"Maya, don't be nervous. It's Jaime you're marrying. He's embarrassed himself and us in public and not given a fuck. Besides, you can do this. All you have to do is look directly at Jaime. Pretend its only you and him."
That should be easy.
"Well, kiddo. It's almost time to start," just as Vic said that, Jaime's dad came in.
"Maya, you look amazing," he said in his thick Hispanic accent.
"Gracias, is it time?"
Vic looked back at him and Jaime's father nodded his head. Vic walked out the door to go take his seat.I didn't have to hold up my dress as I walked to the doorway.It was spring and I didn't have a big dress. My hair was down,put in wavy curls, and pinned back. As I got to the doorway where Mr. Preciado was standing, he placed his arm in my arm.
As we made to his backyard, I saw him. Smiling. Us having the same expression on our faces.
"Are you ready?" asked Mr. Preciado.
I felt tears overwhelm in my eyes and fought hard to hold them back.
"Yes, I am." I said.
As everyone stood, I ignored the wet staring eyes that gazed upon me, all I saw was the man in front of me. And thought of the long future we had ahead of us.
♠ ♠ ♠
You guys I'm sorry I had to end it..I ran out of ideas :P