Why Don't We Just Let This One Take Care of Itself?

2nd Sucks

The merch girl interview was all I could think about. Whenever my phone rang or vibrated, I'd pick it up on the first ring and hope it was one of their voices saying that I got the job. Three or four days later, my wish was granted. It was a Saturday, Scott left for work  that morning, and me, being the lazy bum with an off day and no social life, was still in my pajamas in bed until noon. At one o'clock, I decided to get my lazy ass up and take a shower, and be lazy in some actual clothes. After my shower, I put on a yellow hoodie I got from bluebanna, and grey baggy sweatpants. I put my hair in a high ponytail and didn't bother to put in my contacts, I wore my glasses. I looked like a hobo with blue hair. By this time it was two o'clock, I started to drift away from being Pierce The Veil's merch girl. I figured if they were going to pick me, they would've already called. 

Disappointment started to arose in me. I didn't want to be sad, it was my fucking off day. I went to my fridge and got a Monster, I turned up the music on my iPod and I moshed. All over my house. I was dancing to 2nd sucks by A Day To Remember, when I heard a knock at my door. 
My heart pumped really fast,who the fuck was that? I turned off the music and crept as quietly as I could to the door, ready for Michael Myers to kill me. 
"Who is it?" I called. I heard some mumbling and they person knocked again. I looked through the peep hole, and I couldn't believe who I saw. I opened the door, to let in the four adorable Mexicans.

"Sup little blue," said Mike coolly.
" Hi you guys." I was balling my fists and my toes, and I had a creepy wide smile on my face.
"You okay, little blue?" Tony asked.
"Of course, I am. I just had a monster and I'm really really hyper. I'm trying my hardest not to flip my shit."
They chuckled at me," Come in you guys, stop standing outside like faggots."
As they walked in Vic remarked,"Seems like someone's having a lazy day." as the last person(Jaime) stepped in, I shut the door.
"I no one warned me I'd have company. I'm painful to look at I now. I apologize."
"I was kidding Maya. Take a joke." Vic laughed.
I was embarrassed. My self esteem isn't the highest. I've been battling with myself about this for a while, and when someone jokes about it, I mistake it for an insult...because most the time it is. 
"Yoo-whoo, little blue." said Vic.
I snapped out of it,"I'm sorry, you guys want anything. Food, drinks, tv?" 
Their heads shot up," Food?" said Tony.
"Yeah, food. Help yourself, but please try your hardest not to empty the fridge." they all, except Jaime who sat on the couch, ran to my kitchen. I went to sit next to him.
"Everything okay?" I said.
" Nothing, it's stupid," he caught sight of my iPod sitting on the arm of the couch," You mind if I see what you're listening to?"
"Dude you're in my house, go ahead." I smiled. He turned on my lock screen which had a picture of Scott. 
"Who's this guy?"
"My boyfriend, Scott."
"Scott, Scotty, Scotty-Too Hotty."
We both laughed. I opened it and 2nd sucks came on. I started it over. 
Vic, Tony, and Mike ran in with chip crumbs on their faces. 
"This song is fucking amazing." I said. 

After the song was over, we all settled down. I sat on the floor while they sat on my couch, and I wondered; What the fuck are they doing here?
"Hey you guys," their attention snapped to me," not that I don't have a problem with it but how come you guys are here?"
"Oh that," said Vic,"I was gonna get to that but then you distracted us with food. We are here to congratulate you because you got the job. We were gonna call but Jaime insisted that we come do tell you in person."
I turned to Jaime, who put his beanie over his eyes.  I  chuckled at him. 
"This is fucking awesome." I whispered, trying not to flip my shit again.
"And," Mike added,"We leave on the road tomorrow, so pack your shit, and kiss your boyfriend."
Wow, this was sudden... "Oh and also, we tend to break in the new guys by pranking them, so be on your toes." 
"Dude, I lived with 3 other sibling, I can handle that." I said cooly. 
The time was 7:15,"Ahh, guys we gotta go," said Vic,"gotta get a good night's sleep. We have to play a show in Florida tomorrow at 6 in the afternoon. We have to be there at least by two, so we have to wake up and get a move on by 4 am." 
Awww...oh well I asked for the job, and hey it's with Pierce The Veil. I'll be okay.
I walked them to the door, and said my goodbyes. Jaime stopped as he turned to leave," I like you're lazy day outfit. You look very pretty." 
"Aww thanks, Jaime. I'll see you guys tomorrow."
"Lookin for to it." he winked at me. I smiled and closed the door. As I walked to the bar that connected to the kitchen, I saw that my Nutella jar was almost empty. Those hungry fucks. Then my mind moved to Jaime. How his black beanie moshed perfectly with his hair. How his voice was like silky caramel. NO. I have a boyfriend, and I good one at that. He's a gorgeous bassist in a band, he's bound to have girls flying on his cock anyways. 
And speaking of boyfriends, I should call Scott and tell him the good and bad news.
♠ ♠ ♠