Why Don't We Just Let This One Take Care of Itself?

She won't chase him anymore...

I'm in a room. It's dark and empty, the only source of light was a little window of green light across from me. I was scared, I started to walk, but only to slammed back to the wall. I saw the arms that hold me, the lustful brown eyes that stared at me. 
"Jaime," I whispered. 
He didn't say anything, his hand brushed my bangs out of my face. His face came to mine and he planted a soft kiss on my forehead. He kissed my cheek, then went to my neck. His arms wrapped around me, his smashed his lips to mine. His hands grabbed my shirt and both my shirt and pants disappeared, leaving me in my underwear and bra. He looked at and smiled, but still didn't say anything. His hand went inside my panties, and touch my area....

...I awoke  with a start. My breathing was fast and unsteady. My eyes were staring at the top bunk. My hand was inside my pants and batman underwear.  The fuck? Was I masterbating  in my sleep? Was I masterbating to Jaime? The fuck's goin on here?
I turned over and picked up my phone to check the time, it was 11 am. I slapped my head, and thought out my dream. It was clear too. I remembered every detail, as if it had actually happened. No,no,no,no.
I'm not supposed to feel this, I already have a boyfriend. Even though we're miles apart from each other, I should still me faithful. I was so confused, but I needs to relax. I got my iPod and listened to Falling Asleep on a Stranger. That song always relaxed me.
After it went off, I got up out the bed. Nice and charged. Tony slept in bunk above me, Vic slept above Mike. They were all sound asleep. I crept as quietly as I could to the fridge, hoping they'd have something I could eat; but since Tony's vegetarian too, they probably did. I opened their fridge that was practically empty. Just some fruit, whiskey, and milk. Wow. I got an apple and walk to the front to see Jaime sleeping on the couch. He looked so peaceful, I began to feel bad. I slept in his bunk, while he slept on the couch. I looked out the window to see that we were parked at a gas station next to a Walmart. All I wanted was some Nutella and pretzels or bread. I walked to the back and slipped on the grey hoodie,my vans and my wallet. I went past the couch with a sleeping Jaime, and heard his stir. 
"Little blue..." he mumbled quietly. I stopped for a second to see if he said what I thought he said. I walked towards the couch and he slowly opened his eyes. He rubbed his eyes, and looked at me in surprise. 
"Hello, little blue," his voice was rough.
"Sup." I said smiling at his cuteness.
"Where are going?" the guys started to move around.
"I'm going to the store for food." I whispered.
"Yeah, we do need that, hold let me put on my jeans so I can go with you." he whispered. 
Go with me? My heart skipped a beat.  He got up and went to the back. After about ten minutes he came back with his black beanie, some dark jeans, and a grey shirt.  He smiled at me and slipped on his sandals. He looked really good. I had to admit that.  As we stepped outside, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear. 
"It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Wear are we?" I asked. 
He just shrugged," I don't know bro, but...it's not San Diego. Palm trees anywhere."
We began to walk and talk. 
"So what do you want, from Walmart?"
"Some Nutella and bread mostly." 
"Um Nutella?"
"What the hell is that?"
"It's a spread that you can put on plain things and make it taste heavenly. Seriously, I have to taste it. It's like God came in my mouth."
"Woah. I have to try it now, I always wanted to taste God's cum."
We laughed, and once we got to the cross walk, Jaime took hold of my hand. It was warm, and heated my body even though I was wearing a hoodie. When we reached the other side, he didn't let go, but I didn't have a problem with it. 
"So," he asked," you're from Georgia. Why'd you move here?"
"Well, it's sort of a long story."
"I have time, I'll listen and be good boy." 
We were in the parking lot now.
"Well, you already know about my family. Then Scott, he's from here and insisted on me moving in with him. I did want to move here, there was nothing much to look forward to in Georgia, I couldn't even finish college."
"You went to college?"
"Yup. Two years of Literature, Visual Arts, and Music Philosophy for it to be wasted." As we got closer, I looked and Jaime and I's still intertwined hands. It made me smile. I looked at a car and the license plate said 'Arizona'.
"Arizona," I said making Jaime quickly turn to.
"We're in Arizona. And Jaime not that I have a problem with it, you're still holding my hand." he looked down and let go. 
"Sorry...I just.."
"It's okay...."
It  was a awkward silence, but I didn't want that; I wanted to be friends with Jaime. So beside myself, said,"Jaime you look awesome. You should know that."
He smiled,"You look awesome as well, miss lady."
So we starting chatting and shit. When we went inside the Walmart it was freezing, like any other Walmart. And it was crowded, it was almost twelve and a Sunday. 
"Fuck. There's so many people here, we're not gonna find anything." I complained
"Not with that attitude. Brace yourself." 
We walked through almost every aisle until we could find Nutella and some bread.
"Let's get some Cheetos," I said holding the nutella and bread.
"What kind?"
"I really don't care, I just fucking love any kind."
He grabbed the flaming hot. "We need some water with this." he added.
"And we need Monster, lots of it." I said. So we got the bottles of water and two packs of Monsters. The cashier rung up our stuff and took a second glance at Jaime. "I'm sorry for staring," she said," but look like the bassist from Pierce The Veil."
Oh no, get ready for the never-ending swarm of fans.
"Oh really," he said,"hmm. I never got that before. Honey do you look like that guy?" he turned to me and winked.
"Nope, he doesn't he looks better than this guy." he nudged me, and I laughed. 
"Oh well, I apologize, that'll be  21 dollars and 34 cents." i pulled my wallet but Jaime already gave her a twenty and a five before I could pull out my card. 
"Here's your change. And have a good day."
"You too," we both said. We looked at each other and laughed.
As we began walking back to the bus, I turned to Jaime,"How come you didn't tell that chic who you were?"
"Because Maya," I stomach flipped when he said my name,"when you're in a band, people don't want to leave you alone just to buy food. I mean I love the fans, but I just didn't want them to make you feel uncomfortable." 
I smiled and looked down,"You're a sweet guy you know that?"
"Eh, whatever. I'm just a guy." he had the case of water, while I held the nutella, chips, bread, and Monster  in one bag. We came to the cross walk again and Jaime, despite his struggle, grabbed my hand. 
"Jaime, you know I'm grown ass black chic right?"
"Yeah but you're never too old to be safe. Young lady."
When we made it back to the bus, the other guys were already awake and ready.
"Jaime and Maya," said Mike," where the fuck have you two been?"
I held up my bag, that clearly said Walmart,"Certainly not Walmart." 
"Hey, hey, little blue," Mike said,"watch it with the sarcasm. I'll kick your ass." 
I held out my arms,"Come at me bro!"
"I bet I could make you cum at me," He said with a smirk.
We all laughed,"Mike's you're such fuck head." Vic said.
"Sorry bro, it was open."
Tony joked,"Just like your mom's legs." 
We all laughed again,"I kid, I kid." he said," your mom's awesome. She made Yoda shaped cookies for my birthday last year," he told me.
" oh that must be awesome. For my birthday, I slept, cause I got that day off."
Jaime turned to me,"That's not a birthday."
"It is when you work everyday." 
"No, no no. This is unacceptable. When's your birthday?" said Vic.
"Umm in two days. The nineteenth."
"In two days, we are gonna give you an acceptable birthday party." he declared.
"The fuck does that mean?" I asked but flattered.
"We'll do something fun," said Jaime. 
"Guys, its okay. It's just another day, it's just a step closer to death anyways." 
"Which is why, you should live," said mike,"Heed my words little blue, you will get drunk." and with that, Jaime declared," Okay, time to taste God's semen." I laughed out loud while they all looked at him with weirdest expression. 
♠ ♠ ♠
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